The Secret Wife

The Secret Wife Episode 7

The Secret Wife💝💥
(Let’s keep this marriage a secret)🤫😌

By: Authoress Popcorn❤️

Genre: Romance/ suspense😲

💋 Chapter Seven💋

Cora rolled her eyes when she saw the mess her brother just created in her room.
“Do you have to spit that sh!t out?!” She yelled at her brother.
Jack placed the bucket of ice cream on the table and walked towards Cora.

“There’s no how I’m gonna let you get married to Asher” he said.

“Great, then help me” she said.
Mr and Mrs Brooks just sat with their face down in the sitting room as they listened to what their some have been saying about Asher and Cora’s marriage.

“Jack… You know the reason for doing this. I know I have no right to make any choice for Cora but for the sake of the company, we have to get her married to Asher” their father said.
Jack shook his head.

“There are other business men and women that would do this the right way and not through marriage contract. Why not meet with them instead?” He asked.

“Yeah, why not them?” Cora asked.
He sighed and walked towards Cora.

“I won’t force you dear. You are free to do what pleases you. I’ll hand over the company to Jack once all is well” he said and left.

Jack and Cora stared at each other and back at their mother.
“Mom?” She called out.

“Cora, your father loves you and wants the best for you. No woman would want to get married to Asher, I know that’s why they chose a marriage proposal. You can think this through, if not for you, for your father” she said and left.

“I hate talking to mom and dad. They’ll end up blackmailing me emotionally” Cora groaned and threw herself on the couch.
Jack sat beside her and placed his hands on her shoulder.

“It’s not too late. We can work this out” he said.
Asher adjusted his jacket as he ran down the stairs. He bumped into Crystal.

“Argh!” He groaned.

“Watch where you are going a**hole!” She said and kept on walking.
Asher stopped walking and turned to face his sister. He ran upstairs and grabbed her hair.

“What did you just call me?” He asked.

“Ouch… Leave me alone Asher!” She yelled, trying to get herself away from his strong grip.

“You… Leave me alone. I don’t want to see you in my path again” he said and pushed her away. She fell on the stairs and stared at her brother.

“Jeez, he is bad again…” She scoffed.
“Asher? Where are you off too? It’s so early” his mother’s voice stopped him..

“Can’t I leave the house anymore? Or am I restricted from going out?” He asked as he stared at his mother.

“How dare you speak to your mother that way Asher?!” His father appeared.

He silently groaned and looked away from them.
“Just leave me..” he said and tried to take a step away from them.

“Asher! Don’t dare me!” His father yelled. He quickly walked to his father angrily.

“Why can’t you leave me f*ck alone? Why?!! If I leave, what will you do? Take away my license, block my cards or… Give my right to own the company to another person?” He asked, still yelling. His father stepped back a little from him.

“What do you mean Asher?”

“Asher, you have to relax” his mother added, looking tensed and scared.

“Don’t tell me.. to f*cking calm down. Don’t! Why? Why do I have to get married to Cora when I don’t want to?”

“It is a must. I don’t think anyone would get married to you Asher, you are.. not just a man yet”

Asher shook his head and turned. He just walked out of the house, even as his parents were yelling his name. He got to the car and slammed the door. He just started the engine and zoomed off.

His face was red as he drove, that was to show how angry he was.
“You asked me to meet you here, what happened?” Hudson asked Asher. He was conscious of the location Asher picked. He wondered how Asher could ask to meet in a low class restaurant.

“Yes Hudson, I need to talk to Cora and it’s urgent. Ask her to meet me here or.. I’ll be forced to go to her house” he said.

“Sure, I will try calling her” Hudson said and walked out of the restaurant. He didn’t enjoy the way everyone was glancing at Asher.
He picked his phone and called Cora’s number that he found online.
“Oh, hello miss Cora”

“This is Thelma, Cora’s manager speaking. How can I be of help?”
He heard Thelma’s voice and rolled his eyes.

“F*ck! I never knew it was you, I need to speak to Cora immediately” he said.

“She isn’t available at the moment. You’re have to try tomorrow” she said.

“Are you crazy? It’s urgent!”

“Why don’t you tell me what’s happening then I’ll see if it’s urgent or not?” She asked, not showing any sign of interest.

“Look Thelma… Gi…” Before he could complete his sentence, someone grabbed his phone from behind.

“Look Thelma..”
As Thelma heard Asher’s voice, she swallowed hard.

“Uh uh…” She replied, with her breath shaking.

“I need Cora in the address immediately, you have thirty minutes. You know what I can do if she doesn’t appear” he said and handed the phone back to Hudson. He turned and marched into the restaurant. Hudson knew something was wrong with his friend, but that wasn’t the right time to talk to him about it.
He gave a loud sigh and walked in also.
“Please Cora, we need to go!” Thelma appeared in Cora’s house after five minutes, pleading with her to come see Asher.

“I thought I told you not to show up today huh? Do you want to get fired?” She asked in reply.

“You’ve asked me that more than a hundred times, please just quit it and come with me” Thelma cried again.

“I don’t want to.. just go. It’s Sunday!” She replied.

“To see who?”
Thelma turned and saw Jack.

“Jack? You’re back?” She asked.

“As you can see” he replied and walked into his sister’s room.

“I need her to follow me to see Asher. It’s important. He used that tone again!” She said.

“Why are you scared of that a**hole?!” Cora asked and rolled her eyes. She understand that Thelma was still a bit scared of what Asher did to her in the past but they were all in the past now.

“Please, I know I’m scared. Just let’s go. He threatened to…”
Cora raised her head and stared at Thelma.

“That sh!thead threatened you, huh? Why didn’t you tell me that since?” She asked and left the bed. She walked into her closet and got dressed.

“I’d also come. I don’t want Cora to cause a scene” Jack said and left. Thelma sat on the bed and wiped the tears off her eyes. She stared at the wristwatch and sniffed in. She still had fifteen minutes left.
“You can’t come with us Jack” Cora said to her brother as she wanted to enter the car.

“Why can’t I? I’m bored at home, let’s just leave” he said.

“No Jack” she said again. Jack pushed her inside the car and sat in the front seat with the driver.

“Let’s go” he said.
They drove to the location. They were lucky that there wasn’t much traffic on the road.
“Hurry!” Thelma yelled at the driver. Both siblings turned to stare at Thelma, giving her a questioning look.

“Relax, nothing will happen” she said.

“I don’t get why you are so scared of Asher. He isn’t that scary”

“You aren’t the only one not scared of him. I don’t care what the says or do to me. I won’t let him win!” Cora said, staring into the thin air.
Minutes later, they got to the location. Cora wore her sunglasses and wrapped her face with a scarf. She didn’t want anyone to know she was here.

“Let’s go already” Thelma opened the door for her and she gently stepped down from the car.

Jack sniffed in and walked in, following his sister behind.
“They are here Asher” Hudson said to Asher when he saw Thelma. He could recognize her from afar.

“Great, lead them this way” he said with his low voice. The voice that could not explain what was going on at all.

Hudson walked towards them.
“Hi, this way” he said and wanted to turn.

“Wait, why does he want to see me so badly?” Cora asked Hudson.

“Even I have no idea, this way please” he said and led them to his table.
Cora walked towards his table and placed her purse on the table. She could see everyone staring at her, they wanted to know who she was.

“Why did you call me here?” She asked.

“You are three minutes late” he said, not raising his head to stare at her.

“You have no right to decide what time I see you” she said.

“What did you say?” He asked, acting like he didn’t hear her.

“She said.. you have no right to decide what time she comes to see you, Asher!”

Asher heard that voice, followed with the tone he used to call his name. He quickly raised his head and sprung up. He saw Jack, smirking at him. His heart started racing as he swallowed hard.

“Senior…” He called out, with a shaky voice.
Senior… Asher?

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