Time Knows Not When

Time Knows Not When

(By: Smile Austin )

Here take the gift, life, age and energy,

In between the by and by of each gift there is a thin
line of great freedom and giant progress,
Those are gifts passed on through time confer on
you equally just as any,
Many have stand, some crawl, while others walk, and to so many it’s a race,
lace your shoes while you still stand,
aplomb thyself for the contingency of this days puts you
on course for a race,

The result of your glory nestle on the position you find yourself in this life race,
Trades, occupation, politics, power, poverty, crime, balance, death,
look up before you go down, even end is less important has time knows not when.

Lo! and behold while you yet race, your rival, she speeds like lightning,

flying aloft spreading her wings of seconds,
minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years,
Encourage yourself, wear this day upon thy feet hooves,
Take upon thy spirit the very similitude of a stallion,
Pursue your course with firm and regular run, forward,
onward, every generation running it’s course and passing on, until time knows not when, but win.

This is not a spiritual poem,

but a date with time at old age ends with death,
The quondam time of great poets, legendary artiste, Influential politicians, masters and mistress of servants are they not gone with time ? ,
leaving behind box of bones tied with ribbons of memories and history,
Void of spirituality, even has this poem is tied only to mortality, so is our date with time,
While this yet too may make a menacing point,
Run your race putting undying effort to it,
to achieve and not to arrive at time ends, for even time knows not when.

Poet: Smile Austin

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