The Alpha Called Death

The Alpha Called Death Episode 9

(His Innermost Desires…)


Episode 9

By: Faith Lucky


Daphne stood in front of the door, the steamy creamy coffee in her hand and making her look like a bride going to serve a drink to her groom. She knocked for the second time; and slowly, the door went open and she let out a reliving breath and walked in.

The sight of Nir quickly welcomed her – finding him in front of his wall mirror trying to button up his neck button.

For a second, she paused – her heart skipping a beat at how handsome he looked. The perfect hairstyle, perfect dress. He looked… modern and less of the ‘Ruler Alpha’. Goodness! He was just too breathtaking and she, for sure, would be a fool to ever lose someone like him. But ..was he going somewhere? Why dressed that way?

“Did you just come in to stare at me all day, Daphne?” He suddenly asked, making her jolt out of her thoughts.

She swallowed hard.

“Forgive my manners. Good morning, Alpha” she walked towards him. “I made some coffee for you”

She stood patiently behind him, even with his silence. And done with his button, Nir turned to face her – her exposed cleavages gripping his eyes first.

Daphne felt her cheeks heating up as she guessed he must be staring at her cleavages. Tho, she couldn’t see his eye movement, she just had a feeling he must’ve been staring at them. She had full bôobs which fitted pretty well and always made her cleavages very tempting.

“Place it on the table, Daphne” Nir finally said, still standing in front of her. And with a nod, Daphne carefully placed the cup of coffee on the table.

“Uhm…Alpha” she bit her lower lip. “Are you going out?”

“Obviously” Nir answered brusquely and walked pass her, going to the wardrobe just behind her. And of course, Daphne turned to his direction.

“Really? Do you need me to come along?” She asked hopefully, watching him as he opened the cabinet below the wardrobe and sought for something.

“If I needed you, Daphne, I’d have informed before now” he answered plainly, and finally, pulled out a gold ring.

Daphne’s eyes were fast enough to grip them just before he slipped it into his trouser pocket. That same ring – she thought. She had seen it on him on several occasions, and each time, he handled it like it was something so precious and important.

He stood up when he was done and turned back to face Daphne who kept staring at him like she needed something- wanted something.

“Are…. are you leaving right away, Alpha?” Daphne asked, and her heart skipped a bit when he closed up the distance between them. Okay…

“Why? Do you need something, Daphne?” He muttered and slowly, lifted his hands to her cleavages.

Daphne could feel goosebumps all over her skin the moment he did that. Oh! Goodness; his mere touch was getting her so wet already!

“Huh?” He hushed, reminding her he had asked a question.

“Uh…Y..yes. I” Daphne had no idea what she was saying as her entire being was just focused on Nir’s hands which were working on her cleavages.

Slowly, he forced the dress down her left breàst, making the pink erected nipple burst out.

Daphne fought so hard to control her ectasy, she had to bit her inner cheeks. Rolling his thumb on it, he used the other hand to pull down the right part , making it two nipples out in front of him. And gradually, he gave each a hard pinch.

“Mmh!” Daphne had to moan out. Oh! She couldn’t bear it anymore! She just had to let it all out.

This was one of the reasons she couldn’t let him go – he was just a pro at it. Always knowing the right ways to use his hands and legs. She just couldn’t let him go.

He halted his fingers and quickly, Daphne looked up at him – wondering why he stopped. But her eyes only could only see that gold mask of his. And somehow, she felt there was just a handsome face behind that mask. If only he’d reveal it to her .. someday.

“Turn around, Daphne” Her entire system vibrated when she heard those words as her mind already interpreted what it meant.

With a nervous bob, she turned around to the table and bent over it. The cup of coffee was just in front of her. Shivers spun through her when he lifted up her dress from behind and exposing her butts. This was it….

Next thing, she gasped when he tore off the pant from her butts. She really had no idea why he was always so rough with her panties.

The next sound that followed was the metallic jingling of his belts and next, that icy voice of his:

“Make sure the coffee doesn’t spill”.

Her heart skipped another beat, and next thing she felt was the tip of that perfect size nudging at her opening. She bit her bottom lip – awaiting the moment he’d penetrate. And a tiny cry escaped her lip when he finally did.

She gripped the table tight – her legs wobbling as she tried not to let them fall.

He dived right in – bruising the walls of her vàgina and getting to the end of it. Daphne whipped her head down, the huge size stretching her completely. For a second, she would fear he was just too big for her. But, she remembered it was something she had always been doing.

He began pounding in and out of her – taking quick hard strokes. The cup on the table was shaking and Daphne had to quickly hold it down with both hands to prevent it from spilling just like he had instructed. But doing that, it made her feel like her hands were locked.

Her nipples hit hard against the edge of the table as he drilled into her from behind, his thighs slapping against hers pretty hard and all Daphne could feel was a mixture of pain and pleasure. And that was exactly how she liked it. That was all Nir had been giving her the whole time.

He stretched out a hand to her hair and yanked it so hard, a scream left her lips. And with her head now being forced upwards, he increased his pace.

She could feel her naval heating up as they felt the heat of his deep strokes. He was going so fast and deep, Daphne was beginning to think she might end the intercourse with a bleed. And when his other hand went round her face to pin her lips, all she could was release muffled moans.

Her tilt was beginning to cry out, and the end of her vàgina feared a breakage. He let go of her hair and lips and using both hands, grabbed her hips and began pulling them backwards to meet his strokes. That way, it made his strokes shorter and deeper. A single moan was not heard from him; only the grunts and whimpers from Daphne.

It went on for a while until finally, he jerked as he got to climax and released inside of her. Daphne knew the moment that happened as she had felt him become very hard inside of her. An exhausting whimper brooke out from her as she laid her head on the table and let go of the cup. But Nir hadn’t withdraw and was still stuck into her, tho he wasn’t moving.

“Hand me the coffee”he said winterly and to daphne’s surprise as it made her wonder if she was to do that with him still stuck into her.

Not wanting to delay him, she carefully picked up the cup, held it up to the side and felt relieved when he collected it from her. And still stuck into her, #Nir drank from the cup.

Daphne was expecting him to pull out immediately, but he wasn’t doing any of that and gradually, she felt him becoming hard again right inside of her. Oh, goodness!

She felt him swigging down the coffee and knew the moment he had gulped every drop of it.

“Thank you, Daphne” He muttered as he handed back the cup to her – making Daphne swallow hard while collecting it.

“Y… You’re welcome,Alpha” She gulped hard and was about placing the cup in front of her when next, he grabbed her waist and began taking deep harder strokes again.

It took Daphne by surprise as she held onto the table and let out a scream.


An hour later and Nir was found walking down to his favorite horse that had already been prepared for him. His servants along the route he followed all went on their knees just before he’d pass through them. But he hardly looked at them and continued walking until he had gotten to his horse where three of his boys surrounded.

A displeasing look crept into his face on getting close enough to see the condition of the horse.

“Good evening, Alpha” they lowered their heads and greeted him, but he ignored them while keeping his eyes fixed on the horse.

“Why wasn’t she cleaned up?”He suddenly asked, that question was just enough to make the boys shiver.

“Have you gone deaf?”He asked again when neither of them said a word.

“We’re sorry, Alpha. We just didn’t think the horse was dirty enough to need some cleaning” one finally had the courage to say something – his eyes pinned to the floor the whole time.

“Really?”Nir scoffed and took a step closer to him.

“By the time I’m back here, make sure you and whoever is in charge of cleaning this horse is out of here”.

The guy went on his knees immediately. “Please Alpha, I’m sorry. We didn’t mean to upset you….”

But Nir ignored him and climbed onto the horse.

He looked towards his window on the third floor and thought of Daphne. She’d have loved to see him off, but he had made sure she wouldn’t be able to use her legs for the next few minutes.

He chuckled and pulling the reins, began riding towards the gate.

“Alpha, do you need some company?” One of the boys asked. It was very unusual for Nir to ride out alone. Tho, it was something he did once in a year.

“No, I don’t” He answered bluntly and rode out.
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