The Royal Maid

The Royal Maid Episode 10-11


❤️(The woman after his heart)❤️

❤️👑 Episode 10 ❤️👑

King Roland’s POV♥️

I walked peacefully around the garden gradually enjoying the peaceful weather only for me to hear sobs coming out from a rose bush..

‘What are you doing there??’..I asked and she quickly jerked up from where she was..

‘So..I’m…I’m sorry your highness’..She stuttered tucking her beautiful blonde hair behind her ear and I frowned deeply seeing the ugly fresh scar on her arm…

What on Earth happened to her??..

‘You should be working and not here crying now get back to work!!’..I snapped at her and she nodded walking away briskly..

‘Ohh don’t be so hard on her’.
Gregory called from behind me and I let out a pretty snort…

‘I just don’t like seeing her—

‘Beautiful face?? Beautiful eyes?? I have been coming here for years cousin and I haven’t seen any woman as beautiful as that maid to be honest,I want her’..He cut in and I scoffed…

‘She is a maid Gregory she’s not your class and it’s an abomination for anyone in the Royal family to be associated with a slave like her’…

‘You don’t know what you’re saying your highness…I..I haven’t heard of a rule saying anything about not wanting a slave and besides it’s not like I want to marry her?? I just want a night with her and nothing else’..He retorted…

I just don’t know why my cousin loves women so much…

’You can’t have her Gregory,maybe go to a brothel or something’..I quickly murmured and walked away from the garden..

He isn’t far from wrong though..

There is something just captivating about that maid and this is why I want her to stay away from me…

Alondria POV♥️

At Night 🌃
‘It hurts Mara,it hurts so bad’..I cried out in pain as my friend placed a hot wet sock on my sore wound..

‘Sorry Alo’..She begged also in tears as she applied again another salve on my back so it wouldn’t burn like it was earlier…

‘Thank you’..I winced and put on my nightdress…

‘Where are you going to Alo??’..She asked as I grabbed a lamp..

‘I want to pee’..I replied and walked out of the room clearly ignoring Meredith’s harsh insults towards the bathroom only for someone to grab my buttocks..

‘What??’..I snapped only to see a guard smacking his lips…

‘You are very pretty’…He replied and tried touching me again but I slapped his hands…

‘What is it?? Tell me you know you want it!! You know you want it’..He whispered loudly and ripped off my pantie and pinned me to the ground as his hands muffled a scream which came out of my mouth..

‘Leavs her alone!!!’..Someone yelled and the guard stopped what he was doing immediately…

Who is that??..

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❤️(The woman after his heart)❤️

❤️👑 Episode 11❤️👑

King Roland’s POV ♥️

‘Now go to your quarters!! I’ll make my decision on what to do with you later!!’..I yelled at the guard and he ran away..

‘You.Stay’..i said to the maid and she nodded shivering and her head sunken low..

‘What are you doing outside?? By this time of the night??’..I asked and she gulped hard..

‘I…I…I wanted to just to use the bathroom’..She said and just the moment her eyes flickered I gulped hard again…

Why are her eyes so beautifully blue??..

‘From tomorrow onwards you’ll be working with my steward as my personal maid got that??’..I ordered and she nodded running away…

Princess Reana’s POV ♥️

‘The King found me your highness’..The guard said and I threw my bracelet across the wall..

‘You just had one job to do!!! Just one job and you blew it up!!’..I yelled and his head went downcast..

‘It wasn’t my fault your highness’..he said..

‘Just get out!!Get out!!’..I yelled and he walked away grumbling under his breath..

Giving that maid scars just isn’t enough!!!..

I want her beauty to be ruined somehow!!..

I want to damage her either physically of mentally I just don’t like the sight of her cause it disgusts the hell out of me..

‘The Queen mother wants to see you my Princess’..Meredith,my new personal maid muttered and I nodded…

‘Uhh Meredith??’..

‘Yes your highness??’..

‘Stick with me and you’ll get rewarded okay??’..I said and she smiled leaving…

The Next Morning🌥️
Each princess was given some alone time with the king so as to know more about each other and give a request to him which he would not refuse of course..

‘So princess Reana what do you like doing with your free time??’..He asked..

‘Well I love riding horses and also uhmmm I love writing and taking waltz lessons’..I replied and his brows perked up..

‘Oh really?? That’s good’..

‘yes and maybe we could ride horses sometime??’..I asked..

‘Yes…yes maybe we can and you are quite the charmer Princess,now about your request’..He replied with a smirk at the corner of his lips…

‘Ohhh yes about that I want a personal maid of yours’..I said..

‘But you recently just changed your personal maid due to some altercations didn’t you??’..He asked and I smiled coyly again..

‘I now realise that I want her back your highness…I want the maid whose name is Alondria’..



‘You can’t have the maid Alondria my princess she is my personal maid’..He said.


The King has never had a personal maid before why her?? And why now??..

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