Sold To Mr Grayson

Sold To Mr Grayson Episode 14

Title:💦Sold to Mr Grayson 💦

Subtitle: 🌹A Gang leader🌹

Tag: Bad…Abuse…Gangs…Love…hate

🩸Take it down!!”🌹

By: Worthy stories

Chapter :14

Carter’s POV

1 week later🤷

Long story short Natalie’s okay. She’s back at the house with Manny. Until she’s off crutches and well again, she’s on house arrest.

Anyway, today the gang and I are going on mission. Usually I don’t go on missions, but today is an exception.

This particular gang has had more than one warning. They’re trying to be the top gang around here, but they’re no match against my gang.

However, I have received several threats from this gang, and I’ve had enough.

So, today we are simply going to destroy all of their hard work.

I got 30 members of my gang including me, to go on this mission.

We loaded into 6 of our armored cars, 5 people in each car, an drove to their facility.

“5 minutes,” Cole boomed, from the front seat. I pulled out my walkie talkie.

“Everybody got their vests on,” I spoke into the walkie talkie. I received a yes from all of cars. I grabbed my tactical ak47, and loaded it.

“You know how to use that thing,” Kent laughed. I glared at him, and huffed.

“We’re here,” Cole announced. Cole had stopped the car in the woods surrounding that were surrounding the enemies facility.

I got out, and looked out through the trees towards the 4 story warehouse.

There was an electric fence surrounding the perimeter, and there were men unloading a truck. They don’t know what’s coming to them.

“Where are we gonna put the snipers?” AJ asked.

Thankfully there was a large hill on the other side of the facility, which was a great vantage point for the snipers.

I grabbed the walkie talkie from my pocket, and radioed the girls.

“Lynn I need you and the girls on top of that hill, across from us,” I ordered.

“Copy that,” Lynn responded, as their car drove off.

“Remember,” I radioed to all cars,”Take no prisoners…Kill them all.” Everyone responded with a yes sir, and I smirked.

“Now what?” Kai asked.

“Hold on,” I sighed, and grabbed the walkie talkie. “Lynn are you guys there yet?” I spoke into the radio.

“Yes sir,” she responded,”We’re ready.”

“Excellent,” I replied. I looked at Kai, and he smirked. “Now all we need is a way in,” I smiled.

“I’ve got you covered,” AJ smirked, and pulled out a grenade launched.

“Niiice,” Kent smiled. I motioned for everyone to get out of the cars, and they walked towards us.

“Carter,” Avery’s voice sounded, from the walkie talkie.

“What?” I replied.

There are snipers on the roof,” she announced,”Do you want us to take them out?”

“Do it quietly,” I demanded. We watched the roof, as the men dropped like flies.

Once the snipers were down, i turned toward AJ. “Alright AJ,” I smiled,”Your turn.”

AJ took a stance then shot the gun.

The grenade took out a big portion of the fence, and it caught the attention of the guys who were unloading the truck.

“Move in,” I ordered. We all came out from the trees, and the men grabbed their guns. I looked at Cole, and he gave me the same look.

We both took of sprinting towards the men,

followed by Kent, AJ, and Kai. We got through the fence, and headed toward the men.

The men started shooting at us, but the bullets missed us. I took the safety off of my gun, and started shooting at them.

There were 7 of them, and I took out 2 of them. Cole took out the rest. We approached the loading dock, and more men came out.

I grabbed a knife out of my boot, and threw it at one of them. We wiped out all of them, and moved up the floors.

“Carter there’s a helicopter on the roof,” Madison announced, from the walkie talkie,”Harrison is getting on it.”

“Dam it!!” I yelled, and ran up the stairs. When I got to the roof the helicopter was in the air. “Take it down!!” I yelled into the walkie talkie.

I started shooting at the helicopter, and they shot back. One of the bullets skimmed my arm, and I cussed.

I was gonna throw a grenade but, a missile came out of the trees and the helicopter blew up.

I ducked as the shrapnel fell around me. Once it was safe, I stood up and looked around.

I grabbed the walkie talkie, and radioed the girls,”Was that you guys?”

“You’re welcome,” Avery chimed. I laughed, and went back downstairs. I came back down in time to watch Cole snap some guys neck.

“Feel better,” I smirked.

“Yep,” he replied.

“Are the floors clear?” I asked.

“Yeah everyone’s dead,” He smirked.

“Good,” I sighed,”Let’s blow this dump.” Some of our guys brought up blocks of C4, and Kai started to make the bombs.

“Kai you should make one of those timer bombs,” Kent sighed.

“Okay,” Kai replied, and messed with some wires. I told everyone to go back to the cars, and gather anything useful.

Once Kai was done he set the timer for two minutes. Kent, Cole, AJ, Kai, and I got some stuff together and got ready.

“You guys ready?” He asked. We nodded our heads, and he started the timer.

We took off sprinting down the stairs, nearly tripping in the process.

When we got outside, we were past the loading dock, and the place blew up.

We flew through the air, and I landed hard on my back.

“Fvck,” I coughed, and slowly stood up.8

“Kai,” Cole breathed,”Next time set the timer for 4 minutes.”

Kai nodded, and we all walked to the cars. Everyone was waiting for us, when we got there.

“Good job everyone,” I announced,”You all can take the next 2 days off.” Everyone cheered, and got into the cars.

When I got into the car, I grabbed my phone, and saw a text from my father.

It read:

I know what you did…I’ll see you when you get back.

Oh sh!t..


*Who can guess what his father knows🤷🤔🤔🤔

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