The Secret Wife

The Secret Wife Episode 4-5

The Secret Wife💝💥
(Let’s keep this marriage a secret)🤫😌

By: Authoress Popcorn❤️

Genre: Romance/ suspense😲

💋 Chapter Four💋

Asher alighted from his car with Hudson. He sighed Mr Brooks and his father, walking out of the house, smiling and laughing like they’ve been friends for ages. He watched as he entered the car and zoomed out of the compound.

He groaned and walked into the house.
“Oh Asher, you are here so early” Mr Grayson asked jokingly. He knew his son wasn’t capable of doing anything.

“Yes father, I’m back!” He said and walked away but his father stopped him.

“Asher, we need to talk” he said. Asher stopped and turned to face his father.

“What is it about dad?”

“Just come with me” he said and went to his office. Asher followed him to this office that was distanced from the sitting room.

“I’ve found a wife for you” he said.

“What?” Asher yelled.

“Relax son, she’s perfect. I’m sure you’ll like her”

“And who is hell is she?” He asked with anger in his tone. He wasn’t interested in what his father was saying.

“Mr Brooks daughter, Cora” he said.

“What? Father, how can you tell me to get married to Cora? It’s unbelievable! That’s the least I could do!” Asher yelled at his father.

“Son, this is our chance to be close with them. They are a reputable family” his father tried to convince him, but, no way!

“I don’t care father! I can’t get married to Cora!” Asher yelled and left his father’s office.
He doesn’t want to get married to Cora.
Mr Grayson sighed deeply and sat down. He needed Asher to get married to her.

“He must get married to her” he mumbled under his breath.
Mr Brooks walked into the house. He was looking happy. His wife saw him fr distance and walked towards him.
“Hey baby” she said. Before she could take another step, Mr Brooks wrapped his arms around his wife and hugged her tightly.

“Seem like you’re in a good mood today, tell me, what happened?”

“He accepted to be partners…”

“That’s… That’s great. I never expected him to say yes”

“Only if we get our kids married” he said. Mrs Brooks smile quickly fade away. She stepped back, away from him.

“And what did you say?”

“I said yes, yes of course. What should I have said? No?”

“Baby, you can’t decide for Cora. If she hears this, she’s gonna be so pissed off” she said.

“Hear what?”
They heard Cora’s voice and turned to stare at her. She slowly walked down the staircase, towards her parents.

“Cora, I didn’t know you are home already” Mr Brooks said, wearing a strange smile on his face.

“Now you know. What am I going to be pissed off about. Tell me…” She folded her arms.

“Your mom will tell you. I have to clean myself up” he said and walked up the stairs. Cora’s gaze followed her father as he walked away from them. She stared back at her mother, giving her a questioning look.

“What’s going on mom?” She asked.

“It’s not really important. Just promise you that you won’t get mad” she said.

“Okay? This is getting more freaky. I won’t get mad if you can just tell me what the f*ck is happening!”

“You father wants you to get married” she said.

“M.. married? Why?” She asked.

“The company is running down on losses and the only way was to partner with… A company just like ours and the CEO wants you to get married to his son for them to be partners”
Cora sighed.

“It’s nothing to be scared of. I’ll get married to him”

“Really? You will?”

“Of course, I’m not engaged to anyone of something”

“Oh Cora… You just made me happy. Your father and Mr Grayson will be happy” she said and wanted to leave. Cora shot her eyes wide open and pulled her mother back.

“Mr.. Mr what?” She asked.

“Mr Grayson. He’s the CEO of the company your father wants to partner with and your future father in-law”

“Oh no no mom… I can’t get married into that family”

“Why? It’s a good family” she said.

“Their only son is Asher and I can’t marry him”

“But why?” She asked again. This time Cora got pissed off. She turned to her mother and glared at her angrily.

“Mom! I can’t get married to Asher!” Cora yelled at her mom.

“That’s the only way to save this family”

“I don’t care!” She yelled again and walked away.

“Why did she suddenly change her mind? He needs to know about this”
Cora was in her room, thinking about what her mother just told her. She adjusted her sleeping posture and faced the window.
“I can never get married to Asher. That’s the last thing I’ll do on earth” she murmured.
Asher walked out of the shower. He stood in front of the mirror. Then he remembered his father telling him about his marriage with Cora.

“Argh!” He groaned and picked up his phone.

“Hey… Let’s meet at the club” he said and disconnected the call.
Few hours later, he was in the club. He saw some ladies staring at him seductively but that wasn’t his problem.

He sighted his friends and walked towards them. He sat on the couch and folded his legs.

“What’s up dude? Why the urgent call?” One of them asked. They’ve been friends since high school, they share almost everything together.

“I’m getting married” he said, without staring at them. His friends stole glances at each other and stared back at Asher.

“What?!!!’ they yelled.

“Yes, and I’m getting married to Cora”

“What?!!!!!!” They yelled louder.

“You know that’s not possible”

“She’s gonna tear you apart. Cora isn’t that petty girl from high school. She’s tough now”

“And she’s now hot. Did you see her latest photos? D*mn!”

“Dude! That’s not the reason for my presence. I can’t marry her. I don’t want to get married to her and I f*cking don’t want to see her face!” He yelled.

“Relax. Just reject the proposal. That’s all” one of them suggested.

“Do you think marriage proposals are like contract that you can reject? It’s not. I have to do something”

“Why don’t you meet with Cora and tell her to her face that you don’t want to marry her?”

“Yeah, I should. I know I said I didn’t want to see her face but I’ll have to do this just once” Asher said with a smile. He picked a bottle of drink and started drinking.

“Yeah!” They cheered.

“That’s why I still have you guys with me. Come on… Let’s party!” He yelled.
Asher woke up the next morning when he heard his phone ringing. He opened his eyes and noticed that he wasn’t in his room.
“Where am…”
Before he could complete his sentence, he saw a naked lady sleeping beside him.

“Oh f*ck!” He whispered and picked his phone. He went into the bathroom and answered the call. He started wearing his pants.


“Where are you Asher? Everyone is looking for you” Hudson yelled through the phone.

“Don’t yell at me. I’m fine. Just… Come and pick me up”

“Where are you?”

“I know you know where I am. Hurry!” He said and disconnected the call. He marched out of the bathroom and saw the lady has woken up. Her hair was rough. The make up on her face was ruined.

“Oh baby” she said. Asher frowned. He never expected her to call him that. He wondered how he ended up with the most ugly girl.
“How about this… Anyone whose phone will ring in the next five minutes will have to spend the night with the most ugly girl in club today”

“Argh! That’s not cool” Asher rolled his eyes. They all waited, seeing whose phone was going to ring.
Suddenly, Asher phone rang.

“Woah!” His friend cheered, teasing him.

“What the f*ck! It’s Crystal” he collected his phone and answered the call.

“What do you want Crystal?! Go to bed already”

“Yeah, I was about doing so but I wanted to tell you that Cora is back in town” she said.

“Get lost!” He yelled and disconnected the call.

“So… We’ve decided which girl you’re gonna spend the night with”

“Who’s she?” Asher asked, acting uninterested.

“There she is…” He raised his head and stared at the ugly damsel walking towards him.

“Oh no…why is she licking her lips? Why is she staring at me?” Why is she…”
That was what Asher could remember. He sighed and wanted to go back into the bathroom but she stopped him.

“No, don’t go” she said. Asher gave her a questioning look.

“Why?” He asked. He watched as she jumped out of the bed, walking naked towards him. He groaned and turned his face away from her.

“I really like you. I hope we could be friends” she said.

“Uh uh…” He said. His phone suddenly dinged. He stared at it and saw that it was a text message from Hudson. He was here already.

“Yes. I hope there can be moment like this between us again” she said.

“Yeah, I hope not. Why don’t you take a shower?” He asked.

“What next? Can we then…”

“Yeah, have a shower and I promise to give you everything you want” he said.

She clapped her hands and ran into the bathroom. Asher heaved a breath of relief. He grabbed his shirt and jacket and ran away. He dressed up in the elevator as he went to the first floor.

“Oh… It’s Saturday. Darn it!”
Asher needs healing 😩😔

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The Secret Wife💝💥
(Let’s keep this marriage a secret)🤫😌

By: Authoress Popcorn❤️

Genre: Romance/ suspense😲

💋 Chapter Five💋

Asher got into the car and slammed the door hard. He groaned and stared at Hudson.

“So, how did you end up here again?! I thought you promised not to come here again!” Hudson said, almost yelling at his boss.

“Just shut it and drive! I’m tired as f*ck!” He yelled and shot his eyes close as he leaned his head on the chair. Hudson shook his head and drove off. He had some news to tell him but since he asked her to shut up, he won’t say it. He should hear it from his father.
Cora was woken up by a soft knock on her door. She sprung up and walked towards the door. She threw it open and stared at the maid that was in front of her door.

“What?” She asked.

“Your father seeks your presence” she said. Cora silently groaned. She then stared at her and gave a weird smile.

“I’ll be there. Just give me some minutes” she said and closed the door.
Cora went into the bathroom to wash herself before going to see her father.
Asper got to the mansion and matched into the house. As he was heading towards the stairs, his father’s voice stopped him.

“Where have you been son?” He asked. Asper turned and stared at his father.

“I’m twenty six Dad, I can live my life” he said.

“I know that. I’m fully aware of that. But what you aren’t aware of is the fact that we’ll be having a family weekend today…”

“Yeah, I know that. That’s why I’m pissed off” he interrupted his father.

“With the Brook’s family”

“What?!!!” He yelled.
“What?!! Dad, I don’t want to attend that dumb family weekend with the Graysons”

“I know how much you hate their son. I also don’t like him but what can I do. This is the only way for us to be family and also.. to save out family company” he said.

“Dad. I’m rich, I can f*cking give you some money if you’d just ask. It’s way better than getting me married to some dumb guy I don’t like” she said.

“Please Cora, just for me. Please”
Cora couldn’t bear to listen to his father pleading with her.

“Fine, I’ll go. But no one should expect me to talk to anyone because I won’t” she said and went back to her room. Her father heaved a breath of relief.
“Wait dad. You mean the Brooks, like Cora’s dumb family”

“Watch your tongue son, that’s the family you’ll be getting married to. She’s the one that will be your wife”

“Oh spare me dad. I’m not going to any family weekend if the Brooks family are going to attend”

“We’ll see about that. You know me very well son and what I’m capable of doing. It’s advisable you listen me right now and get ready for the family weekend. We’ll be leaving once it’s 10a.m” he said and walked away. Asher angrily kicked the sofa. He groaned and marched to his room and slammed the door hard.
He grabbed his phone.

“Hudson, up stairs now!”
Cora got to her room and slammed the door.
She picked her phone and called Thelma.
“Hey Thelma, I need you right now”

“Sure, I’m almost at the mansion. I’ll be there soon” she replied. Cora disconnected the call and sat in front of her make up table.

“After so many years, I’ll finally meet that bloody a**hole!” She murmured.
Both families headed to the location where they were going to have their family weekend. It was one of the Grayson private garden. They were waiting patiently for the Brooks family. Cora wanted to ride in her own private car with Thelma.
“Oh, here they come” Mrs Grayson said. Crystal was waiting to meet Cora. She was so eager to meet her role model.

The car pulled over as Mr and Mrs Brooks walked out majestically. They walked towards them and embraced them like they were family.

“It’s nice to meet you again Mrs Brooks” Mrs Grayson said, smiling.

“Oh… Me too. We have a lot to talk about” she said.

“Where is your daughter?” She asked.

“She’s behind. She’ll be here any minute” she said. When Asher heard that, he rolled his eyes and stared away from them. That wasn’t the answer he wanted. He wanted to hear that Cora got into an accident and won’t be able to come.
Suddenly, another car pulled over in front of them. They turned to face the car and waited. The door flung open as Thelma walked out of the car first.

“Jeez… She isn’t as pretty as I thought. D*mn!” He rolled his eyes. Hudson whispered into his ear.

“That isn’t Cora…” He said.
Suddenly, Cora majestically walked out of the car. She took off her sunglasses as the wind blew her hair. She stared at them and gave a broad smile.

Asper shot his mouth wide open.
“What the…”

“That’s Cora” Hudson concluded. He could see the shock on his friend’s face.

“Hi!” Cora said.
Mr Grayson walked towards her and shook hands with her.

“It’s nice to meet you again miss Cora. It’s been a very long time” he said.

“Yes sir, I admit” she replied, still wearing her smile.

“We should probably go now. Our meal is ready” Mrs Grayson said and led them to the table. It was a very beautiful garden. One where someone can have some peace of mind. Cora admired the peaceful nature of the garden. Since she got to the garden, she didn’t spare Asper and Hudson any glance at all. She didn’t wish to see them. She was only here because of her father.

They got to the table and sat down. Coincidentally, Asper and Cora sat opposite each other. She didn’t even raise her gaze to stare at him.
After some minutes, the table was filled with different varieties of food. Cora just stared at her food. She wasn’t interested in eating. She was getting bored when she heard the two grown up men talking about company and business. She hated to hear things like that. Her mother was also talking about fashion with Asper’s mother. She suddenly felt someone poking her from her side. She turned and saw a girl, about fifteen or sixteen. She furrowed her eyebrows, giving her a questioning look.

“I’m a big fan. Can I take some selfies with you?” She asked.

Cora wanted to say no but her question and loud voice made everyone stare at her.

“Sure, sure you can” she said. They both left the table and went somewhere good to take pictures.
“There’s a problem Asper” Hudson whispered to him.

“What happened?” Asper asked him.

“Well, someone is here and is taking pictures. Look, they are over the social media with a very silly caption” he said.

“What?” He murmured and grabbed Hudson’s phone. He stared at the pictures and read the caption.

“How can they think we are here for some marriage proposal? They are already thinking we are getting married. This is crazy” he said and left the table.

“Come on Brooks, you still owe me a game of golf” Mr Grayson said.

“Oh, you know I beat you the last time” he replied as they left the table. Thelma and Hudson remained on the table, eating.

There was only one piece of chicken left. They both gazed at each other, like they were gonna tear each other apart.

“Don’t you dare touch that last piece?” She said.


“Ladies first” he replied.

“Fine. On the count of three, whoever grabs it first, gets it. One.. two…” Before he got to three, Thelma took it and started eating it. She winked at him.

“That’s cheating. I haven’t gotten to three yet” he complained.

Asper was still on the phone.
“How did such news get out? I want that a**hole who took that picture and I want that news to die down this minute”

“I apologise Mr Asper. I never knew it was a rumor. I thought it was real” he said.

“Well, I’m telling you that it’s a rumor so get it down now” he said and disconnected the call. She slipped his phone into his pocket and turned to head to the table. He saw that it was empty. He could only see Hudson with Thelma. Hudson sprung up and started walking towards her.

“Have you gotten rid of the news?” He asked. Asper just stared at him, without answering his question.

“What?” Hudson asked when he noticed the look.

“I see you with that hot chick. What next?”

“Come on, what the f*ck am I doing with Cora’s manager? She’s annoying” he rolled his eyes.

“Whatever. I guess this is the good time for me to tell… Cora that I can’t get married to her” he said, nodding towards where she was taking pictures with Crystal.

“Oh yeah, good luck” Hudson said.

“I don’t need luck. I’m Asper, I can do anything” he said and adjusted his jacket as he walked majestically towards Cora.

Who else can’t wait for Cora’s reply??!!😂😂

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