The Alpha Called Death

The Alpha Called Death Episode 11

(His Innermost Desires…)


Episode 11

By: Faith Lucky

Ximena’s breath froze the moment he cocked his head to look at her. Oh….

Hope she didn’t disturb him? How did he even know she was there?

Nir, on the other hand, was perturbed to know it was a lady. Throughout his many times of visiting the river, that would be the first time someone would be showing up to interrupt his moment. And for some reasons, he felt peeved.

“Uhm….Hello, good day”Ximena waved at him with a clumsy smile, but Nir said nothing as he simply returned his gaze to the river and tried controlling his temper.

Who was she and why did she have to show up at a time like that?

Ximena, on the other hand, kept wondering why he was there alone in the first place. To start with, the river looked really relaxing like a place of comfort. And that guy right there, looked like someone badly in need of some alone time. Well, maybe she’d leave him alone when she gets some help.

“Uhm…” She dropped her bag on the floor. “Hope I’m not interrupting something?” She asked while strolling further to stand in front of him.

And the moment her eyes came in contact with his face, she froze. Oh, wow…! So, they actually had such fine men there in Obeddon?? Finally, she found someone that didn’t dress like the medieval people! He looked so classy and….cute for a guy in such environment – light skinned, soft looking hair, well body built…

It took #Ximena a while to realize the guy still hadn’t said a word.

“Am I invisible? Or you’re just ignoring me?” She suddenly scoffed, and that was the moment Nir lifted his eyes to look at her.

His eyes….! Ximena gasped silently. Were those eyes for real???

They were the prettiest she had ever seen – almond shaped with the balls having a gold colour. Yes – gold. That was the first time she was seeing someone with such unique set of eyes.

They looked so cold, but they were still the prettiest.

Perhaps, she’d have commended him, but that couldn’t happen as he suddenly stood up and began walking away like she wasn’t even there. Huh?

“Hey!” She called and ran after him, standing in front of him. “Didn’t you hear all I said?”her heart beat rapidly as his eyes kept staring into hers. Those eyes of his were breathtaking.

Nir, who had stopped walking due to the obstruction, stared at the common-looking lady and wondered where she unfortunately came from. It took him a lot to know use his powers on her – and that was only because he didn’t want her knowing who he was.

He hated the fact that she had just ruined his special moment and wanted nothing but to get her punished. But for a reason, he restricted himself.

Ignoring her again, he walked pass her, but Ximena still ran to stand in front of him.

“Okay, okay, fine” She sighed. “I don’t wanna disturb you, alright? I just need one help from you – where do I get a good hotel, please?”

And instantly, she noticed his eyes grow colder.

“Obstruct me one more time and I’ll put you to the ground” He stated brusquely, his voice as cold as his eyes looked.

Ximena wanted to overlook the threat in his words and just admire how beautiful his voice sounded, but she couldn’t overlook his attitude, especially when he began walking away again.

“Is this how rude all you people of Obeddon are?” She scoffed, making him stop on his tracks – tho he didn’t stop to look at her.

“Seriously, I guess I shouldn’t even be surprised considering the kind of leader you have”.

For a second, she thought he’d turn back at her to say something; but he proved too damning and just left.


Nir had returned to the cave, got his mask and horse and rode back to his Palace.

He stopped in front of the main entrance, walking right in and leaving the horse behind for his disciples to take care of.

Two from them covered his back as he walked in,and with how he walked, they were smart enough to notice he had been provoked.

Getting to the entrance of his room, one of his closest disciple had already been waiting for him.

“Welcome back, Alpha” He lowered his head, but Nir ignored him and walked right into his room.

That didn’t stop him still as he followed the Alpha in.

“You look stressed, Alpha. Do you need me to get something for you?” The disciple – Ethan asked, standing agile behind him.

“I’m fine, Ethan” came the mumbled reply as he began unbottoning his neck buttons.

“Okay, Alpha. the way, some letters came in earlier today for you”

“What letters?” Nir asked, walking over to his wardrobe, to the very place he had taken the ring.

He dipped his hand into his trouser pocket and tried taking out the ring, but it struck him when his fingers touched nothing.

Every single thing Ethan said couldn’t reach his ears anymore as his entire system had become mad-driven.

He searched more and brought out the laden of the pocket, but it was empty. His eyes dilated immediately. Where the hell was his ring???



“It’s pure gold, Mister. How many days can it buy me here?” Ximena asked the hotel manager, already becoming impatient with how long he’d been taking to study the ring.

The man said nothing still, not until he was satisfied and looked up at Ximena.

“About a month” he said.

A month?? That should be more than enough for her stay there.

“Alright then. Please, take me to my room” She requested and at his own pace, the hotel manager stood up with the key.

She took up her bag and followed him up the creaky staircase. She really couldn’t believe he was being all grumpy with a hotel that looked as old and poor as a refugee camp. If only she had another option.

Her feet hurt from climbing the stressful stairs, and when they finally got to a door, she felt relived.

“This is our best room” the manager bragged after opening the door and leading her into the room.

“Seriously? You call this your best?” She scoffed. “Even my maid doesn’t stay in such room”

“Whatever you say” the man jibed and left, while Ximena went to shut the door afterwards.

She dropped her bag on the floor and surveyed the room. For Goodness sake; it wasn’t looking too good at all. Well, what could she do?

She smiled as abs sat on the door, recalling how she had gotten the ring to pay off for the room.

Right after the grumpy guy had left, she had noticed a ring on the very place he sat and figured it was his – especially when it was gold!

She was utterly shocked to know he was that rich to afford a gold ring. And deciding to pay him for how badly he treated her, she took the ring away.

She had ran into someone else and asked for directions to the closest hotel. And well, there she was. Now, she’d be getting a free stay for up to a month, with breakfast and dinner inclusive. At least, the grumpy guy had assisted her revenge spree on their so called Alpha.

She unwrapped her pony tail, making the long hair fall freely on her shoulders. Afterwards, she headed for the bathroom to take a shower. She couldn’t wait to settle down and plot how her stay in Obeddon would go.
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