The Royal Maid

The Royal Maid Episode 17


❤️(The woman after his heart)❤️

❤️👑 Episode 17 ❤️

Alondria”s POV ♥️

Minutes later ♥️
‘Strip them both naked’…The queen ordered and the guards stripped Alondria and Mara naked..

‘Pardon us your highness we never meant to do anything, Meredith was the one who picked on us’… I begged…

If I get whipped I don’t really care but for the love of humanity Mara shouldn’t be dragged into my problems when she’s clearly innocent….

‘Meredith isn’t a troublemaker but you are you this stupid maid and I think it’s time you’re taught a very big lesson’…The queen said and the next thing I knew I was lashed on the same spot as the other time which made me go into a ripple of pure pain..

‘Please your highness,please Ahhh!!’..I cried out as another lash landed on my back and she lifted her hand signaling them to stop…

‘KNOW YOUR PLACE SLAVE’..She said and then i shivered in fear..

‘Your…your…your wish is my command’..I stuttered and put my clothes back on and then walked over to where Mara was but she wasn’t waking up..

‘Mara??Mara please wake up?? Mara please wake up!!!’..I screamed in tears but she wouldn’t even budge..

Oh God please I know I have been a bad woman but please don’t take it out on Mara the way the queen did??..

Please save Mara she’s done nothing wrong she’s innocent please God please don’t let Mara die she’s the only family I have…

‘Is she dead??’..The queen asked and one of the gaurds checked Mara’s pulse and heartbeat…

‘Yes your highness she isn’t breathing’…He replied and my ear sense tingled…

She’s dead??..

No no she can’t die??…

‘Get rid of her body I don’t care’..The Queen muttered and I mustered enough courage to stand up..

‘You can’t do this to her she’s innocent!! Your highness she’s dead!!’..I cried out and she walked up to me..

‘Strip her naked again’…She ordered and my clothes were taken off of my body for the second time…

‘You are not you claim to be in front of your son Queen Aribella,he sees a sweet woman and a courteous queen but all I see is a venomously vile and evil woman who just killed and innocent maid’..I said and spat on the floor next to her..

I am not afraid of what she’s going to do to me…

She just killed my only family so nothing can hurt now..

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