Young Master's Weakness

Young Master’s Weakness Episode 8

🔞Young Master’s
Weakness 🔞
. episode 08
Night ***
Kira opened her eyes really fast with full speed .

She kept on breathing so hard

Immediately she stood up and hurried towards her coat which she had worn earlier today
While Lisa closed her eyes peacefully asleep

Dipping her hands into the pocket ,she soon going what she had been looking for

Kira heaved deeply as a sigh of relief

She looked at Lisa ,,,for a while ,then hurried back to bed covering her with a sheet

Xavier quickly pulled out not wanting to release inside her

He fell on his massive bed without looking at her

Groaning as his breathe was so loud

His eyes facing the ceiling,,,while he covered his naked body with his white duvet

Xavier immediately stretched his hand towards his table close to him taking his cigarette on the table

He took a lighter close to it ,,and lit up his ci


His cigarette inhaling the smoke

Ashley looked at Xavier as he smoked professionally

She laid beside him completely naked but also covered with the same duvet Xavier used

Xavier just kept on smoking without no emotions attached

He didn’t even spare Ashley a look

As he just laid there smoking ,his thoughts flying wild

” Babe ” Ashley called for the second time but Xavier wouldn’t give her any reply

Lost in his thoughts,,xavier just stared at the ceiling without uttering a word

His thoughts filled with his mom’s words

” Get yourself a lady ”

Remembering this ,,,he puffed out more smoke

A black limo halted ,,,as different men dressed in black came out immediately

Behind the black limo

Another limo parked

Then again another black Jeep parked behind the second limo

Finally the door of the first limo opened and master Damian walked outta the car

He had his long walking stick beside him

With his long black hat and ,black shoes ,and black coat Damian walked towards the incredibly huge , magnificent mansion

Two dark men came outta the house to escort him in immediately

” Damian ,,you’re here ,welcome ” Chris said with a glass of wine close to him

” Babe ,,are you okay ” Ashley asked noticing his mood

” You’re smoking a lot these days and it’s worrying” she uttered again

” What’s wrong ”

” Out ……” Xavier blurted even before she could say another

” What ?? Babe ….I don’t get y….”

” I. Said out ,,,get out ” Xavier said again almost in anger as he needed a quiet place to think

” Well call me whenever you need me ” Ashley said standing up to take her cloth

After a while she zoomed outta the room cat walking

With everywhere quite, Xavier took his phone and dialled Don’s number

First ring Don picked up immediately

” Get me a wife ,,Don ,it’s urgent ” xavier muttered immediately


To be continued

Guys what did I just hear ?
Did Xavier just request for a wife ? 🤣🤣🤣

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