Young Master's Weakness

Young Master’s Weakness Episode 4

?Young Master’s
Weakness ?
( Heart of ice ) ?


as the sunlight and through his window ,, master Xavier stood beside his window looking at the sky
He had no emotions at the moment,,,
He stood with his cigarette smoking aggressively filling the room with the aroma of his cigarette
Immediately he let out a deep breathe ,,,,,, inhaling and exhaling at the moment
He couldn’t even pin point his thoughts ,,,,,
Just then a call came in

Xavier took his phone and immediately checked the caller

” MOM “”

Xavier said lightly as a sweet smile appeared on his face
This smile was only given to his one and only mom
” Hey son ,,,don’t you miss mom?? I missed you so much son ” Mrs Roseline said

Xavier let out a small chuckle
” What are you up to Mrs Roseline” he said

He calls his mom by her name instead

” Nothing much son ,,,,,,just leaving the hospital now ,,,,,I only felt weak for a little while ”

” What ,,,you never even bother to call me ” Xavier said immediately with worry

” It’s nothing to be scared of son ,,,,your mom is safe ,, strong and healthy,,,,,” Mrs Roseline said as she also chuckled

Xavier let out a small smile as he heard his mom
” How are you doing ” he asked with so much care in his voice
” Well son ,,you wouldn’t let me come back home to see you ,,,,,,,do you expect me to be alright huh ?? She said sounding a bit childish

” Do you still complain about that ,,,it’s been ages yet you still complain about it huh ?? Xavier asked back
” Yes son ,,I miss you ,,I miss your handsome face son ,,,,,I really wanna see you ,,when am I coming back ”

” Mrs Roseline,,,,,it isn’t safe here yunno ,,,,, I’ll make sure I handle everything and bring you back ” he said to his mom

Just then ,,don walked in

Xavier turned around,, then nodded his head

” Work right ?? Mrs Roseline said like she knew her son really well

” Yeah ” Xavier replied

” Alright call me later son ,,,I love you ”

He immediately ended the call as don walked closer to him

Mrs Roseline frowned a bit after the call ended
Just then she let out a small bead of tear from her eyes

” Desmond,,,,I guess he really takes after you !! Mrs Roseline said
She laid down on her bed ,,closed her eyes and soon fell asleep
” Have you found her ?? Xavier asked don who nodded negatively

” We’re still searching sir ,,,,we found the tracker somewhere close to a news industry ,,,,with her bag ,,,buy we couldn’t find her anywhere close to that premises” don said which made Xavier really angry
” She couldn’t have gone far all by herself,,, shit ,,,,” Xavier cursed as he roughed his hair
” We can’t let them get to her first ,,,she’s the only surviving person in that family,,,,,,we need to find her first ,,,,she must have a little bit of information” Xavier said

” Keep on searching,,,,take more boys with you ” Xavier said as don bowed then walked away immediately
” Who the hell is messing with me huh ?? Xavier asked himself in anger

He still had many problems ahead of him
Little by little,Kira opened her eyes with fear

She groaned immediately feeling a little pain
She looked from side to side then she stood up immediately
” You’re awake ?? Lisa asked with a smile

Kira shook with a little fear
” Pls don’t hurt me ” she said with a tiny voice

” Hurt you ,,,I can’t do that dear ,,,why would I hurt you “” Lisa said a bit worried

” Are you okay ?? Lisa asked walking closer to Kira

Kira nodded a bit ,,,,,with tears in her eyes

She touched her pocket to see if what her brother had given her was there,,safe and sound

She heaved when she felt it in her pocket

” Thank you for saving me miss” Kira said with a sweet voice

” Can you tell me what happened” Lisa asked gently

Kira stood still without uttering a word

” Am sorry,,,,guess you aren’t ready to talk about it ,,,,,maybe next time okay,,,,come have breakfast,,,,,” Lisa said holding Kira’s hands

Kira followed her immediately
” Where’s the girl you morons ” master Damian asked with anger as he kept on Turing his sitting room upside down breaking things

” We couldn’t find her anywhere sir ”

” What about the hard drive ,,where is it ” he asked again

” Sir ,,,, we’re still searching for it sir ,,,our boys are……”

He couldn’t complete his statement as master Damian gave him a hard slap

” Shut up you fool ,,,,find it at all cost ,,,she mustn’t live ,,,,,,you have just 2 days to find it ” master Damian said in anger and walked out


To be continued………

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