Young Master's Weakness

Young Master’s Weakness Episode 7

🔞Young Master’s
Weakness 🔞
( Heart of ice )

Episode 07

” Damian , Damian” let me guess what changed your mind ? Chris asked on the phone

He had this smile on his face ,,and many more plans Damian wasn’t expecting

” He’s seriously a tough one Chris , maybe am gonna need your help this time ” Damian said

” Let’s work together,,this time take him down for good,”

Chris made a dry laughter on the phone ,,he stopped and remained silent for a while

” I’ll think about it ” he muttered

” Co’mom Chris ,the clock is ticking,, tick-tock , tick-tock ,we got no time ” Damian replied

Without uttering any word,Chris ended the call

He walked towards his table taking his packet of cigarette
With that he immediately took one out,,and beside it grabbed a lighter,,to lit the cigarette
Taking in one ,he raised his head high ,, emptying it all out in the air

He poured himself wine in a glass ,sipping from it
Chris kept on thinking

He would do anything just to become the head of all masters

In fact he isn’t the only one die and scheming bad ideas for such position
They were actually many ,some which Xavier had actually killed,some threatened

Chris looked into his glass cup still with the wine in it ,,in a serious thinking mode
As no idea seems to be running through his mind

” Buzzzzz,,,buzzzz”

Lisa stood up and in a flash ran towards her phone

Seems like she’s expecting something big

She sighed seeing it’s a message from her bank on charges

And in disappointed she dropped he phone

It’s been two days now ,and still ,she hasn’t been given the job

More than anything she wanted to give up ,,but then how would she feed

Then what about Kira who would take care of her

While Kira still layed on the bed ,,her eyes close in a deep sleep,Lisa did the thinking

But the had actually given her the job before,,and seriously they were impressed during the interview so what’s up ” Lisa kept on thinking

She roughed her hair in a serious manner ,, feeling a bit angry and disappointed

Soon ,,the food would completely run out and her account would soon be dry

Lisa taking a deep breath took her phone

” Another company might work ” she said searching the internet for more job opportunities

Xavier stayed alone in his room
He layed on his bed ,, without thinking about anything
Just then his phone rang

He took his phone immediately to check the caller almost like he’s expecting her call

Xavier gave a light smile as he saw the caller

” Mom ” he mutter silently to himself

” Baby ,,how are you doing” she asked immediately he picked up the call

” Am great ,,,Mrs ,your health” Xavier asked

She stayed silent for a while

” Son ,,,we need to talk ,,”

Xavier signed hearing his mom say this word

Like he actually knows what she would say but pretended not too

” Alright am listening” he added

” Son listen to me,,you wanna make me happy right ,,yes I do understand,,but why don’t you give up all these and look for a lady ,,you need a lady in you life Xavier ,not only that ,,I need more children,,I need your children,,I need my grandchildren,I don’t wanna go without seeing them Xavier” she said almost in tears

Seeing his mom tear up ,seems to be what Xavier hates the most in the world

Most times he pretends not to love her too much ,,but damn it’s way too much and he knows it

Xavier became silent on the phone for a while ,then spoke

” I’ll look into it ,,,,don’t cry and take your treatment seriously” he said

” We’ll talk later ,” he said again and ended the call

Xavier layed back on his bed with frustration

He closed his eyes for a while

” What did I just say ? Xavier asked himself roughing his hair

To be continued…
🤣🤣🤣🤣 I wonder if our Xavier can actually find a lady 😂😂

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