Sold To Mr Grayson

Sold To Mr Grayson Episode 9

Title:💦Sold to Mr Grayson 💦

Subtitle: 🌹A Gang leader🌹

Tag: Bad…Abuse…Gangs…Love…hate


By: Worthy stories

Chapter :9

Natalie’s POV

Patrick sat down at the end of the table, and we dug into the food.

Carter had put Lucas in a high chair along with Lily.

When Carter sat down I could feel him tense up next to me. I was going to ask why he’s so tense but I decided against it.

“So today has been a stressful day,” Patrick began.

“Tell me about it,”I mumbled, so no one could hear it.

However, Carter must have heard me because, he glared at me. Oops.

“Whats happened today dad?” Thomas asked.

“Well I offered Martinez a job,” Patrick paused then glared at Carter,”He didn’t take the job he said my son, Carter, would regret firing him.”

“Oh what can he do,”Carter sighed, and shoved some mashed potatoes in his mouth.

Patrick ignored him then continued,”And then my second in command, Chance, didn’t show up today.

We’ve tried to locate him, but we’ve had no luck…..I fear the worst.

There’s a search team out right now, I hope they find him.”

I looked at Carter, and his eyes went wide then back to normal.

Kent, Kai, and AJ all tensed up, while Cole just sat there and ate his food.

I looked down at my lap then back to Carter. The room got silent, when I looked at Patrick he was looking at Carter.

“Do you know anything about Chance’s whereabouts Carter?” Patrick glared. I sucked in my breath.

“No dad,” Carter replied,”I don’t know where Chance is.” I sighed in relief.

“Are you lying?”Patrick challenged.

“Why would I lie?”Carter asked. The room was silent. I thought he had a good relationship with his father?

“I know you Carter,” he sighed,”You won’t admit your faults. So if you’ve done something wrong you’ll lie about it.”

Carter growled,”I don’t know where Chance is.”

“Natalie,” Patrick sighed,”Do you know where Chance is?” Play it cool Natalie you got this.

“Who’s Chance?”I asked. Carter patted my leg, and took a bite out of his chicken.

“Patrick would you stop interrogating them,” Violet sighed.

Patrick held his hands up in defense,”I was just curious.”

It was silent for a few minutes. It was a very uncomfortable silence, and guess how it made me feel. Uncomfortable.

All you could hear was the sound of forks cutting at the chicken, and the occasional scrape of the fork against the plate.

The silence was broken by a phone’s ringtone. My ringtone.

Everyone looked at me, and I removed my phone from my pocket. Keith was calling.

“Excuse me, I have to take this,”I announced, and walked into the living room.

~~~Phone Conversation~~~with her brother

Natalie: Hey

Keith: Hey there sister.

Natalie: What do you need?

Keith: I’m just making sure Carters hasn’t hurt you. You’re fine right? He hasn’t tried to rape you or anything?

Natalie: Yes I’m fine, and no he hasn’t tried to rape me or hurt me.

He’s only yelled at me a few times other than that he’s been nice.

Keith: He yelled at you?!? For what?

Natalie: I said his rules were stupid, and some other things I can’t tell you.

Keith: Why can’t you tell me?

Natalie: It’s hard to talk about.

Keith: I’d ask you more questions, but I’ve got to go. Remember dads present, use it if you have too. I love you little sis call me later.

Natalie: Okay. Love you too bro. Bye.

Keith: Bye

~~~~~End of Conversation~~~~~

When I hung up, I felt someone in my presence. I turned around and came face to face with Dana.

“Sorry,”she apologized,”I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“Its fine” I breathed.

“I just couldn’t sit in there anymore,” she frowned.

“Is it always like that?” I ask.

“Only when Patrick suspects that his sons have done something wrong,” she replied,”Usually he questions both Thomas and Carter, but I guess he’s just got a hunch.”

“They’re not gonna start throwing punches are they?” I wondered.

“Lets hope it never comes to that,” she sighed,”Anyway, how long have you been with Carter?”

“Just a few days,” a replied.

“I’m just gonna come out and say it,” she smiled,”I hope you and Carter get married.” Whoa, she’s jumpin way too far ahead here.

“Why?” I chuckled.

“Well you’re the only girl that Carter has dated that I like,” she laughed,”And, you’re a good influence on him.”

I just met her, and she already likes me. I’m really glad she likes me, Dana seems like a good person.

“Thanks,” I smile.

“We should probably get back in there, before they think that I’ve done something to you,” she laughs.

I smile then follow her back into the dining room.

When we got back into the dining room Carter and his father were arguing. Again.

“Martinez is an old bag of dust, he’ll die before he can lay a hand on me,” Carter smirked.

Dana put her hand on my shoulder, and I sighed. I sat down in my seat, and Dana sat in hers.

“You think your untouchable Carter,” Patrick smirked,”Just wait until Martinez gets his revenge.”

“Patrick,” Violet gasped.

“It’s true Violet,” Patrick admitted,”Carter thinks he’s untouchable, and for now that may be true.

However, are the others around you untouchable?”

Patrick looked at me, and I gulped. Carter followed his dad’s gaze, and his eyes went wide.

“If you’re assuming someones gonna hurt Natalie, you’re wrong,” Carter glared.

“I’m not assuming anything,” Patrick clarified, “I’m just telling you to watch your gang.”

“Whatever,” Carter mumbled.

“Okay, lets get off this topic,” Violet sighed,”Natalie have you met the girls yet?”

“What girls?” I asked.

Dana chuckled,”No she hasn’t.”

“The girls are in Moscow that’s why,” Carter smiled,”They should be back soon though.”

“What are they doing in Moscow?” Thomas asked.

“They’re on a mission,” Carter smirked.

“Who are these girls?” I asked once more.

“They’re the only girls in my gang,” Carter smiled,”Don’t get on their bad sides, they’ll kick your a*s.

AJ knows from experience, don’t you AJ?” Everyone at the table chuckled.

“Yeah I wouldn’t mess with them,” AJ muttered.

“How many of them are there?” I wondered.

“Four,” Carter replied,”Sabrina, Avery, Madison, and Lynn. They’re gonna show you the ropes, when they get back.”

“Why?” I questioned.

“You’re gonna be in my gang,” He smirked.

“Yeah okay,” I laughed, and took a bite of my chicken. Man this family can cook.

“You think I’m joking?” He smirked.

“Carter you can’t force her to be in your gang,” Dana explained.

“Thomas forced you to be in his,” Carter laughed.

“Watch yourself Carter,” Thomas growled.

“Hey I was just-,” Carter was cutoff, by a man coming into the dining room.

“Sir we found Chance’s body in a Creek, out on Dixon trail,” the man boomed. I looked at Carter, who was already looking at me.

“Call Fredrick,” Patrick ordered, “Tell him that I’m gonna need an autopsy done ASAP.”
“Got it sir,” the man replied, and left the room.

“I think its time to go,” Cole sighed. Wow, that’s the first time Cole has spoken throughout this entire dinner.

“We have a drop to do at Midnight,” he announced.

“I completely forgot about that,”

Kai sighed. Kent, Cole, Carter, Kai, AJ, and I stood up from our chairs.

“Thank you for dinner tonight Violet,” I smiled.

“Your welcome dear,” she smiled,”I just wish you guys could stay longer.”

“Yeah,” Dana smiled,”Maybe we could come over sometime?”

“We’ll see,” Carter answered, and kissed his mom on the cheek.

We walked out of the house, and over to the car. We all got in, and Cole drove away.

“That was close,” Kent admitted.

“Yeah it was,”Kai added.

“Way to lie back there Natalie,” Carter complimented.

“Thanks,” I smiled.

“Yeah good job,” AJ smirked,”I thought you were gonna blow the whole thing.”

“Thanks,” I frowned. I wonder whats gonna happen when Patrick finds out that Carter did kill Chance.


* Damn Carter want to change Nat 🔥

*Like seriously will nat join his Gang😺


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