The Cursed Ink

The Cursed Ink Synopsis

💚💙💚 THE
INK 💚💙💚
( He is the bearer, She is the Solution )
written by Oluwagbotemi O.


Flipping the pages of the cursed book. An old man covered with white beards also covered with white hair.

The cursed book has been in existence for the past 700 years always appearing from generation to generation.

The old man muttered some few words which was inaudible.
He closed the book and the cursed ink at the front cover glittered. The old man kept saying the words, suddenly the cursed book was lifted back to its normal position.

The old man sat on his throne and clapped his hands together, he closed his eyes and the wind started blowing.

~~~~~~~ ********~~~~

Genre : Love, Romance, Hatred, Horror, Revenge, Erotic, Blood shed, Magical.

( Note; This story is just a fiction. )

Tex, the most powerful . He is the richest, strongest and the most perfect definition of handsomeness.
His anger alone can destroy a lot of things. He speaks with authority.
No lady pass him by and won’t want to take a second look at him.
His scent is perfect. His Aura speaks wealth. He is super rich that makes people wonder what job he does.
Every ladies admire him.

He has powers.
He can seduce someone’s mind, control someone’s mind. He can teleport himself to wherever he wants. Just one look from him, he can strip your clothes off your body.

His mere touch can make you love him deeper.
He only talks once and when you make him repeat himself, you are a goner.

He has a nanny who he treats like his own mother. Even if he is angry at the whole world he can never get angry at his nanny.
He is 25 years old.

He has another name called MAXIMO.

But he is the BEARER of the CURSED INK.
That is, He has the cursed ink on his right arm. Whenever it glitters his pleasure to copulate will increase and it will make him go crazy. Anyone he sees at that moment will die. Because he is cursed.

And in the cursed book, the only solution to break the cursed ink is a LADY. Not just any lady but a strong powerful lady who can handle him.
But he refused to have an intimate business with any lady..

He doesn’t know who the lady is.

The questions are :

Who is the lady ??

What happens if he has an encounter with the lady?

Will the lady ever allow him to have an s*x with her?

How did the cursed ink appear on his arm?

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