Sold To Mr Grayson

Sold To Mr Grayson Episode 18

Title:?Sold to Mr Grayson ?

Subtitle: ?A Gang leader?

Tag: Bad…Abuse…Gangs…Love…hate

?Operation Save the Twins Part 2?

Chapter :18

By: Worthy stories

Carter’s POV?

I closed my eyes as I was awaiting to be beheaded, but it never happened.

I heard a gunshot, an I opened my eyes. I looked around, and I saw Angelo laying on the ground in a pool of blood.

Who did that?

Natalie’s POV

“I-I killed him,” I breathed. “I-I killed him,” I repeated.

I stood up, and paced back and forth. “It’s okay Natalie,” I whispered,”You killed him because he was gonna kill Carter.

Everything will be okay.”
I heard a bunch of yelling, and I dropped to the ground and looked through the scope.

Cole had broken free, and was slicing through people like no other. Cole freed Kent, and Kent started freeing other people.

I put the headphones on, and listened to the scene.

I looked through the scope once more, and saw Carter dodging a man with a sword.

His hands were still tied in the back, and he was struggling to dodge the sharp blade.

Just hurt the guy Nat, aim for the shoulder.

I aimed the gun for the man’s shoulder, but Carter kept getting in the way.

“God dang it Carter,” I growled. The man had knocked Carter to the ground, and finally I got my chance.

I pulled the trigger, and the man fell to the ground holding his shoulder.

Carter turned around, and looked in my direction. Does he see me?

Carter used the guys sword to free his hands, and he went to go help Thomas and Dana.

The tables had turned, and we seemed to be winning. Some of Angelo’s men went for the trucks, and got in them.

“Someone stop those guys,” Carter yelled.

“We’re a little busy,” Kent yelled back.

“I got this,” I whispered, and stood up. I went over to the car, and got out the grenade launcher. “This ought to stop him,” I sighed.

I walked over to where I was laying, and aimed the grenade launcher at the trucks.

I shot the grenade launcher, and there was a big explosion by the trucks.

This caused the trucks to explode causing an even bigger explosion.

“Woah,” I gaped. I put the grenade launcher down, and got back on the ground.

When I looked through the scope, Thomas and Carter were looking my way.

“Who is that?” Thomas asked.

“I don’t know,” Carter replied. The fighting seemed to be over, I guess we won.

“What about the twins?” Dana choked.
“We’ll question the ones that are still alive,” AJ replied.

“We’ll find them babe,” Thomas cooed, and pulled Dana into a hug.Written by: Worthy stories

Carter ran a hand through his hair then looked up at me.

While Carter was looking at me. One of Angelo’s men got his second wind, and went to attack Carter.

I aimed quick, and pulled the trigger. The man fell to the ground, and Carter’s eyes widened.

He turned around, and looked at the guy then back to me. Seriously, does he know i’m up here?

“Cole!” Carter yelled.

“What?” Cole asked, and walked over to him.

“I need you to go up there, and see who keeps firing those shots,” Carter ordered.

Cole nodded then, headed my way. Oh Crap…I’m in for it now.

I quickly tried to pack up everything, but Cole is a lot faster then I thought.

“Stop,” Cole yelled,”Turn around slowly.” I put my hands up, and turned around slowly. Cole rolled his, and grabbed my arm.

“Oh Carter’s gonna love this,” Cole chuckled,”Get in the car.”

I got in the car, and Cole drove down the hill, and soon we arrived.

Cole parked with the other cars, and told me to get out. I got out and Cole dragged me to Carter.

“Carter I found your little sniper,” Cole smirked.

“Hey you’re smiling,” I pointed out. Cole frowned at me, and I shut up.

Carter turned around, and his eyes widened.

“Natalie what the h*ll,” he growled, and stormed toward me.

“Hi Carter,” I squeaked.

You’re suppose to be at home,” he growled.

“I know but,” I paused,”I wanted to help.” Carter growled, and rubbed his face.

“You broke the rules,” he raged,”You broke my rules.” I took a step back.

“Which rule?” I whispered.

“Rule #4 and #5,” Carter stated,”You disrespected me, and you didn’t do what I told you to.”

“I did it to protect you,” I admitted,”And the twins.”

“Glad to know you care about me to Natalie,” Kai frowned, and walked toward Thomas.

“The twins aren’t here Natalie!” Carter yelled. I jumped at his change of tone.

“T-They’re in the car,” I whispered.

“What?” Carter asked.

T-The twins,” I began,”They’re in the car I took.” Dana quickly ran over to the car, and opened the doors.

“Lucas, Lily,” she cried, and picked up the twins. Thomas pulled them into a little family group hug, and Carter’s face softened.

“Carter,” I whispered,”I’m sorry that I broke your rules but…..I saved the twins, and you.

” Carter turned towards me, and his jaw was clenched.

“I wanna be mad at you Natalie,” he began,”But I can’t. You saved me and the twins, but you’ve managed to piss me off in the process.”

“Look I know I broke the rules, but everything is fine-” he cut me off.

“You could’ve gotten killed Natalie!” he yelled.

“But I didn’t,” I added. He looked like he was going to say something, but he just growled and walked off. “Carter,”

I choked, and walked after him. After all of the excitement, my leg chooses now to start hurting again.

“Carter wait please,” I cried, and limped after him.

“Natalie,” Dana called out. I kept limping after Carter, but soon arms wrapped around me.

“Natalie,” Dana sighed,”Let him be alone.”

“What did I do wrong?” I cried.

“You put yourself in harms way,” she stated.

“But I knew what I was getting into,” I added.

“I know sweetheart, but Carter wanted you safe,” Dana admitted,”He may not say it but he cares for you Natalie.”

“How do you know?” I asked.

“It’s the way he looks at you,” she smiled,”It’s the same way Thomas looks at me, and he doesn’t by just any girl diamonds.” I chuckled, and hugged her.

“Then why does he have to be mean?” I asked.

She sighed,”Gang leaders don’t want to show weaknesses.

It’s how they become overthrown.” I started to understand everything now.

“Thanks Dana,” I smiled.

“No thank you for saving my children,” she replied,”But I want to ask you something.”

“What is it?” I asked.

“You and Carter both have marks on your cheeks,” she began,”Did Carter beat you?”

“No,” I replied.Written by: Worthy stories

“Then who hit you Natalie?” Thomas asked, as he walked towards us,”Because whoever hit you,

hit Carter, and no one can beat up my little brother without my permission.”

“Did you ask Carter?” I wondered. I don’t want to tell Thomas that his own father hit Carter.

“Yeah we did, but he said not to worry,” Dana replied.

“Now who hit you Natalie?” Thomas asked.

Should I tell them?

_TBC ?

** Carter’s is still holding on to his Rules ???
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