Sold To Mr Grayson

Sold To Mr Grayson Episode 17

Title:💦Sold to Mr Grayson 💦

Subtitle: 🌹A Gang leader🌹

Tag: Bad…Abuse…Gangs…Love…hate

🩸Operation Save the Twins Part 1🌹

Chapter :17

By: Worthy stories

Natalie’s POV🤷

I went into the weapon room, and geared up. Lucky for me,

part of my training was knowing all the different gadgets and how they work.

So when Carter hugged me, I slipped a GPS into his pocket. So, now I know where to go.

After I got on my bullet proof vests, and strapped on some knife holsters onto my ankles, I looked at the weapons.

I grabbed a black sniper rifle, a hand gun, grenades, smoke bombs,

a flash bang, a baseball bat, pepper spray, knives, a sword, and a grenade launcher.

I know it’s a bit excessive, but I don’t what awaits me wherever they went to.

I also popped some pain killers to help my leg a bit, so I’m not that helpless.

On my way out, I decided to grab a orbiter electronic listening device from the gadget room.

Just in case I need it. Better to have it and not need it, then to need it and not have it.

Grabbing all of the stuff, I loaded it into one of the armored cars.

I got comfortable in the drivers seat, and looked at the GPS locator.

Carter’s tracker had stopped at a facility at 286 North Wilcott Lane.

I pulled out of the driveway, and headed toward the location.

I was nearly there when I saw a van pulled over on the side of the road.

Now I wouldn’t have given it much thought, if the back doors hadn’t opened.

When the back doors opened, I saw the twins sitting in a cage.

The man who opened the door, was changing the flat tire, so I quietly stopped the car, and grabbed the baseball bat.

The pain killers seemed to be working because,

my leg didn’t hurt as much when I approached the man.

When I got close enough, I took a swing and knocked the man out.

“Billy,” a deep voice boomed from the car. I froze.

Crap there’s two of them or three I don’t know. “Billy,” the voice called again.

I then heard footsteps approaching, and I pulled out the pepper spray.

I hid, and when he was insight I sprayed the pepper spray right in his eyes.

He howled in pain, and then I hit him with the bat.

With both of the guards knocked out I waited for more, but none came.

Working quickly, I opened the trunk doors, and saw the twins crying. When they saw me they smiled.

I grabbed the keys off of one of the guys body, and unlocked the cage.

I grabbed them both, and ran to the armored car.

I put them in seat belts the best I could, and started driving to the facility.

I shouldn’t go straight into the firefight, the twins good get hurt.

I’ll find a vantage point, and snipe the enemies. Are you going to kill them? ……..Only if I have to.

I’m willing to kill, if my friends or family’s lives are at stake.

Will you kill if Carter’s life is on the line?…………….Yes.

As I battled with my conscience I turned onto a dirt road, that led to 286 North Wilcott Lane.

When the facility was in my view, I stopped the car and look for vantage point. When I found one, I drove toward it.

Since the vantage point was located on a hill, I had to find a way up the hill. It was easier then had thought, because I was up the hill in no time.

I opened the door to the back seat, and looked at the twins.

Are you two okay?” I asked. They just looked at me, and smiled.

“Right, you two can’t talk yet,”I sighed, and smacked my forehead. “Stay here,” I ordered, and closed the door.

I opened the trunk, and pulled out the sniper rifle, and its stand. I also grabbed the electronic listening device, and set it up.

I put the headphones on and, got on the ground to look out of the sniper’s scope.

As I looked through the scope, I was stunned by what the outcome was looking like in the fight. We were losing. Even with our guns.

I watched as all fighting had came to halt, when some guy put Carter in a choke hold, and held a gun to his head.

I turned on the listening device, and pointed it toward the scene.

“Well,” the man chuckled,”You should’ve expected to lose Thomas.” His Italian accent surprised me, he must be Angelo.

“Let my brother go,”Thomas growled, as lunged at the man.

Sadly, he was stopped by some men. Soon, all of the Thomas’s gang, and the few Carter brought with him were captured and tied up.

Angelo tied Carter’s hands, and held him tightly.

“Here’s what I’m going to do,” Angelo smirked,”I’m going to kill your brother in front of you.

Then, I’m going to rape your wife, and kill her too. Written by: Worthy stories

And then your kids will be tortured, and killed once my men get here with them.”

“You son of a bi-” Thomas was cutoff, when he was punched in the face by one of Angelo’s goons.

“What are you gonna do about it?” Angelo laughed,”You’ve lost this time.”

“I’m gonna kill you that’s what I’m going to do!” Thomas yelled.

“You can’t kill me,” Angelo laughed,”I’m unkillable. I’m immortal!”

“Not your not,”Carter growled. Angelo knocked Carter to his knees, then he kneed him in the face, causing Carter to fall on all fours.

Angelo then grabbed Carter by his hair, and yanked him up.

” Say Goodbye to your brother Thomas,” Angelo smirked. He’s really going to kill Carter!

“No!” Thomas yelled. Angelo held the gun to Carter’s head, then put the gun down.

“You know what,” Angelo laughed,”I’m not gonna shoot him.”

“What?” Carter questioned.Written by: Worthy stories

“I’m going to cut his head off instead!” Angelo cheered.

One of his men hand him a steel machete, and Angelo took it proudly.

He did a few practice swings, showing off his skills, but then he held it to Carter’s neck.

“Any last words Carter?” Angelo asked.

“Do I get one phone call?” Carter asked. Angelo thought for a minute, and shrugged.

“I guess I mean we got nothin but time,” Angelo sighed, and pulled out his phone,”What’s the number?”

“303-555-0182,” Carter sighed. That number sounds familiar.

Angelo dialed the number, and put it against Carter’s ear. Soon my phone started vibrating. He’s calling me.

I pulled at my phone, and answered the call. I looked through the scope, and watched him as we talked. Creepy I know, but it happens.

“Hello,” I answered.

“Hey Nat,” Carter replied.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“Natalie I,” Carter paused,”I’m not coming home.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“I’m about to die, and I just wanted to tell you that,” he paused,”You’re a proud member of my gang whether you have the tattoo or not.”

I was about to say something, but Angelo stopped the call.

“Aww that’s cute,” Angelo laughed sarcastically.

“I wasn’t done,” Carter sassed.

“Well that’s too bad,” Angelo smiled, and got in his stance. “Say Goodbye to your brother Thomas,” Angelo laughed.

“Don’t do it!” Thomas yelled.

“Don’t!” Kent, Kai, Cole, and AJ yelled. I took the safety off of my sniper, and aimed.

Angelo held the machete up in the air, and just as he was about to swing, I pulled the trigger.


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