The Bachelor's Maid

The Bachelor’s Maid Episode 2


( You Are My All )


BY, Omo Wonu Ola




Mr Hendrixom left home to the gambling court with the money he stole,he place a bet with the five thousand naira and he won with the total amount of thirty thousand naira,but he did not stop there,he used the ( 30) thirty thousand to bet again and he lost which made him infuriated so he was given a chance to play but on a condition which is his house,he was given a white sheet of paper to sign on it without thinking twice he collected the paper and put his signature on it in his drunken state but unfortunately for him he lost the bet which led to a big fight in the clubhouse ( Flashback ends )

Maria could not control her tears,she fell on the floor and started crying till she lost consciousness and she was rushed to a nearby hospital by her neighbours who was also there,thankfully for her, Liya her best friends was called and she board a cab immediately to the hospital which was given by her neighbours

Divine Hospital………

Maria was rushed in by her neighbours but was not attended to because they haven’t paid the deposit any amount till Liya her friend came,she paid the money and she was taken into the ward

Five minutes……

The doctor came out,immediately Liya rushed to him,she keeps asking him alot of questions…….is my friend alright, is she unconscious,can I see her………..the doctor calm her down and asked her to follow him to his office

Doctor’s Office……

Have your seat ma’am….the doctor said Liya sat down,the doctor paused

Can I talk to you about your friend….. said the doctor

Yes sir…..Liya answered……… she is going through alot and you need to take good care of her so as she will not get worse,she is resting for now you but you can see her now but avoid talking much because she need rest and she will be discharged tomorrow, talk to her and make I understand that her health is more important to her…… the doctor said

Thank you doctor….. I will see to it… Liya said and left his office,she went to her friend immediately seeing her friend like that made her so worried, her face is so pale it seems she hasn’t eating in days

She rushed to give her a tight hug,you will be discharged tomorrow……. Liya said

Maria managed to reply saying you know I don’t like hospital ,I don’t like the atmosphere here I want to go home….. she replied

Liya told the nurse beside her to talk to the doctors about it …….. the nurse left
Some few minutes later the nurse came back and told her she can be discharge but needed to be taken care of so Liya agreed to do so

Night……Maria’s House…..9pm

Liya took her to her room so she can rest ,she went to the kitchen to make soup for her friend so she can get better,about 10 minutes later she went to her room fed her the soup and ask her to rest

She left her room went to the living room,immediately she fell on the couch and fell asleep……..


Bryan’s Room ( Morning )

His room is so big and well furnitured with different paint design……..he has a big master size bed which can contain three to five people if they are to sleep on it……..

Bryan screamed out from his dreamworld, he just had a nightmare about his parents death since when his parents died in a car accident, he had been having same nightmare over and over again,it has been 15 years already but he still can’t get over his parents death

Flashback to 20 years ago

Bryan was in the car with his parents,they are going out for a vacation,Mr Theodore received a call and started breathing heavily without facing where he was going ,he lost control and got into a accident…….Bryan was the only one alive after the accident……..

Who called him?????? Where is Maria’s father?????Why does Bryan hate women?????You will find out soon enough………

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