Young Master's Weakness

Young Master’s Weakness Episode 9

🔞Young Master’s
Weakness 🔞
( Heart of ice )

Episode 09****


Putting on one of the most special ,well corperate outfit Lisa had which her brother had gotten her ,,Lisa stood at the front of her mirror applying little cosmetic on her face

Meanwhile,,on the bed ,Kira sat down staring at Lisa

She still haven’t said a word to Lisa since she came

While she stared at Lisa ,,,,,she just kept on thinking about her mom ,then brother

” here have this ,,,it seems not to fit me any longer ,you can have it ” Lisa said giving Kira a purple dress

Kira picked it up from the bed ,, giving it a good look

” It’s beautiful” she said silently to herself trying hard not to smile or feel thankful

” You’re too weak Kira ,,that’s the problem with you , you’re too soft ,,you care about everything a lot ,,and it’s gonna hurt you ,,,you’re too kind hearted and it’s bothers me ,,
Kira this world is so dangerous,,you need to learn how to survive,,don’t take everything as your friend,but watch closely at your enemy ,,do not ,don’t ever give them a change to torture you ,use you , humiliate you ,,be strong Kira ”

These words ,,Dean had told Kira the day he was actually meant to carry out the duty master Damian had given him to kill Xavier

Kill a magician,he has predicted his own death ,he knew for sure he would die

He had taken time to explain so many things to his little sister Kira

Dean was always been used

” Attain power Kira ,,it’s all you need ,,all you need to make it POWER” he muttered again the night he was meant to leave

Kira never for once predicted that her brother would die

She had so many things to tell him

So many things to ask for

So.many things to do with him

She never knew he was suffering and enduring this much for them

For once he never acted like someone who had so many problems

He would always listen to her ,,crack jokes with her ,,play with her ,,,and take good care of her

The best brother in the world that’s who dean was to Kira

” Kira ,, keep this save ,,,make sure to keep this safe ,,this would free you and Mom ,,,it would protect you both ,,and when the time is right ,make sure you do the needful,, everything you need to do ,,this will guide you when the time is right ”

” Promise me Kira ” Dean said to his sister that same night

” I promise brother ,,,I’ll take care of it with my life ,, promise” Kira replied and smiled back at him

With that ,he hugged her tight ,,then his mom ,,he hugged them both like he would never returned back

Without knowing beads of tears were already falling from Kira’s eyes

While Lisa kept staring at her

Kira had been lost in her thoughts,, as she just remembered the past

If she had known he wasn’t gonna come back ,she would never have let him go

” Hey …..are you….are you okay ” Lisa asked as she still didn’t know her name

Kira didn’t even reply but she only kept on staring at space

Lisa walked up to her on the bed

” It’s fine …….I don’t know what’s wrong ,or what happened to you ….but it’s fine …. everything will be fine ..I promise….don’t cry ” Lisa said almost in tears

Being the emotional type ,she was gonna actually cry with Kira



” A wife ?? Don asked Xavier suprised

” Yes Don ,,do as I say ” Xavier replied him back

For some moments Don remained silent

Did his master just request for a wife? He asked himself

” Are you listening? Xavier’s voice interrupted him
.” Y…y..yes..yes sir ” Don stammered still so shocked

” Good ” Xavier said and ended the call immediately

” This is gonna be really dangerous” Don muttered trying not to imagine his master with a lady beside him

Such a lady would actually pass through hell being with his master ,,and where on Earth would he find someone ready to pass through such


To be continued

Pls who amongst you is willing to marry our cute master Xavier 😏😏😏🙄

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