The Secret Wife

The Secret Wife Episode 12

The Secret Wife💝💥
(Let’s keep this marriage a secret)🤫😌

By: Authoress Popcorn❤️

Genre: Romance/ suspense😲

💋 Chapter Twelve💋

“Cora? Cora? Wake up Cora” Asher slowly tap Cora’s arm, waking her up. Cora opened her eyes and quickly sat up.
She didn’t believe she could fall asleep.

“What happened?” She asked.

“Nothing” he replied.

That was when Cora turned her head to stare at Asher. She saw him wearing a towel. She rolled her eyes and got out of bed. She grabbed her nighties and head into the bathroom. She was really tired.
As she walked into the bathroom, there went the doorbell.

“A moment please” Asher yelled from the room and walked pass the sitting room and head to the door. He opened it and saw a beautiful room attendant with a roller tray that was filled with food.

“Hello” he said, smirking.

“Hello sir. I was asked to bring this to your room” she said.

“Come in” he said and threw the door wide open. She smiled and walked in, pushing the tray into the room.

As she turned to leave, Asher closed the door.
“Please, serve me” he said.

“Oh, I have other work to…”

“Are you refusing me?” He asked. She stared at his abs and swallowed hard. Then she stared at his face and blinked repeatedly.

“No sir, I just..” she said again but Asher didn’t let her go.

Asher walked to the couch and sat down.
“Come, feed me” he said.

“Are you alone?” She asked, swallowing her lower lips.

“Of course I am. Who else would be with me? Come on, sit by my side and feed me. I want to eat from the hands of a beautiful creature” he said. She blushed and nodded. Then the attendant walked towards the tray and dished some meal and back to Asher. She threw her hair behind her and sat on Asher’s lap.

“Feel comfortable huh?” He asked.

“Uh uh” she replied and started feeding him.

“Oh, so delicious. Give me more, argh” he said, moaning at the sweetness of the food.
She scooped another spoon and fed him again.

“Argh, come on. Give it to me. It’s so…”
Cora came out from the bathroom, drying her wet hair with a towel.
She walked to the make up table and switched on the hair dryer.
Soon, she heard some moaning and switched it off to make sure she was hearing clearly.

“Give it to me, you are an angel”
She heard that and furrowed her eyebrows.

“Isn’t that Asher?” She murmured.

“You like it huh?”
She heard a lady’s voice and sprung up.

“Jeez, Asher!” She shook her head and head out of the room. As she threw the door wide open, she saw the room attendant on Asher’s lap.

“What’s going on here?” She asked. As the attendant heard Cora’s voice, she sprung up. Her heart was beating fast.

“Oh no, I’m so sorry ma’am. I’ll leave now” she said with a teary voice and left the room. Asher groaned and stood up.

“F*ck!!!! Cora! Why do you always have to ruin my plans huh? I would have just gotten that girl to myself this night”

“Then go after her, don’t do any sh!t here” she said and folded her arms.

“Sh!t? You call that sh!t, huh?” He asked slowly walking towards her. He was mad at her already.

Cora slowly stepped back, walking into the room with her back.
“I didn’t know she was feeding you. Do you have to moan?”

“That’s my scheme to get her. Cora, why? Why?” He asked, still walking towards her.

Cora was still stepping back, away from him.
“Fine, I’m sorry. Just, get away from me” she said, wanting to turn but she didn’t know she has hit the dead end of the room. Her back hit the wall, then she gasped.

She wanted to leave the wall, but Asher was quick to pin her down.
“Where do you think you’re going?” He asked.

“Asher? Step away from me” she said slowly, breathing hard.

“Why? Tell me. Right now, I need a woman so badly. You sent the one I almost got so, is it bad if you fill her position?” He asked, whispering into her ears. She could feel his hot breath piercing through her skin.


“You what Cora? The night is cold” he said, staring into her eyes.

“I want it” she said.

“Really? You.. you want me?” He asked and touched her waist. Cora shot her eyes wide open when she felt his hand on her waist. She pushed him hard.

“How dare you touch me?” She asked.

“You said you want me”

“I said, I want to eat!” She made herself clear to hin.

“Argh! Cora! Trust me and mark my words, you and I will end up on the bed one day. Just give me three days, I’ll make you fall for me” he said and went to put on his pyjamas.
Cora scoffed and folded her arms.

“I’m waiting” she said. He heard her and turned to stare at her.

“Keep waiting. You’ll see it and I won’t go easy on you like I did before” he said.

“Can you not talk about before? There’s no before between us” she said.

Asher smirked.
“Oh really, are you trying to deny it? It’s just us here. No other person is here with us. We both know…”

“Argh, you disgust me Asher” Cora yelled and head out of the room. He smirked and wore his nighties.
After eating, it was time for them to sleep. Cora tied her hair into a rough ponytail and grabbed a pillow. She put it on the sofa and head to the balcony. The night was really cold.

“Want a drink?” She heard from behind. She saw Asher with a glass of whiskey with two glasses. She grabbed a glass and he poured for her.

“I really love Paris” he said. Cora rolled her eyes.

“Why is this a**hole here?” She thought to herself. She just wanted to be alone.

“I’ll head in first” he said and left. She glanced at him as he left and diverted her gaze away from him. She wasn’t interested in looking at him. She wanted to sip from the glass but she paused and stared at the liquid he poured for her.

“Just give me three days…” That word rang in her head. She poured it away and head into the room. She can’t take anything from him for the meantime. She wasn’t sure if he hadn’t poisoned her.

She saw that he was laying on the sofa. She folded her arms and walked towards him.

“Are you gonna sleep there?” She asked.

“Hmm” he mumbled.

“Come on, go to the bed” she said.

“No, I don’t want to” he said.

“Asher! Don’t act stubborn and listen to me. I still know of your cold condition so stand up!” She said. Asher opened his eyes and sat up.

“ remembered?” He asked. She didn’t even answer his questions. She just pulled him up and throw him on the bed.

She head to the couch and laid to sleep. She covered herself and closed her eyes. Asher stared at her as she forced herself to sleep. He three his legs to the bed and switched off the light. He didn’t believe that Cora still remembered some things about him.
The next morning, Cora woke up quite early. She already had her bath and was ready for the shoot. She was in the sitting room, having her breakfast when she heard the doorbell.

“Come in” she said.
Thelma and Hudson rushed into the room.

“Good morning Cora” Hudson greeted and stood by the door.

“Hey Cora, how was your sleep?” Thelma asked.

“Good” she said.

“When is Asher going to come out?” Hudson asked Cora.

“You probably should head in and check what state he’s in now” she replied.

Hudson slowly walked towards the door and knocked the door. The door threw open itself. Then he stepped in and saw Asher still sleeping.

“Oh jeez” he groaned and walked towards the bed.

“Asher? Asher?!! Wake up you a**hole!” He slapped his arm.
Asher gasped loudly and sat up. He was drooling in his sleep.

“What are you doing in my room?”

“Get the f*ck up and go have your shower. You have to be at the studio in less than fifteen minutes”

“Argh, I never knew I over slept. Where is Cora?” He asked.

“She’s having breakfast already and here you are… Come on, get up” he said.

“Dude! Don’t treat me like a child. Relax” he said and slowly got out of bed. He head into the bathroom while Hudson quickly brought out his dress.

“I’m almost done. I’ll be out in a sec” he yelled.
“You didn’t apply your makeup well. Where’s your make up box?” Thelma asked.

“Don’t worry, I’ll go get it. You eat something” she said and stood up. She walked towards the room.
Asher walked out of the bathroom naked.
“Dude! What the… What if someone walks in?”

“No one will. Just get my towel” he said.
Then the door flung open…
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