Sold To Mr Grayson

Sold To Mr Grayson Episode 3

Title:💦Sold to Mr Grayson 💦

Subtitle: 🌹A Gang leader🌹

Tag: Bad…Abuse…Gangs…Love…hate

🩸Who’s Carter Grayson?”🌹

By: Worthy stories ✍️

Chapter 3

Natalie’s POV

“What do you mean you sold me?” I asked.

“I sold you,” he sighed.

“To who??” mom yelled,”Why?”

“Carter Grayson,” dad gritted his teeth, and huffed.

“Carter Grayson,” Keith raged.

“Who’s Carter Grayson?” I ask. Everyone ignored my question.

“Why on earth did you sell her to Carter Grayson??” mom yelled, “Why did you sell her in the first place!?!”

“I didn’t have a choice!!!” he yelled, “Here were my options watch him kill all of you, or give him Natalie. Luckily he bought her $100,000,000, but she has to move in with him…Today.”

“Today…..I just got here,” I argued, “And I don’t even know who Carter Grayson is!!!!!!”

Dad sighed and motioned for me to follow him. We all followed him into his office and he told me to sit down.

He sat down in his chair behind his desk, and he sighed.

“Now Natalie,” he began, “Promise me you won’t get mad.”

“I’m already mad,” I huffed.

“Fair enough,” he sighed,”Now my corporation Chambers Industry isn’t really what it seems.”

“What do you mean?” I asked. Mom and Keith walked behind dad, and stood by his side.

“Chambers Industry doesn’t invest in stocks,” he sighed, “We’re a drug business. A gang as a matter of fact.”

“What?” I began,”Are you serious?”

“Yes he’s serious,” mom sighed. I stayed silent and tried to process all of this.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” I raged.

“We wanted to protect you,” dad replied, “You had such a positive out look on life. I wanted you to have that happiness, instead of looking over your shoulder for the rest of your life.”

“Why did you tell Keith then?” I fumed. I can’t believe they’ve kept this secret from me.

“Well, when Keith was 17 he was already in a gang,” dad sighed.

“I didn’t know dad had a gang, until I made my first drug deal with his gang,” Keith admitted.

“Okay,” I sighed, finally letting everything sink in.

“We were just trying to protect you,” mom assured.

“I understand that,” I breathed, “But who is Carter Grayson, and why did you sell me to him.”

“Yeah,” mom agreed, “Why did you sell our only daughter to Carter Grayson!!!”

Dad sighed and rubbed his forehead.

“Like I said earlier I didn’t have an option,” He huffed.

“How did you get on the topic in the first place,” Keith growled.

“Okay let me start from the beginning,” dad explained,”I was suppose to talk to Carter about some money I owe him.

I told him I would have it next week, but he’s stubborn and I crossed the line. ”

“Crossed the line?” I asked.

“Yes, Carter hates it when he doesn’t get his money on time,” he continued,”Now Carter is someone you do not want to mess with.

He’s dangerous Natalie so stay on his good side.

Anyway, he got really p*ssed at me and held a gun to my head. Sadly, I knocked over a picture that I had of you, and he saw you and became intrigued with you.

And that when he gave me my decision, but I wasn’t letting you go for free. I wanted him to pay, and I will give you half of the $100,000,000.”

“Why didn’t you fight back?” I wondered.

“Sweetheart Carter Grayson is younger and stronger then I am,” dad sighed.

“Oh,” I mumbled. I’m still mad that he sold me, but there is nothing I can do about it.

A few tears rolled down my cheeks, and I put my head in my hands. Soon, I felt strong arms wrap around me. Keith.

“Don’t cry Nat,” he cooed, “I’ll get you out of this.”

“Thanks Key,” I smiled, at the old nickname I used to call him.

“No prob-” Keith was cutoff by a loud knock at the door.

“Grayson,” dad muttered.

“Shouldn’t someone get that,” I asked.

“That’s why we have butlers sweetie,” mom smiled softly. Soon one of the butlers walked in with 3 guys following behind him.

The 3 men were all buff, scary, and slightly attractive. They all had dark brown hair, with some tattoos on their neck and arms.

“We’re here for the girl Rob,” one of the men boomed.

“Where’s Carter?” dad asked.

“In the car, he was on a phone call,” the guy explained.

“Well all of her luggage is in her room,” dad stated.

“AJ, Kai go get her stuff, and put it in the car,” the man ordered. The other two men nodded, and left the room.

“Natalie,” dad began,”This is Kent. One of Carter’s goons.” Kent and I locked eyes, and I gave him a weak smile.

“Goons? Really Rob that hurts,” Kent smirked and looked at me, “Well, Carter was right. She is hot.”

I could feel Keith tense up next to me, which made Kent chuckle.

“Anyway,” Kent sighed, “Let’s go Natalie, we have other things to do.”

“O-Okay,” I stuttered, and stood up. Mom, dad, and Keith hugged me goodbye, and walked me outside.

To be honest I wanna cry, but I’m a strong girl I’ll get through this. I hope.

When we got outside we were met with 3 black 2015 Escalades with tinted windows. The two guys Kent sent to get my luggage were loading it into one of the Escalades.

“Call us if you need anything,” mom sobbed.
“Don’t cry mom I’ll be fine,” I assured.

“If Carter tries to take advantage of you, kick his as*,” Keith encouraged. Kent laughed, and leaned against one of the cars.

“Roger that,” I giggled. Soon my dad wrapped me up in a warm embrace.

“Remember he’s dangerous so stay on his good side,” dad clarified.

“Carter doesn’t have a good side,” Keith muttered, which made me laugh.

“Natalie I’m serious,” my dad warned.
“I’ll be careful dad don’t worry,” I assured him.

“Here,” dad said, and handed me a present. Where did this come from? Did he have it the whole walk out here? ”

Open it when you’re alone. And use it if you need to,” he whispered. I nodded, and walked up to Kent, who opened the car door for me.

I slid in the car, and was surprised to find a very attractive man around my age.

“Hello Natalie,” his deep voice boomed, which sent shivers down my spine.


*Like serious😺😺

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