Young Master's Weakness

Young Master’s Weakness Episode 6

?Young Master’s
Weakness ?
( Heart of ice )

By mhiz Vivian O.

Episode 06

All master’s sat down comfortably
Becoming a master wasn’t easy one bit

Each masters had different positions

And one was more powerful than the other

Powers were hierarchical in nature over there

And it takes years to actually become a great master recognized among many masters

Xavier had worked really hard for this position,,,
Still young he was getting closer to becoming the greatest master among all ,,,though he had so so many enemies,,but nevertheless he’s smart

” Why wait for that fool ,,,let’s begin ” master Damian said

He took his seat at the second line ,,with some other masters

” You don’t talk about him in such manners”

Damian scoffed taking his seat again as he tightened his fist

Xavier stepped out of the car immediately

He stood a bit far as he stared at Lisa

Then suddenly his feet began finding ways towards her

Lisa gave him a curious look
His footsteps were loud ,,,and she could feel he was danger
Definitely he had a scary but handsome look

Both stared at each other without uttering any word

Xavier just had a really emotionless look on his face

She couldn’t even read his thoughts

” He’s really strange ” Lisa thought

” You should apologize,,,,” Lisa finally said breaking the silence

Xavier kept on looking at her
Like he was storing her face deep into his memory
He just didn’t utter a word while his men stood a bit far from him

” Excuse me sir ,,,” Lisa said again

” Why is he staring at me that way ? Is there something on my face ” Lisa asked herself

Immediately she took her eyes off his looking away

” Don’t you have something to say to me ”

” Though he’s cute ,but what’s with the look ” Lisa thought

But instead Xavier’s still wouldn’t utter a word

” Mr ,,you shouldn’t be rude ,,you should be nice yunno ,,,” Lisa said

” Forget it ,I don’t need an apology anymore,,,” Lisa said and turned to leave

She took another good look at him

” Smile sometime,,that’s gonna make you look better ” she said and walked away

Her only weakness is never staying angry at someone for a long time ,and damn she sometimes hates it a lot

Xavier only kept on staring at her as she walked away

He had an umbrella with him
And what a weird lady he had seen today

She’s lucky he was actually in a good mood

Xavier turned around and immediately headed towards his car

He got in and immediately the door was closed by one of his men

” He’s here ”

Xavier walked in without uttering any word ,nor apologizing

He actually didn’t care one bit

” Alright let’s start ”

” Here you go ,have some ” Lisa said to Kira

Without thinking twice Kira took the bowl of noodles feasting on it like an hungry lion

” Woah ,you much be really hungry ”
” Eat more slowly else you’ll choke ”
” Hold on ,I’ll get you water ” Lisa said taking her leave

” Here ,drink slowly” she said handing the water over to Kira

An for a while she kept on staring at her
Next morning…..

” Don ,you still have no lead on her ? Xavier asked facing the window

” Not yet,,,,” Don replied

” I don’t think she has been taken ,,she should be close ”
” Gather more men ,,” Xavier said

Then his phone began ringing

” You’re still alive ,,,what a miracle,, really you must be lucky,you surely seem like a hard one to kill”

” Oh and surely you seem like a fool ,, hiding,,you should reveal yourself”

” Take it easy Xavier,,,the day you die ,, you’ll get to see who I am ,,,and it isn’t long anymore” saying this ,the caller hung up the call

Xavier in anger threw his phone away with force making it smash into pieces

His eyes became red filled with so much anger

Damian kept on walking around his room after hanging up the call

He has this evil smirk on his face

He took another phone , dialling a number

” I’m in Chris ,,so what’s the plan ,,” Damian said

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