The Alpha Called Death

The Alpha Called Death Synopsis

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(His Innermost Desires…)

By: Faith Lucky

He was known as death; For it was almost impossible killing him.

Born with the rare immortality gene, Alpha Nir was feared and respected by all. He could walk into the midst of a million enemies with his eyes closed, for he was sure they could only glare and gnash without doing a thing.

He had been stabbed too many times, but the wounds covered up immediately. He had gotten so used to poisons – he could identify one from a distance.

He was known as Nir – the young fearless ruler of the largest community; the envy of every other ruler. Feared and respected by all; the mention of his name alone could bring the mighty to their knees.

He had forbidden love for himself.

But things get complicated when the beautiful Ximena comes into the picture and setting his eyes on her, he knew she was there for a purpose.

She wanted him badly – only because she wanted to drive a knife through his chest.

He wanted her badly – only because he wanted to make her scream in his bed.

How does she kill a man that cannot be killed?

And how does he make her scream when she’d never oblige?

A steamy read you sure wouldn’t want to miss…
So, I decided to try something new for the meantime, guys, since the other story is being plagiarized. At least, I already have this story on apps; so, no one would be able to steal it as no app would sign the same book twice.

I know a lot of you really wanted to finish up Jericho’s Weakness, but I’m sorry I have to do this. Perhaps, I could finish it up later on when the thief must’ve found a way to complete the half-stolen story herself.

And note, this new story must not be reposted on any page, group or blog. If you come across any dúmbass reposting it, do not hesitate to let me know, guys.

Now, let’s get to the story. How is it for a start? Should I go on? Or..let it be?

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