The Royal Maid

The Royal Maid Episode 5


❤️(The woman after his heart)❤️

❤️👑 Episode 5 ❤️👑

Alondria’s POV ♥️

She wants her hair like mine??..

What on Earth is wrong with these princess??..

Why would a royal want her hair to look like mine when she clearly has beautiful lustrous hair??..

‘All done your highness’..I finally said pleased with the result and she smiled .

‘Good now clean my shoes and go make me two rose flower Garlands,I need them for my official meeting with my future husband’..She said..


‘No questions Alondria just do as you’re told!!’..She yelled and I nodded,bowed and left…

Minutes later ❤️
‘It hasn’t been up to a day and strange things are already happening to me can you imagine?? Princess Reana wanted her hair to look exactly like mine and I ran into the king twice!!’…I whispered to Mara..

‘You think?? Princess Chella is the worst human on this Earth!! She literally spilled Hot tea on me twice!! I certainly do not want her to win the bridal competition’..She replied and when Madam Petty walked over we jolted away from each other and acted like we were busy…

‘Good I don’t like seeing my maids playing about’.. She muttered and walked off…

‘That was close anyway the King is in for a lot of trouble cause there’s only three princesses and the castle is already on fire!! What happened when they become ten?!!’…Mara muttered and I shrugged..

‘Honestly I don’t really care I just want to work my way until I’m free’..

‘Ohhh Alondria I told you before and I’ll tell you again—We are slaves till death’..

‘But is it bad to be free?? i want to be free Mara,I want to travel the country and I don’t want to be a slave anymore’…I whimpered..

‘Welcome to the real world Alo,now let’s get back to work’..

King Roland’s POV♥️

At Night 🌃
I walked into the ballroom clad in a fur coat which was a bit more comfortable and tongues wagged as the Royal bard announced me..

‘His royal Highness King Roland Arnold the second is here’..

‘Mingle with your bride’s to be son’.. Mother whispered and i frowned…

‘I never wanted to be here and—

‘Ohhh your highness I’m so happy to see you here!!’..A young lady rushed over and almost made me flinch..

‘Who are you??’..i asked..

‘Princess Ariana don’t you remember me??’..She replied..

I can never Remember someone as lousy as this..

no woman with proper etiquette should be like this..

‘Ohhh I didn’t notice’..I managed to say and walked away before she could say anything only for me to bump into that same maid and red cocktail poured all over my coat..

‘Ohh I..I’m so sorry your highness!!!’..She cried out and went down immediately on her knees…

‘Get out you useless maid!!! Why are you so clumsy!!! this is the third time you’re getting something wrong!!!’..

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