The Royal Maid

The Royal Maid Episode 13


❤️(The woman after his heart)❤️

❤️👑 Episode 13❤️👑

King Roland’s POV cont’d ♥️

‘What is wrong with you?!!! How and why are you so clumsy!! Out of my sight will you?!!’..I yelled at the top of my voice and she quickly ran away.

‘I still don’t know why you keep that maid’..Mother muttered and I sighed deeply…

‘Well I bought her for a price and she’s mine’..

‘You could still sell her Roland maybe as a s*x slave or—

‘Mother how can you say that?!! A s*x slave?!! What would my people think of me?!’..I quickly interrupted shocked by her words and she rolled her eyes…

‘If we are quiet about it no one will know Roland,she’s causing a Ruckus in the palace and Reana doesn’t—

‘Why do you care about what Princess Reana say?? Mother you’re changing and it’s unlike you!!’..I exclaimed and she winced under her breath…

‘I am your mother Roland and i should know what’s good for my son shouldn’t I??’…

Alondria’s POV ♥️

‘So?? what did he say??’..Princess Reana asked..

‘I…I did as you say but he just sent me away’..I stuttered loudly and she slapped me hard against the face again…

‘You stupid slave!! You just had one job to do!! Make sure the king never sees your face again!!’..She yelled and in tears I ran out of the room into Mara’s arms….

‘Don’t cry Alondria’..She whispered patting my back but I just shook my head..

‘She is so mean to me Mara!! She’s given me to hand slap marks on my cheeks and it hurts so bad,she’s so mean to me’..

‘We are slaves and they are royals Alondria,this is how these things work’…She said also in tears and I sniffed..

‘I preferred the sand mines Mara,they are better than this’..

King Roland’s POV 💓

At Night
I changed into a simple night tunic and walked into my study only to see Alondria still dusting my shelves…

‘What are you doing here??’..I asked and she flinched..

‘You…Your highness I…I’m sorry to be such a disturbance by this time of the night I’ll be on my way now’..She stuttered and turned to leave and just then I noticed it…

Three slap marks on her cheeks and a purple circle around her eyes…

‘Who did that to you??’..

‘I beg your pardon??’..

‘No..Who did that to you?? Who slapped you like that??’..I asked and she shuddered a bit…

‘Tell me the truth slave!!!’…

‘It’s… It’s the princess your highness!! She did this to me!!’..She cried out and my fists clenched…

No one does this to a worker in my castle…

Absolutely no one!!..

‘Which princess??’..I asked further..

‘Princess Ariana’..

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