Young Master's Weakness

Young Master’s Weakness Episode 1

?Young Master’s
. Weakness ?
( Heart of ice ) ?


by : authoress Vivian

” Sir what should we do with him ?? A guard asked Xavier who stood still beside his window looking at the sky with a cigarette in his lips

His smokes filled the air,as he puffed out more from his mouth then nose

” Don ,,let’s go ” Xavier immediately said to his most trusted guard
Don is like a little brother to him ,he’s always with Xavier anywhere Xavier goes

They got to the dark room which looked really terrifying
Xavier immediately turn on the light switch and a young boy in his early 20’s could be seen tied around an electric chair with so much bruises and blood gushing out from his mouth

” He’s still refusing to talk ?? Xavier asked on of his guards who nodded with his head bowed

He walked closer to the boy pulling his hair roughly

” Who the hell sent you mother fuck*r ” Xavier asked in anger ,but still the not refused to say a word enduring the pain

Xavier let go of him ,,as he chuckled
” Proving stubborn huh??

He clapped his hands ,and immediately on of his men rushed out of the room

And in 5 minutes time ,,a neat gun and a sword were brought to master Xavier

Xavier looked at the boy again,,but this time ,he made sure to press the switch which controlled the electric chair

The boy screams were so loud that it irritated Xavier so much and immediately he shot on of his legs which made the boy scream louder

” Who the hell sent you bastard” Xavier cursed with deep anger while only kept on screaming in pain

Xavier deeped his hands inside his pocket bringing out a packet of cigarette and also a lighter
He lit up the cigarette immediately puffing out smoke from his mouth professionally

” After taking one cigarette,,he looked at the boy again,,
” That’s your leg right ?? Nice target yunno ,,but guess what ,next shot would be straight towards your heart ,,and trust me ,i don’t miss any target ” master Xavier said

He took in more of the cigarette as the smell of the cigarette filled the room
He walked closer to the boy holding his chin

” Who ….the …hell…sent…you ?? Xavier asked slowly looking at him ,but still Dean kept mute

” I deal with people like you all the time ,,and yunno what ?? It’s kinda fun ” master Xavier said

” Don ” Xavier called
” Increase it ,, maximum” Xavier said with a deep voice

Just as the electric chair was being increased to maximum level

Dean screamed out his lungs ,, yelling in so much pain

Xavier immediately took a sword and instantly cut off his right leg

Dean yelled in pain as blood gushed out

While all the guards looked in fear ,, though they weren’t suprised

” He’s going easy on this one” most of them thought

Still Dean refused to utter any word
Master Xavier eyes immediately turned red

” Even in so much pain he refuses to talk , surely his boss would be a tough one,, maybe using his family against him ” Xavier thought to himself

His enemies are so much ,,,,he might not be able to point out who sent him

” Should I kill your family instead ” Xavier asked sharply and immediately Dean’s eyes widen

He looked at Xavier in fear shaking
” Kira ”
” Mom ”
Dean called silently,,,he would never allow his mom and only sister die because of him

” No ,,master Damian has promised to protect his mom and sister,,I can trust him ,,even if I die he’ll keep to his promise right ?? Dean asked himself silently

He had also been threaten by master Damian to kill Xavier or his family dies
He cursed to day he agreed to work for them ,,
” Kira ” Dean called his sister’s name as tears rolled down his eyes

He calmed down immediately with the thought that his family were safe

Like Xavier could read his mind ,,he nodded smirking

” Prrrrrhh” that’s gonna be the next sound you’ll hear
” Yunno what it is ??

” The last bullet heading towards your heart ,,, here” Xavier said touching Dean’s chest

He took the switch and pressed it again as Dean screamed in pain again

Xavier shot him an angry look as he still kept silent

” Don “” Xavier called

He wasn’t gonna kill him till he finds out whi sent him by all means

” Take some bits with you ,,,bring his family here right away ” master Xavier said looking at Dean instead

Dean looked at Xavier immediately he heard those words
He tried calming down but he just couldn’t

As Don turned to leave ,,,,,,Dean let out more tears

” Wait ,,pls I’ll take ,,pls don’t harm them ,,I beg you ” Dean said

Xavier looked at him ,,,and smirked

He walked closer to him ,,,,,
Just then he noticed a red tiny light ,,, around his chest

Outside ,,on the roof of a tall building,,a masked man ,, wearing black ,stood with a gun in his hand

He looked through the hole ,, making sure he pointed the gun at the targets heart

Xavier tried ,, pushing Dean away ,but he was already too late

As the bullet penetrated straight into his chest
Dean screamed in pain

” Down ,, everyone” Xavier shouted immediately

After 10 minutes,, everywhere became silent

Xavier stood up as he walked closer ,,,,only to see Dean’s lifeless body

” Fuvk ,,fuvk ,fuvk “” master Xavier kept on hitting the wall so hard in anger

He walked outta the room in anger

” Burn his body immediately” master Xavier said ,,while Don followed him behind

All his guards bowed their head as master Xavier walked out

” Target eliminated” a strange man in Black said and walked away entering his black limo

To be continued


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