The Alpha Called Death

The Alpha Called Death Episode 7

(His Innermost Desires…)


Episode 7

By: Faith Lucky

…whether we live therefore, or die, we are the Lord’s. For to this end Christ both died, and rose, and revived, that he might be Lord both of the dead and living. Romans 18 verses 8 and 9″ the baritone of the Officiating Priest resounded in Ximena’s head who’s eyes had been fixed on the coffins before her.

Standing so calm and bereft like she wasn’t admist the little crowd, Ximena she listened to the burial rites of her parents.

“Let us Pray” the Priest flipped over to the next page of his book – a book every other person held.

The Priest – Lord, have mercy upon us.

All – Christ, have mercy upon us.

The Priest – Lord, have mercy upon us.

All – Our Father, which art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name;
thy kingdom come;
thy will be done,
in earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread….

Ximena didn’t pray along with them, but only listened. How could she pray when her lips were just too heavy to move? How could she pray when she was staring at her parents’ corpse right in front of her?

“And now, to the Versicles” The Priest announced and began reading out, while the crowd responded.

The Priest – Enter not into judgement with thy servant, O Lord;

All – for in thy sight shall no man living be justified.

The Priest – Grant unto him eternal rest;

All – and let perpetual light shine upon him….

The whole thing resounded into Ximena’s head like a movie, and again, she didn’t recite with them.

She’s always hated funerals – always hated going to the cemetery. The first and last time she had ever attended was when a top business associate of her parents had died. She didn’t want to attend, but had no choice as her parents had made it clear they were all going together.

“Even kids younger than you would be there, Ximena. So, give me one good reason you wouldn’t want to attend?” She recalled her mother’s voice whilst applying some gloss to her lips.

At the burial, she had held her mother’s hand so tightly and shut her eyes during the prayers. And when they were done and had gotten home, she promised herself never to go to the cemetery.

Ximena chuckled and wiped the tear that was making it’s way down her cheek. It was so funny… So funny she was actually the one there at her own parent’s burial. How ironic.

She had no idea the Priest had been calling her name the whole time; not until someone tapped her.

She fraily looked up and found the Priest staring at her.

“Dear, it’s time for the final respect. You have something to say?” He repeated what he had said before getting her attention.

And stomaching it, Ximena forced her frozen feet to move towards the direction of the coffins with the roses in her hand.
She still felt alone even in the crowd- like she was the only attendant – dressed in her short black dress and her long hair parked in a ponytail.

Standing in front of her parents, probably for the last time, she realized she was speechless; didn’t even know what to say. Or perhaps, she just didn’t know the things to be said at final respects.

She took in a deep breath and forcefully blinked back the tears gathering up at her brim of her eyes.

“I love you, father’ she finally said.
“I love you, mum. And I’m sorry … I’m sorry you had to end up this way” she paused and swallowed hard.
“But, I promise you revenge”.

Done, she shared the roses, placed one on her dad’s, and the other on her mum’s. And after which, she retreated.

The Priest allowed some seconds before proceeding.

“And any other that wishes to pay some last respects?” He announced and of course, the attendants all went forward to do theirs.

Ximena wouldn’t even look at their faces as she felt alone.

“Ashes to ashes; dust to dust” The Priest said just before the coffins started getting lowered into the grave.
Ximena shook inwardly as she watched the process while the Priest recited the Canticle Benedictus.

She wanted so bad to scream, wanted so bad to yell at everyone and run far away, but for some reasons, she couldn’t do that. She just took in several deep breaths and tried to be that strong woman she had always wanted to be.

So, she watched them go and did not cry. She watched them go, but only had her mind made up for what her plans would be.
With the process finally done, the Mourners began paying their condolences to Ximena.

“They were the nicest people I knew. Too bad they had to go too soon” A short wealthy looking man had said as he stood in front of Ximena, while holding his wife’s hand.

“Take care, dear” the tall wife added.

“Thank you” Ximena muttered a response and watched them leave.

“I am so sorry for your loss, dear” another walked up to her and said.
“I cannot begin to imagine just what you must be passing through – loosing both parents in one day”.

“I know you’re a strong woman” another said.
“And I want you to know we’re always here for you, honey”

“Take heart, dear. There’s a reason for everything”.

The condolences were getting too much on her, Ximena didn’t want to take any more of it and decided to leave.

Walking away, her eyes ran into the female corp – Anna. Oh! So, she had attended?

#Ximena paused for a second to stare at her, then gave her a detestful look and continued walking away.

Getting to her car, a well – known man ran after her.

“Ximena dear,can we …”

“I can’t talk now, Otto. I need to leave” she cut him off and entered into her car.
That was her father’s managing head of Directors; but she wasn’t in the mood to talk business.


Alone in her hotel room, Ximena studied the content on the screen of her laptop, her eyes hurting already. She had been glued to the laptop for the past four days and hadn’t even made use of some glasses. Well, she didn’t mind the pains.

She kept scrolling, reading and researching for few more hours and in the process, she thought of Kyya. What could’ve happened to her?

After her last facetime with her – which didn’t end well – she had been unable to reach her again as her line wouldn’t connect. Hmph; Probably, she had gotten mad at her and blocked her line. What a friend she was.

Finally, Ximena closed up the laptop and dipped her fingers into her soft hair. At last, she was done. She had learnt everything she needed to survive in Obeddon. And now, she was ready to leave.

She stood up and began zipping her bag which had been arranged with the right clothes already. But her phone started ringing, interrupting her process.

She glanced at the screen and discovered it was Otto.

“Mr Otto?” She turned on the speaker and placed the phone on the bed before resuming arrangements.

“Miss Webster?” The ripened voice callled.
“Uhm… How are you holding up?”

“I’m doing just fine, Mr Otto. Thank you” she answered hastily, picking up clothes and folding them.

“Alright, then. Once again, I want to offer my condolences to your….”

“Thank you, Mr Otto, but I really don’t want to hear more of it” she interpolated – respectfully.
“Why did you call, please?”

The elder man had to clear his throat.

“Okay; uhm… The thing is, I wanted to ask when would be convenient to hold a meeting with the board of directors as regarding….”

“Mr Otto” Ximena stopped moving about and sighed.
“I really appreciate your help with the company, and I think I’d be needing that help for some more days, sir. Or perhaps, a some weeks”.

“Are you going away?” He asked, confused.

“Yes, Mr Otto. I… I just need to clear my head and.. you know? Heal from these trauma. I need to go on a break. And while I’m away, could you continue watching over the company like you’ve always done?”
There was a very short pause.

“Well… Of course, ma’am. I understand you really need that vacation anyways. So, just take care of yourself, dear. I’ll convey the message in the board meeting and make sure you come back to a stronger company” he assured.

“Thank you so much, Otto. I knew I could always count on you”.


“Alright. Bye”.
And the call ended.

She exhaled deeply and got back to work. And soon, she was done.

With her bag hung over her shoulder, she took one final look in front of the mirror and the image she saw wasn’t the classy Ximena Webster, but a determined lady that was ready to start as a commoner just to get what she wants.

“Get ready, Obeddon. Get ready, Alpha Nir” she huffed and exited the room.
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Brought to you by Faith Lucky ✍️
Love you all 💋💋💋

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