Young Master's Weakness

Young Master’s Weakness Episode 2

🔞Young Master’s
Weakness 🔞
( Heart of ice ) 🥀

By :: Vivian O.

” Good job Pablo”
” The cash would be transferred to you in no time ” a deep masculine voice said on the phone

In a big mansion,,,deep inside a dark and scary room
Master Damian sat on his king size sofa with a packet of cigarette and a bottle of alcohol

” More is coming your way Xavier,,this is just the beginning”

~~early morning~~~
Xavier’s sat down on his bed ,,,,
He couldn’t sleep through out the night ,,and besides his gun was always close to him

He stood up ,,doing some calculate with his brain
Just then his phone rang with an unknown number
He looked at it for a while ,,then picked up the call immediately

” Got the suprise package yesterday right,not to worry , there’s so much more where that came from ”

Xavier tightened his fist in anger

” You’re weaker than a lady ,,,, hiding your face from me ,,,,am gonna give you a painful death soon enough,,,,I’ll find you bas*ard” Xavier said and immediately he hung up the call in anger

” Don ” he called putting on his shirt

Don walked in immediately with his head bowed
” Master” he said

” Get the car ready lets move now ” Xavier said Also putting on his pants

He took his gun ,,,,,and placed it at the back of his pocket

Took some mini weapons like knifes and placed it in his boot

Don walked away immediately to get the car ready ****

Xavier a big fan of black ,,, entered his black limo ,,as don drove
Up to six cars followed behind them


Lisa opened her eyes as her new alarm woke her up

She quickly checked the time

” Oh goodness,,,am so dead ,,,,,am gonna be late ,,dear lord ,,, I don’t wanna Miss this ” Lisa said as she ran to take her bath immediately

She’s a young lady ,,,18 years ,,,lost her brother recently,, her mom ,,
Her dad ran away while she was born ,,,,,,so she never knew him ,,,or even seen a picture of him before

Her only brother,,whom she so much loves ,, died right before her eyes

But now ,,shes got to survive,,,,that’s the promise she made to her brother

Lisa wore her clothes immediately,,, running out of her rented little one room apartment

With the help of her brother,she was able to finish her schooling

He would do anything.just to make her happy

She took all her details neatly arranged in a file and ran out immediately

Outside the company,,, different people also stood waiting in line for their turn to get interviewed

Lisa heaved deeply as she saw the long line

” Why did I get here late “” she scolded herself tapping her head so hard

3 hours later

Lisa still stood in line waiting for her turn ,,and yes ,it was getting closer to her turn

So badly she wanted to leave her spot to go get something to eat ,but she couldn’t

” Number 211 Lisa corner ,,come in ” a loud voice said as Lisa walked into the news company

She was gonna become a reporter,,,her dream

” Sit ” a female voice said to her ,,as she sat down immediately

She gave a wide ,,bright beautiful smile which made her look more pretty

” Look over there,,,,now give a description about that picture over there ,,,like a reporter,,,,report what you see “” a female voice said

Lisa gulped hard ,,,she took a deep breath adjusted her glasses then started

In less than 2 minutes,she was done ,,,
Leaving a good impression on the interviewers faces

” Alright ,,,next ”

” We’ll get back to you soon miss corner ” a male interviewer said giving her a cute smile

Lisa smiled back ,,,stood up slowly ,and walked out with a little happiness

Getting out of the company,,Lisa let out a deep breath as her hands and body became weak
Her stomach grumbled so much ,,,,

Soon ,,after calming herself down ,,she walked towards an eatery to get something to eat with the little cash with her

To be continued


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