Young Master's Weakness

Young Master’s Weakness Episode 10

?Young Master’s
Weakness ?
( Heart of ice )

Episode 10***

” Chris ” master Damian called as he entered the house

” Damian, Damian,why the sudden visit,and to what do I own it ? Master Chris asked taking a sip from his drink on the table

” At least shouldn’t I be offered a sit first ?? Master Damian replied a bit angered buy trying hard not to show

Chris gave him a weird glance

” Oh ,,,,have your seat ” he said after a moment of silence

“Well.,,what we talked about on phone …as…” Damian couldn’t complete his statement as Chris raised his hands up

Immediately he did that all the guards standing beside him walked outta the room leaving only one ,,,,whom he trust so much

Master Damian cleared his throat to continue

” He’s really getting on my nerves ,and the more the waste time ,,,his strategies becomes stronger,,if not now ,we may never be able to tame him ,,,or eliminate him ” Damian said

Chris only listened with rapt attention

He had his own plan ,and definitely it’s gonna work

Knowing fully well that he and Damian has the same motive and fights for the same Position,,he didn’t wanna work hand in hand with him

” There’s no need for all these ,,,right now ,,I have a better plan ,,one that will eliminate him forever,,,”

Hearing this ,, Damian let out a loud laughter,,he laughed so hard for a while before stopping

” And what’s this supposed to mean” master Chris asked in anger

” You must be foolish Chris ,, digging your own grave,,,that’s what you’re waiting for ,,,Xavier isn’t an easy one ,,I tried different ways ,means ,, method, strategies to kill him ,but all failed ,,,and you think you’re gonna win this fight?? Master Damian asked still a bit amused by what Chris had said

” You don’t know anything about me Chris ,,, I believe am way smarter than you ,,and when I get to kill Xavier first ,,then ,we can fight fairly for the position” Chris said

Still a bit angry ,he stood up to leave the sitting room

” You can reach out to me whenever you fail ,,but trust me , you’re gonna come begging me for you life if you aren’t careful” master Damian said just as Chris was about walking away

Chris felt amused by this statement,,he only smiled

” Let’s see who comes begging who ” master Chris said then finally he walked out

” Irish ,,come over now ” Xavier said on the phone ,,in a really rude manner

” And make sure you aren’t being followed”

Meanwhile Don stood behind him as Xavier just kept on staring at the wall

Lisa ,,tired of walking decided to take a little nap somewhere close to the bus stop

She dropped her bag beside her ,and slowly closed her eyes

Today had been hectic for her as still she hasn’t found any job

” Getting a job ,,,,it’s so hell ” Lisa said before she dosed off

As she slept ,,,a hand forcefully grab hold of her handbag with force taking it away from her

Lisa sprung her eyes opened immediately ,,,as she came back to her senses

Without even thinking as her mind ,only got focused on her bag

She stood up running as fast as the thief who had stolen the bag ,,but still unable to catch up with him

” Thief ,,he’s a thief,,help me ,,my handbag,,” Lisa kept on shouting,,as she ran after him

Trying to so hard to escape the thief kept on running toward different direction,making serious mess everywhere he ran too

While Lisa kept on following

Seeing an escape,he climbed on a really long fence ,,and jumped down to the next side

As Lisa stood looking at the fence

She knew it would take a while before she would be able to climb

With that she slowly started climbing

“Pls stop ,,,my bag ” Lisa shouted trying so hard to climb

Before she could climb down the other side

A young lady ,, slim,,bursty ,,tall ,,ran towards the thief

With full speed ,not like anything Lisa had seen before

Lisa opened her eyes in shock as she saw the speed in which the lady ran

” Help ,my bag ,,pls ,,he’s a thief ” Lisa shouted again ,this time jumping down from the fence and landed on the other side

As Lisa ran ,, she halted almost immediately,,,as she saw the guy who had stolen her bag ,,and the lady she had seen before heading towards her

She held him roughly

Lisa quickly ran towards them

” Here ,,,have it ” the last said handing Lisa’s bag over to her

She looked at the guy furiously as she raised her hands up to hit him but he screamed

Lisa smiled a little finding it funny

” Thank you so much ” she muttered

” You’re welcome,,,am Irish ,you can call me iri ” Irish replied stretching her hand for a handshake

” Lisa ,,,”

She replied taking her hands

” Don’t worry ,,he won’t ever trouble you again okay ” Irish said letting go of him ,while he ran away for his life

” What kind of a lady is she ” he asked as he does away

Lisa nodded ,,,while Irish smiled

” I’ll get going now ,,am gonna be late ” Irish said remembering Xavier’s word

She sped off immediately while Lisa watched her

” Boss ,,,am here ” Irish said panting a little fast


To be continued………

Am sure you guys are still wondering how Xavier and Lisa will meet right ? ??

Master Chris is a big fool ,,seems like he doesn’t know our Xavier yet ???

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