Words Of Wisdom

Words OF Wisdom

I bring you words, that at the edge of wisdom summit,
Even that which your sages has yet not link within your
meet and their ink,
Shut not the doors of your libraries and incline thy
listening flesh to the potency of this untold intellect
For sanity lay inbetwixt every revealing line to the
very last page,
While I write in the light of today and tomorrow I go
Into darkness,
I hope I speak to you while you see not my face,
That you read in my lips and take with you words
Of wisdom,
While your heart throbs in understanding.

I chant here that the chance to meet with me is buried
In the past,
Now in the bright sunlight of the future
Let it be within you and your heart
that you meet pleasure with my words of wisdom.
You meet my life,
Victory journey through every line
dispensing passing guide to your soul, wanting as much,
I pray this words of wisdom brings you eternal progress.

Poet: Smile Austin

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