Young Master's Weakness

Young Master’s Weakness Episode 11

? Young Master’s
Weakness ?
( Heart of ice )

Episode 11

“Am here boss” Irish said to Xavier who only kept on looking at his window
Xavier still didn’t utter any word

“You’re 10 minutes late, and its unlike you ” Xavier mentioned as Irish gripped a little in fear
“Sorry boss, it won’t happen again ” she muttered.

“Alright, now, where’s the file, what about the transaction ” Xavier asked.

He walked away, heading towards his longest couch as he took a seat, he poured himself a glass of wine sipping from it immediately

“You know what to do after the transaction right? Make sure there isn’t any mistake like before, I won’t spare you” Xavier uttered

Irish bowed her head slightly, “yes boss ”
As she turned to leave, a maid, tall, dressed in a yellow outfit walked into the room after knocking

Irish gave her a suspicious look while the maid focused on Xavier
Not uttering a word, Irish reached out for door, opening it, she walked out immediately.

Hearing such words from master damian, Chris kept on pacing around his room countless times.

If things doesn’t work out for him as planned, he would be hunter down by Xavier, and definitely, Damian would be his only option to run to.
“Call me Nike, hurry” Chris uttered with a shaky voice which was covered in fear

“Would his men not really succeed? ” all Master’s Damian’s words kept roaming through his head

“Let’s see who comes begging who

“Mike, keep an eye on him, and report directly to me ” Master Damian said as his car drove off

After having such an hectic day looking for a job, Lisa headed towards a small restaurant to get a pack of burgers with juice for Kira, she hugged her bag tight remembering it had almost gotten stolen.

“Here, I’ll have one burger” Lisa said to a waitress while she smiled before taking Lisa’s order.

Packing up her order, Lisa dipped her hand into her bag

“That’ll be 10 dollars” the waitress uttered
Taking out some cash, she paid and turned to leave

“You hypocrite, get the job done immediately, and do not leave any trace” Chris shouted at the top of his voice in anger

His hands shaking, he took a seat

“Why not die Xavier? ” he asked himself in anger

“Get me Damian’s number immediately ” he said to one if his men.

“Prepare the car and some men, we’re leaving for Damian’s house in few hours time” he said to another man standing beside him.

Saying this, he trembled the more.


Xavier in black walked out of his car, he had none of his men with him, as he came alone.
He wore his cap, put on his glasses, he had a black sweater on, with black snickers as his brown long hair is packed behind his ear’s, he had it packed just like always, keeping long hair has always been his thing since he was little.
Xavier stood beside his car with his phone, he stared towards different direction to ensure he wasn’t been followed.
After waiting for some hours, he adjusted his cap, placed his hands into his pocket of his sweater, he had his gun at the back pocket of his jean

Xavier walked into the hospital without raising his head

As he got to the receptionist, he raised his cap up a little, a young lady in her early 20’s recognizing him nodded her head, giving him keys to a particular room.

Xavier collected it and walked away immediately.
Dropping his meal on the table, the maid smirked a little without raising her head

She immediately turned to leave

Xavier with his laptop, took a fork beside the tray, he dipped the fork into his food raising up a little portion of it, before he could place it inside his mouth, the door opened with force revealing Irish.


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