The Royal Maid

The Royal Maid Episode 6


❤️(The woman after his heart)❤️

❤️? Episode 6 ❤️?

Alondria’s POV ♥️

‘You will be placed on a timely probation Alondria!! You literally spilled wine on the king!!!’…Madam Petty yelled and I bowed my head low in shame…

‘I…I…I am sorry Madam I didn’t know what came over me’..I stuttered and she sighed deeply…

‘It’s okay,you’ll be in charge of cleaning each rooms’..She said and walked away..

I pursed my lips and walked back to the kitchen only to hear Meredith making a scorn of me in front of the other maids..

‘It’s only been her first day here and she’s already messing up really bad!! Even Princess Reana doesn’t like her at all!! Ughhh she’s so stupid’..

Control Alondria..


‘Hey rat!!!’…She called as I walked over to the kitchen sink..

‘Ignore her Alondria,just ignore her’..Mara whispered but it was too

My fists were already tightened..

‘What did you call me??’…

King Roland’s POV ♥️

I read the names of the princesses aloud and along with what they can do as I sat on the edge of my bed…

Princess Reana of Bamu kingdom (Loves reading and writing poetry,can sing,can waltz and is a great actress)..

Princess Chella of Rana Kingdom (Loves taking care of Orphans and can sing)..

Princess Ariana of Coager Kingdom (Can dance,loves gardening and playing the flute)…

Princess Clara (Loves cleaning and baking)

Princess Nadia (Loves playing the piano and also loves acting and reading)..

Princess Ciara (Loves sewing and embroidery)..

Princess Selena (Loves Teaching)

Princess Eliza (Loves singing,cooking and dancing)..

Princess Jasmine (Loves playing golf and fixing carriages)..

Princess Alexa (Loves playing the harp and singing)..

‘So what do you think about them??’..Mother asked and I frowned deeply..

‘Most of them possess the same qualities and even though it’s good how do I know they’re not lying??’..I replied..

‘Well tomorrow we’re starting with the Princess Test and everyone one would be tested in your presence’..She said .

‘You do know pretty well that I do not have time for this kind of matters mother,I don’t have time for it!!’..I snarled taking off my shirt..

‘Well your cousin Gregory can stay in place?? I heard he’s arriving tomorrow’..She murmured and helped me into my other kimono…

‘Good I think that will be enough for tonight and—’..My voice trailed off as soon as I heard some commotion…

‘Go find out what’s going on’..I signaled a guard and after a minute he came back..

‘Two maids are fighting your highness’..

‘Bring them to me in my throne room’..

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