The Royal Maid

The Royal Maid Episode 22


❤️(The woman after his heart)❤️

❤️👑 Episode 22❤️👑

Princess Reana’s POV cont’d ♥️

‘You can’t be serious can you?? How can you tell me that she lost her voice?? Where is she??’..I asked in a whisper and glanced sideways wanting to walk away but someone blocked me…

‘My dear princess Reana,where do you think you’re going??’.. Princess Nadia asked and i frowned deeply..

‘None of your business Nadia move out of the way’..

‘Ohh I know you’re up to something sinister just as I know that you got Princess Ariana disqualified from the competition,Oh you think I don’t know?? That you made that poor maid lie?? You underestimate the princesses here and I can see right through you’..She muttered and I couldn’t help but Snicker..

‘You have no proof and this I cannot agree with your accusations Princess Nadia and if you’ll excuse me I’d like to leave please’..

‘The queen wants us to assemble in her room now’..Princess Ciara butted in with her stupid accent and I scoffed..

‘You all go ahead I have something to attend to really quick’..

‘Coming from someone so sinister let’s see what she has in store this time’…Nadia whispered and I clenched my teeth angrily..

If Alondria’s voice has really vanished then I am so going to kill her..

No one is going to ruin my chances of impressing Roland..

No one..

Not even a worthless slave maid..

Alondria’s POV♥️

‘Here your highness’..My head was sunken low as Princess Reana summoned me into her room..

‘I heard you lost your voice’..

‘Yes your highness’..I replied in a fake hoarse voice…

‘Are you out of your mind?!! Why did you loose your voice you know I’m counting on you you stupid pig!!! How am I supposed to win the talent show if you can no longer sing?!!’…She yelled..

‘I…I…I’m sorry for letting you down your highness’..I replied still faking a hoarse voice and she slapped me hard across the face…

‘You are growing a lot of balls dear Alondria and it’s starting to irritate me!!! Look here and repeat after me’..She yanked my hair and tears flowed down my cheeks..



‘Am a worthless’..

‘Am a worthless’..

‘Royal slave and not maid’..

‘Royal slave and not maid’..

‘I will be worthless forever’..

‘I will be worthless forever’..

‘And I am going to die as a worthless person’..

‘And I am going to die a worth—’..My voice trailed off as soon as princess Nadia walked into the room..

‘So you’re planning on cheating my dear Reana?? Leave the maid alone!!’.

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