The Cursed Ink

The Cursed Ink Episode 1


( He is the Bearer, She is the solution ).
Written by Oluwagbotemi O.
NB: Do not copy or Repost my story. This is my sweat. Period!!

Chapter One ?

” Grandpa, Do vampires exist? ” Miguel asked in a low, thick voice.

Grandpa simon smiled.
” What do you think ? ” Simon replied to miguel who was waiting for an answer.
Miguel nodded gently . ” Yes, I think so. In some of the movies i have watched they made it known to us that vampires sure do exist ” Miguel rushed words.

Miguel scratched his neck still waiting for grandpa simon to talk.
Just then someone walked in.

They all turned.
it turned out to be a tall, sexy, beautiful lady . The colour of her hair is black – blue. Silky and straight.
Her heart shaped lips was naturally pink . Her natural thick eye lashes stuck out perfectly. Her blue eyes match perfectly with her short like blue gown. Her black hair band fits perfectly on her hair.
Her body was fully endowed.
She was too pretty.

As gentle as a dove.
She doesn’t talk much.
Sometimes she gets tired of talking too much. Such a shy girl.
She is 23 years old.

She had on a leather skin bag and an arrow on her left hand and it was obvious she went to hunt for animals but could not catch any.

Grandpa simon smiled at her.
Miguel stood up and rushed her sister, pulling her into a tight hug.

She finds it so hard to breathe.

” Get off me ” She said trying to push miguel off.
” No!! I am not going to get off you. you are my sister ” Miguel said and pecked his sister.

” Eww ” She muttered and disengaged from miguel.

She rushed to Grandpa Simon and hugged him.
” I am back grandma ” She said.

” Welcome back, Echo ” Simon replied and pecked her forehead.


” hum.. i am sorry grandpa but i couldn’t catch any meat today,but don’t worry I will try harder tomorrow ” Echo said.

Simon adjusted his glasses. ” I have told you countless times. Hunting isn’t for you my dear. ” Grandpa simon said.

Echo sat down beside Simon.
Miguel collected the arrow and the leather bag from his sister. He took it to the store where he met his grandma, Grandma Leah.

” Grandma, sister Echo is back ” Miguel said to leah.
Leah stood up quickly and poured the vegetables in the pot. it was obvious they are living near a forest far away from the city.

” okay… I will be fast with the cooking. I cooked her favorite. ” Grandma leah said.
Miguel pulled Grandma’s cheek softly. Grandma leah used the plastic spoon she was holding to hit his head.
” Ouch Grandma!! that hurts. ” miguel said playfully.
. ” Go set the table… you naughty boy ” Grandma muttered.

Miguel immediately went to the dining table.

Echo was still sitting beside grandpa Simon.

” Please Grandpa, I want to go to the city. I am old enough already. I am 23 years old. ” Echo pleaded with him.

” No… you can’t. I have my reasons.” Simon refused.

” Yes.. we have our reasons. ” leah chipped in.
Echo turned back just to see grandma leah.

” But grandma… please … I need to go there. I need to look for a job. I can’t stay here for the rest of my life. please grandma. Grandpa ” echo muttered in a low tone
” Listen to your grandpa my dear. we are doing this for your own sake. I hope you will understand someday. ” Grandma leah said.

Echo didnt understand why they never lived in the city. Since she was born. She began to wonder why her grandparents won’t let her go to the city.

Suddenly she sprang on her feet..
” Please explain to me. please. I don’t understand. explain to me. I am sick and tired of not knowing the reasons. i am old enough and i can take care of myself. I have my powers, no one would hurt me. if you are scared of me being alone i can take miguel or ivy with me. we can live together ” Echo said in tears.

Grandma Leah felt pity for her.
She couldn’t help but to sob.

” you can’t go to the city and that is final. ” Grandpa Simon said.

” But i don’t understand. please explain to me. I need some explanation. what is it that you are both hiding from me ? ” Echo said and she ran to her room in tears. She slammed the door hard and jumped on her bed.

Grandma Leah felt bad for her.She hurriedly moved over to simon.

” I think we should let her go. she might hurt herself. She is beginning to get suspicious. She might later find out about the secret we have been hiding and run away from us. ” Grandma leah said.

” No! we can’t let him find her. it’s better this way. Our life is peaceful here far away from him. We can’t let Maximo find her. we can’t ” Grandpa Simon said worriedly too.

” But why must she be the solution to his problems? ” Leah asked no one in particular.

Miguel was eavesdropping on their conversation.
They had no idea.

miguel kept hearing the name ‘maximo’ but did not know who bears the name.

” Who is maximo? And why is grandma and grandpa keeping echo from going to the city ? ” Miguel asked.

Just then he heard someone giggling behind him.
He knew who it was. He knew it was Echo’s crazy best friend, Ivy.

He turned back just to receive a weird smile from ivy.
. ” Hey.. why are you eavesdropping on their conversations? I caught you. you know i will go in there now and tell them what you have been up to lately ” Ivy scoffed and attempted to enter but Miguel dragged her back.

” You are not allowed to enter. ” Miguel said.
Ivy rolled her eyes. ” Are you scared of me telling them what you have been up to ? ” Ivy asked.

” Are you scared of me telling them what you have been up to ? ” Miguel mimicked.

Ivy squeezed her face.

” How dare you ? ” ivy snapped and entered.

She greeted grandma leah and grandpa Simon.

She went straight to echo’s room. She knocked and knocked until echo answered.

” It’s me ivy. your bestie … please open up. you are making me cry. ” Ivy said.

The door opened and ivy entered her small room . it was a little bit decorated.

” Why are you crying ? ” Ivy asked and wiped her tears.

She sat beside her. ” what’s wrong? ” ivy asked.
Echo explained everything.

Just then grandma leah entered echo’s room.

” I and your grandpa have made our decision. you can go to the city but only if we come with you to the city. ” Grandma leah said.

Echo wiped her tears immediately she heard that.

” Yes.. we can all go together. all together ” Grandpa simon said.

Echo stood up and hugged her grandparents.

” Thank you ” Echo muttered.

Miguel was happy they would all be going to the city.

They all ate to their satisfaction. Ivy joined them too in eating dinner.

? In the city ***

At Tex’s Empire ★

TBC ???

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