The Secret Wife

The Secret Wife Episode 2

The Secret Wife💝💥
(Let’s keep this marriage a secret)🤫😌

By: Authoress Popcorn❤️

Genre: Romance/ suspense😲

💋 Chapter Two💋

Mr Grayson was excited that Mr Brooks was calling him. That has been his dream, for them to be partners but Mr Brooks didn’t know about that. He always think Mr Grayson wanted to be greater than him.

“It’s nice to talk to you Mr Grayson. It will be more better for us to meet in person” he said.

“Of course, It will” he said

“Fine then, you pick the location. Anywhere is fine by me” Mr Brooks said, trying to be nice.

“Sure, I’ll be off work for the meantime. We can meet in my mansion”

“It’s a deal then” Mr Brooks said. A smile crept on Mr Grayson’s face.

“Yes, it is. 4pm is a good time”

“Sure! Till then” Mr Brooks said and disconnected the call. He handed the phone over to Hudson.

“You may leave!” He said said to Hudson. Hudson nodded and left. He knew that Mr Grayson had always wanted to be partners with Mr Brooks and now, the day has come.
Asher was on his way home. He was glancing on his phone again. Hudson noticed the look on his face.

“What are you looking for?” He asked.

“From tomorrow, I’m the CEO of my father’s company”

“He’s finally handing it over to you?!!” Hudson asked with a shocking expression.

“What? No, not yet. He just want to see what I’m capable of and the first thing I would do is to find a very good model for the company”

“What about Thelma? She’s good”
Asher stopped and stared at his friend.

“Are you kidding me? Are you sharing the same mindset with father? Thelma is f*cking old. We need fresh, hot models” he said and continued glancing at his phone.

“Mr Brooks spoke with your father today” he said.

“Woah, great news” he replied and rolled his eyes like he was uninterested.

“Speaking of Mr Brooks, why can’t you use his daughter? Cora Brooks?” Hudson said. Asher raised his head and shot him a hard glare.

“Hell no!”

“Why? She’s pretty beside, you were friends while in highschool”

“Point of correction Hudson, we were classmate, not friends”

“Oops, sorry, my bad” Hudson said. Asher paused for some seconds and ponder on what Hudson just said. He shook his head and continued searching for models.

“No, I can’t use her” he thought.
“Stop by the mall, I want to get something” he said to the driver.

“Why? You can’t just roam around” Hudson said, trying to protect his image.

“I don’t care Hudson. I can’t just act proud because I’m rich” he rolled his eyes. The limo came to abrupt stop. He wore his sunglasses and alight from the car. Ladies sighted him and started screaming.
Hudson also stepped down and followed Asher behind.
He went to the boutique and brought some clothes.
“Why are you buying more dresses?” Hudson asked.

“Because I’m giving my old ones out”
Hudson laughed.
“When did you start charity?”

“Tomorrow” he replied and smirked.
“Oh there he is… You monster!” Hudson and Asher turned when they heard a lady’s voice behind.

“What do you want lady?” Hudson asked.

“Get out of the way. I’m talking to Asher!”

“Have we met before?” Asher asked. Everyone gathered round, staring at what was going on.

“You don’t remember me huh? You dated me for one day and dumped me!” She yelled and started sobbing.

“What?… Oh, I remember you are the lady from the club. I’m sorry, you weren’t just my type and it wasn’t a day. It was twenty three hours” he said.
The lady wanted to beat Asher but Hudson was between them. The security came and took the lady away.

“This is why you should stop meeting ladies Asher. You are known worldwide to be a womanizer”

“It’s better than been a manizer” Asher said and walked away.

“That isn’t a thing!”
Asher finally arrived home. He walked into the mansion and saw his sister reading a magazine. He sneakily grabbed it and peeped.
“Hey! Give me back my magazine!” Little Crystal said. She was just sixteen years old.

“Why are looking at hot male models? Gross!” He said and flung it.
Crystal caught it.

“Well they are hotter than you but less popular” she said and continued staring at the magazine. Asher turned and stared at his sister.

“What do you mean by less popular?” He asked.

Crystal showed him the video.
“Who’s that lady you dated and dumped for a day?” She asked.

“It’s twenty three hours. That’s bullsh!t!” He groaned and brought out his phone.

“Hello! Take down that video of me immediately!” He said and walked away.
“Hey Crystal!” Hudson greeted as he followed Asher, carrying the stuff he bought earlier.
Mr Brooks went home and saw his wife in the room.
“Welcome home hunnie” she said.

“Thank you” he said and threw himself on the couch.

“What would you like to have sir?” A maid walked towards them.

“Nothing, just go” she replied on behalf of his husband and sat beside him.

“How was work? Any changes?” She asked.

“No, not yet. The profit is reducing and the loss is increasing almost every second. I don’t know what the cause is” he replied.

“Everything will be fine” she said.

“I’m meeting with Mr Grayson tomorrow. Perhaps, we could be partners. I hope he says yes”

She sighed deeply.
“Cora will be coming home next week. She’s almost done with her movie”

“Can’t wait…” He replied, smiling at his wife. But deep inside, he wasn’t happy because of his company.

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