The Bachelor's Maid

The Bachelor’s Maid Episode 5


( You Are My All )


BY Omo Wonu Ola



Bryan got to his office,he sat down,open his laptop and went straight to work

30 Minutes Later……

Secretary Mia knocked on the door….. Come in,,,,,Bryan said

She opened the door,greeted him first before speaking

Sir,I just called my contacts but none of them are able to find a maid for you…..Mia said

What do you mean by that,a whole secretary of a famous hotel can’t find me a common maid….Are you serious, what do I pay you for….just make sure I get a new maid before tomorrow if you don’t want to be fired,you are so useless ,I think it is high time for me to remove you from my hotel…..Bryan replied

Sorry boss I will make sure I find one but I think people don’t want to work for you anymore,because you have fired up to 20 maid now…..Mia said

What effrontery!!!!!Who are you to speak to me like that,You are just a common secretary who works for me, Get out of my office before I lose my mind,you useless being……Bryan replied

I’m sorry boss,,,she said

And yes ask one of the male cleaners to go the my house to clean my room…

Yes boss I will do that….she replied and left

Maria’s House……3pm

Wow,today was fun baby….Maria said,she is just coming in

Really fun….Liya replied

Your boyfriend is so cute and lovely….she said

Hmmmmm..Hope it is not want I’m thinking

What….Maria said

The way you have been praising his looks…. Hope you would use your beauty to snatch my boyfriend…Liya teases her

And what does that has to do with snatching…..I can’t do such…can’t I praise his looks….she replied feeling sad

Chill baby…..I was just joking….you should know by now that I’m very good at that…..she laughed

What!!!Maria started chasing her around….when she saw that she can’t catch up to Liya…..she pretended by falling down and screamed my leg….it hurt

Liya ran to her……where did you get hurt….she asked

Maria started laughing……

So you fooled me……I hate you,,, don’t talk to me…..Liya said

Maria started tickling her….

Stop….I will talk to you …..please stop,,, Liya said

Maria stopped and she put on the TV to watch her favourite Korea movie

Wow,I love this movie,,, ,Liya said

Shut up and watch…. She said

So mean….Liya replied

Maria laughed……

The Hotel……

Bryan picked his phone and smiled,seeing the name of the caller

A voice spoke…..How are you buddy📞

I’m good and you…..📞

I miss you so much….can we hang out tonight by 7pm 📞


Our favourite club,today is Friday 📞

Ok,,I will meet you there by 7pm📞 bro

Yes,you are the best….📞

I know right…Bryan laughed 📞

Ok buddy see you soon….

Call ends

He has not changed at all,Bryan though ,he has been my brother from another mother since my parents died…. still thinking but was distracted by the knock on the door

Come in…..he said

Hello Bryan….his former parents manager said

Hello sir,you should have called me and I would have come immediately,you shouldn’t be stressing yourselves anymore sir….Bryan replied

I know but I was passing by so I decided to check on you,Hope everything is OK ….he said

Yes it is Sir,what would you like to have…..Bryan said

Sorry i won’t be able to have anything….I need to be on my way,,,,he said

Ok,I will see you off,,,Bryan said ….they both went out

Inside the hotel…….

Bryan went to the restaurant in his hotel to check on everything as he was about to leave, a waiter mistakenly bump into him pouring wine on the body

Not again,can’t you see I was coming,you just ruined my suit,,,first it was that maid and now you…..he said

Sorry boss,it was not intentionally… he replied

So you mean I was the one that bumped into you,,,,he said

No boss,,,he replied feeling scared

Just thank God for your life or else I won’t have fired you instantly you fool….he said

Thank you boss…he replied

Bryan left there,he got office,luckily for him he had a spare shirt ,he left from the rest room to change into it…

He came back and resumed his work on his laptop but suddenly took his phone and started going through his gallery….

He saw his mom’s picture and started crying…..I miss you so much,you and dad left me all alone here,it has been hard for me here,I don’t know what to do again…..

He remembered the accident scene again and continue crying,but wait who called dad with led to heart attack……what did the caller told dad…..he kept on thinking……I need to find out….

He took his phone ,called his driver

10 minutes later….

He left his office,entered his car and told him driver to take him home…..

Bryan’s Mansion….7pm

He is already dressed in white shirt,blue jean with a jeans jacket and a white sneakers,and left for the club

The Haven Club…..

Immediately Bryan entered….all eyes where on him…..

****He is so hot****

****I love his dress****

****I wish I was his girlfriend ****

****A nightstand with him would be nice****

****He is my dream man****

Bryan just went straight to Sebastian, his childhood friend…..

Hello buddy….Sebastian said

All good,,,he replied with a smile on his face

If I didn’t call you…I know you won’t call me….I have missed you buddy….Sebastian said

You know I’m also so busy with work so I don’t have time,,,,so sorry bro….he replied

Hmmmm….that’s always the same excuse……I understand but you need to spend time with me too….I’m your girlfriend you know,,,,,Sebastian said

Bryan started laughing… are so crazy,,,he replied

I know right….since you decided not to have a girlfriend….Sebastian said

I will remain a bachelor,I don’t want to get married and you know I hate women with passion,,,he replied

Ok,enough with the talking what would you like to drink…..Sebastian asked

I want whiskey with ice just a glass……he replied

Waiter….I need two glass of whiskey with ice….Sebastian ordered

Ok sir….the waiter replied

2 minutes later…..

Here is it sir….thank you,,,,Sebastian replied

Must you thank everyone,he is just a common waiter doing his job,,,Bryan said

Still with your bad attitude,,,everybody are equal so I need to thank him….Sebastian answered

Whatever…..How is your girlfriend,,,,Bryan asked

We broke up a month ago,,,Sebastian replied

What!!!and you are just telling me,,,Bryan shouted

It is a long story,,,,I will tell you later…Sebastian replied still staring at a girl not far from them

Bryan traced his eyes and saw the girl… keep staring at her,,,,what is special about her

She is my spec….Sebastian replied

Hmmmm…any girl you see is always your spec even Amelia your ex the day your saw her,she told me she was your spec….you are such a playboy,,,Bryan said

Whatever….give me five minutes I will be back,,,,,he said and left to meet the girl…..

5 minutes later,he came back to Bryan….

She gave me her digit,,,,she was even smiling while talking to me,it seems she likes me….Sebastian said

I see….you called me your girlfriend and you left me for someone else,,,,Bryan replied

I smell something burning,,,,Sebastian answered

What is that…..Bryan replied

JEALOUSY…… are jealous,,,,Sebastian started laughing

It’s not funny….he said

Ok,,,Sebastian replied

30 minutes later

It is already late I think we should get going now…..Bryan said

Yes,let’s go…..Sebastian replied…..they left and entered their cars and departed

Bryan’s Mansion

He got home,went to his room straight….took a shower and fell on his bed then slept off


Maria’s House…..

You will move to my house tomorrow afternoon….Liya said

Yes,I will pack up tomorrow morning….Maria’s replied

Ok,you need to rest now, it is late already, good night baby…..Liya said

We can sleep together but no snoring…..Maria said and laughed

Ok….goodnight,she gave her a peck on her cheek and jump on the bed

Sweet dreams baby….Maria said and she lie down to sleep too…..


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