Young Master's Weakness

Young Master’s Weakness Episode 3

?Young Master’s
Weakness ?
( Heart of ice )

By authoress Vivian

~~5 days later ~~
Lisa took her bag immediately after dressing up for work
She wore her shoes and in a hurry left the house immediately

~~~music sings ~~~
Everyday it’s all for you
I just want nothing more than you
I wish you stay here right by side
Building our love together
Baby,,,,hold me close to you ,,, never let me go
As Lisa walked ,,,she also hummed the song together her body moving to the beats

Its just one of her favorite songs

2 hours ago~~~
” Where are they you moron ?? Master Xavier asked facing the window

” We just couldn’t find them anywhere,,,,,they were gone ” a guard replied him immediately

Xavier rubbed his hair roughly
* Who the hell is messing with me “” he asked as he fought with the wall using his fist
In an abandoned warehouse,,,,,a young girl of about 13 stayed so close to her mother crying as she was scared

” Wasn’t my son enough for you ,,,,,you killed him and now you wanna also hurt I and my daughter,,,,,pls leave us in peace ,,,,” Dean’s mother cried holding her daughter close to her

” Shut up woman ,,or I kill you ” a thick make voice said instantly

” Pls ,, forgive us ,,we haven’t done anything wrong ,,,I’ll leave with my daughter,, I won’t utter any word ” she cried while Kira only kept on crying

In anger ,one of the boys walked towards as he grabbed her by the neck

” You have just little time before you die woman so keep shut ” he shouted as he threw her away instantly

” Mother ” Kira screamed running towards her mother

” Mom ,,,,” she cried as she held her mom tightly who also cried keeping quiet

” The tracker ,,,,did you succeed in installing it “” Xavier asked don

” Yes but ,,,right now we can’t……”

” Sir ,,we found them ,,,,,,” one of Xavier’s men said cutting off don

Immediately Xavier walked closer to him

” Nice ,,,,,don let’s move ,,,,
You ,, you ,,and also you ,,,come with me ,,,the rest stay here and wait for my order ” Xavier said and immediately they walked out heading towards his car

20 minutes of driving,they soon halted ,,,,,, parking their car a bit farther from the warehouse
” Wow ,,,a good job hiding a place like this ” Xavier said as they all got down from the car with their weapons

” Eliminate them ,,and burn their bodies” master Damian said

” Yes sir ” one of his men replied turning off his phone immediately
Soon two men walked into the warehouse as 5 remained outside on look out for danger

Xavier and his men stood behind a bush hidden

Instantly,he took a stone as he threw it towards another direction
” Hey you ,,,and you go check out that noise”

They both walked away heading to check and immediately Xavier shot two of master Damian’s men dead

He walked towards the third one hitting him immediately

” Don,, go check inside” Xavier said still battling with one

He gave him another blow which made him spit out blood instantly

And in that instant,,two gunshots were heard

Xavier has shot him dead ,,,but hearing the second gunshot,,he ran inside the warehouse immediately

” Don,,” he called so loud

Kira stood beside her mother who has been shot dead crying

” Mom ,,are you okay,,,,,,mom ,,,,,pls wake up “” Kira cried beside her mom

Xavier immediately walked towards the second one
As don fought with the first one
He shot him dead instantly
” Where’s the girl ” Xavier asked as he couldn’t find her

He ran out with don immediately,,,,,,
Kira took to her heels running so fast as she remembered what her mother told her

” Kira ,,,find a safe place to live okay,,,pls stay alive and stay away from them ”

She kept on running without looking back tears rolling down her eyes

Her mom,,,brother ,,,she lost them both

Xavier got into the car as he drove away with speed

” Find her ,,,,,” he said to some of his men as they all drove away


Lisa walked with her headset placed on her ear
One thing she loves so much in the world is music and hot chocolate
She also sang along with the music
” Help me ,,,,,pls help me miss ,,, they’re after me pls ” Kira cried holding Lisa’s clothes

She fell down instantly feeling so weak and tired from running

” Pls help me miss pls ” Kira said then passed out immediately

Lisa stood still as she watched Kira
” What ,,,,hey wake up ,,,,don’t die here pls” Lisa said

She immediately carried her up ,,,,, placing her hands on her shoulders
Taking a cab ,,,,Lisa got home and gently placed Kira on her bed staring at her
” What happened to you ?? Lisa asked as she rubbed her hair lightly

She covered her properly,,,,,,and say still beside Kira watching over her

To be continued
The story has just started


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