The Royal Maid

The Royal Maid Episode 14


❤️(The woman after his heart)❤️

❤️? Episode 14❤️?

Queen Aribella’s POV ♥️

‘Wake every princess up mother and have them in my room’..Roland said with pure anger clearly showing in his eyes and voice…

‘What’s the problem??’..I asked..

‘Just do as I say and you’ll find out’..He replied and walked out immediately..

I quickly wrapped a shawl around my body and ordered a maid to summon all the princesses to the Royal throne room..

What could be the problem that could make Roland summon everyone at the late hour??..

Alondria’s POV♥️

‘Did you do it??’..Princess Reana asked and I nodded with a disgusted look on my face..

In my entire years of living I have never done something as evil as this and I never want to do it..

Princess Ariana is very rude but she hasn’t laid a finger on me or any other maid before and I had to lie just because of the deviousness of another…

‘Good now I’m pretty sure he’s going to be angry and in a few minutes I will be summoned…Tell everyone what you told him Alondria and if you don’t then be sure to be in big trouble’..She said and i nodded again..

‘This is what you get for being the lowly slave you are’..She said again and I sniffed fighting the urge to cry..

Damn you Alondria!!..

Damn you for being a slave!!..

Damn you mother and father for putting me in a situation like this!!..

Damn you both for abandoning me to suffer alone in the slave mines..

Damn everyone!!..

‘Now go back to your quarters till you are summoned’..Princess Reana said and I bowed…

‘Your wish is my command your highness’…

King Roland’s POV♥️

I tapped my feet on the ground lightly as the eight princesses all walked into the room and after they were seated I signaled the maid..

‘Oh my God Alondria what happened to you?!’..Princess Reana exclaimed..

‘Thank you for that question Princess now,tell me who did that to you’..I asked and after some time the maid spoke up..

‘Princess Alondria’..

‘What?? She’s lying I never touched her!!’.. Princess Ariana defended herself as she stood up..

‘Well uhh I wanted to keep this to myself but I think it’s time I say the truth’…Princess Reana added and a frown creased my brow..

‘What do you mean??’..

‘Uhmm Your highness she bullies the maids and Meredith my personal maid can testify to it’..She replied and I clenched my fists…

“It’s a set up!! It’s all a set up your highness!! I never touched any maid!!’..Princess Ariana cried out..

‘My decision is final.Princess Ariana you are hereby disqualified from the Bride competition’…

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