The Royal Maid

The Royal Maid Episode 16


❤️(The woman after his heart)❤️

❤️? Episode 16❤️?

Alondria’s POV♥️

‘Uhhh I…I…I don’t understand a thing you’re saying my Lord’..I stuttered a bit shocked at what Duke Gregory said..

He wants me to carry his child??..

This is absolutely bizarre…

‘Now I know this came as a shock to you Alondria but if I’m perfectly honest with you I don’t want to get married,women tend to abuse power when given to them and what I really want is a child and not a duchess…my proposal is simple really.You are beautiful Alondria and a beauty like you doesn’t deserve to be a slave,you deserve to be a goddess or should I say a queen and that’s what I will make you if you help me Alondria’…He said and grabbed my arm which hurt a little..

‘My Lord I…I don’t know what to say about this and I…I have to go’..I quickly said and walked away..

Why me??..

Why just me??..

First Princess Reana made me lie to the king and now Duke Gregory the King’s cousin wants me to get pregnant with a child for him??…

What is going on and why is this happening to only me??..

‘Mara what did you tell the Duke??’..I asked with a frown on my face ..

‘Me?? I…I didn’t tell him anything that’s for sure’..She replied but the look in her eyes clearly showed that she was lying…

‘Mara are you sure??’..I asked and just then Meredith walked in with her Entourage…

‘Princess Reana wants to see you’..She said and i pursed my lips..


‘When I tell you something you answer me with respect!!’..She yelled and I couldn’t help but frown deeply..

‘Just ignore her Alondria we all know she’s a pain’..Mara muttered and Meredith’s attention shifted..

‘I am sorry what did you call me?!’..

‘She called you a pain Meredith and she isn’t lying,you’re really a pain’..I replied on Mara’s behalf..

The last thing I want is for my friend to be picked on..

‘You slave from the mines!! I can have your head on a platter if I wanted it!!’..She screamed and I chuckled loudly…

‘You are the daughter of the Tomato farmer in the market who is also a drunkard and a con man Meredith please don’t act like you’re special’..

‘Did you just call me that!!!’..She screamed and a slap landed on my cheek .

Why is everyone slapping me?!!….

‘Oh no you didn’t!!’..I fired back and grabbed a nearby shovel and hit her right on the head..


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