The Bachelor's Maid

The Bachelor’s Maid Episode 3-4


( You Are My All )


BY Omo Wonu Ola

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Bryan’s Mansion

He went to the bathroom,took his morning shower,came out and went to his dressing room,in his dressing room

His dressing room looks like a boutique store?with different brand of suit which are very expensive and he also has causal wear,different colour of wristwatches,different ties,surplus of shoes with different colours……..he wore a blue suit and white shirt ,brown shoes with a tie,He took his office bag and left for breakfast


Immediately the maids saw him approaching for breakfast,they started shivering in fear……

He saw the fear in their eyes and smiled without them noticing,he sat down and a maid named Valerie started serving him in fear still shivering but unknowingly the food poured on his suit and she became afraid ……. He stood up…..

What the heck!!!!!Are you blind,you just ruined my favourite suit,do you know how much it cost because if you knew you would use your dirty hands to my suit,your great grandfather can’t even afford to buy this kind of suit you lowlife maid, you are fired as from today I don’t want to see you in my mansion again and you remaining fools clean this mess if you don’t want to end up like her …..he said and went back to his room

He went to his room changed into another suit and left for his hotel,he was escorted by his guards to his lamborghini one of his best car…he entered and without wasting time his driver he stepped on the gas

Inside his car he called his secretary,she picked immediately…..I need two more maid add that to the ads….. he said,,,,,before she could answer he disconnected the call?

Maria’s House……

She woke up feeling relaxed,she went to her bathroom took a shower,wore a white mini top and a blue jean and she tied her hair into a ponytail then she went to the living room and saw Liya still snoring and sleeping peacefully ,she left for the kitchen

She got there,searched for something to cook but she found just two noodles pack remaining and she began with the cooking

The aroma of the tantalizing noodle woke Liya up from sleep,she went to the kitchen,gave her a hug and peck her cheek,

Go take a shower you stink…..Maria teases her and laughed

Ok friend,,,,she went to Maria put her mouth beside her ears and told her I Love You ……..and she left to take a shower

She is so naughty,,,,she thought…..

30 minutes later

Liya came outside wearing Maria’s cloth,she sat on the dinning to have her breakfast with her friend

Wow,this is so good……Liya said with a cute smile

Stop talking while eating,,, Maria rolled her eyes

You can’t even say thanks,you are so mean,,,Liya said

Anyways thanks,,,,,Maria replied

When they finished breakfast,they left for the living room…..

You haven’t told me what really happened,,,,,,Liya said

Maria paused and narrated the story……………………………

I thought when your mom died,he would have changed for you,I don’t pray to have that kind of father, Can I ask you a question,,,,,Liya said

Yes,go on,,,,Maria replied

Don’t be offended……. Are you really sure he is your biological father, because no father will sell his only house just for gambling……..and no father will behave in such a way to his daughter

I have been asking myself that since yesterday’s event…….But I don’t have a answer but if he is not my father,mom would have told me already she don’t keep secrets from me……she said

I hope so,and where is he right now??????Liya said

And how will I know about that……she replied

Immediately Mr Hendrixom came inside staggering,all his whole body is smelling of beer…….

You are such a wicked man,I don’t know even if you are my father but I hope you are not,,How will you sell our only house in the process of gambling,you have ruined everything,where will we live now,do you expect us to live in the street……Maria said

Get out of here you foolish girl,you and your mother has been a burden to me ,I was very happy when she died a year age and I will be happiest man on earth is you die too…..He replied

Maria started crying but Liya consoled her,,,,,

Mr Hendrixom went to Maria’s room searched her locker for money saw two thousand there and went out back….Maria ran after him and starting dragging the money from his hand but he pushed her away and left the house…..

Liya hugged her tightly trying to make her stop crying but she continue crying,after a while she stopped….

You can come and stay in my parents house for the time being,they travelled and will be back in a week,,,,Liya said

Thank you so more…. what will I do without you my friend,you are the best friend ever,I’m so happy you are in my life you came like an angel sent from heaven by God…..I Love You Baby ,,,, She replied

I’m blushing,,,Liya said

So naughty…..Maria’s replied and they both laughed

The White Rock Hotel…..

He went into his office without answering anyone greetings……

This boss self get he own….Freya said,she is the receptionist

He go just dey do as if na him get this world…….Avah replied

I pity you guys… want to be fired abi,,, Thalia replied

Sorry ooo,miss thalia…we kuku know shey you love boss so no warn us for anything…..Freya said

You go lie say you no love boss too….Thalia replied

Na you shebi……Freya replied and left,avah followed……


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