Young Master's Weakness

Young Master’s Weakness Episode 5

🔞 Young Master’s
Weakness 🔞
( Heart of ice )
By mhiz Vivian O.

Episode 05
In a dark room ,,,,maybe built at the outskirts of town ,master Damian lit up his cigarette

” Hey babe ,,are you okay ” a young looking sexy female asked as she took the cigarette from him

” Babe you can tell me what’s going on ,we’ve been together for years ” she said again

Damian heaved as he ignored he word and kept on puffing out smokes from his mouth

He had this ,,,dark look in his face like her could kill all human standing in his way

” Is this all about Xavier again? Vivian asked

She’s a really skimpy tall dark lady ,, who got the killer looks and shape

She stood up and walked towards Damian

” Baby it’s fine ,,,you’re gonna deal with him ,it’s just a matter of time ,,, luckily for him ,he’s the hardest ” Vivian said

She took a good look at Damian again,as her lips curved with a smile

” It’s okay baby ,,gimme that ”

Taking the cigarette from him ,she placed it in her lip inhaling and then like a professional,,,she brought it all out slowly,,,,, giving him a tempting smile

She had this seducing look on her face ,,,like she would eat him raw again

” Baby ,I want more ” Vivian whispered into his ears in a seductive manner

She bit her lower lip ,,,, placing her hands on his chest filled with hair

” I want you again,,com’mom let’s go”

Damian smiled

” Naughty you ! He said smiling

He tapped her nose gently,, inhaling her fragrance while she closed her eyes lifting her neck while he kissed her giving her the urge to want more

Damian placed his hands on her buttocks immediately and suddenly lifted her up gently placing her on the bed
” Guess you still don’t wanna talk about it right ? Lisa said to Kira with a gentle voice

” You’re still so young ,,,your parents,do you remember them ,,tell me , maybe we can find them ,,,or better still the police would handle it perfectly” Lisa said

Kira looked at Kira as she remained silent without uttering a word ,,not like she couldn’t speak , but even Lisa could feel an aura of fear roaming round her ,,,, serious fear ,and that made Lisa really frightened

” Alright,I won’t rush you ,can I at least know your name ? Lisa asked trying to take things easy but still Kira wouldn’t say anything

Lisa heaved deeply taking in a deep breathe

” What really happened to you huh ,,did you lose your memory” Lisa said aloud though she wasn’t directing the question to Kira

Kira had too many things running through her mind

She just couldn’t trust anyone

And besides what she had with her could claim her life ,but nevertheless she had to keep it for her brothers sake

She really wanted to get rid of it ,but how ,,,it might not be possible

She only kept on staring at Lisa who’s starting to look tired and frustrated

Lisa deeped her hands into her pocket taking the little cash with her

” Are you hungry,,do you need something to eat ,,,i really don’t have much ,would noodles be fine ” Lisa asked but still didn’t get any reply

She was beginning to have really strange feelings about Kira

She stood up immediately

” Stay here okay ,,I’ll go get you noodles” she said lifting herself up

She turned around again to look at Kira who just sat still on the bed without blinking

” So strange,,,, maybe she’s dumb ,,no no ,,that can be ,,,else she wouldn’t be able to ask me for help” Kira said again and walked away

Kira watching Lisa leave felt a little bit relieved,though feeling scared of staying alone all by herself

She finally made a little movement from the position she was as she as she couldn’t feel Lisa’s presence anymore

Tears rolled down her eyes ,,

” Mom ” Kira called

Lisa kept on walking, she needed a nearest store to get noodles,
Definitely Kira would be hungry
But still ,she couldn’t stop thinking about Kira

Definitely there’s something so so strange about her ” Lisa thought

She walked along the road lost in thought ,though aware of her footsteps

Just then ,the clouds became dark ,,,and immediately without warning,it began to rain ,,Lisa looked up ,,

” Oh God ” she muttered walked faster

Suddenly a black car sped towards her splashing water on her

” What the hell ,,,,are you crazy ,,can’t you drive more slowly” Lisa screamed loud in anger turning around to look at the car

As if the rain which kept on falling on her wasn’t enough,,, someone had just made her situation worse by draining her with more water

” Stop ” a masculine voice inside the car said and immediately the car halted

Seeing that the car halted ,Lisa waited ,for the owner though she was a bit far from the car

” At least he / she would surely apologize if that person had conscience” Lisa thought

Instantly two men came out of the car opening the door to the back seat ,as Xavier stepped out immediately

To be continued
I wonder what’s gonna happen next

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