Sold To Mr Grayson

Sold To Mr Grayson Episode 11

Title:?Sold to Mr Grayson ?

Subtitle: ?A Gang leader?

Tag: Bad…Abuse…Gangs…Love…hate


By: Worthy stories

Chapter :11

Natalie’s POV

I woke up to someone poking me in the face. I opened my eyes and saw AJ leaning over me.

“Get up sleeping beauty,” he chuckled,”It’s time to train.”

I groaned then got out of bed. I slipped on some black sport shorts, a teal tank top, and some black and teal Nikes.

AJ led me to the training room, where all the girls were waiting for me.

“Good your here lets get started,” Avery smiled. We started off with a simple stretch, then we ran around the house 4 times.

I never realized how big Carter’s house was until I ran around it.

When we got back from running, we got drinks before continuing.

They taught me the basics of hand to hand combat, and some other really cool moves. It was actually pretty fun, until Cole came in.

“What are you doing in here?” Madison asked.

“Carter wants me to fight Natalie,” he sighed. What?

“Why?” Lynn asked. Cole took off his black jacket revealing his white wife beater.

His tattoo sleeves popped out, as did his muscles.

“He says she’s not working hard enough,” Cole replied. He’s not here…How does he know?

“Is he seriously watching on those stupid cameras?” Sabrina scoffed.

“Yup,” Cole answered, and cracked his knuckles.

In one swift move Cole kicked my legs out from under me, and I fell to the ground.

“Thanks for the warning,” I groaned, and stood up.

“There are no warnings in a real fight Natalie,” Cole glared,”Now I’m not gonna hold back so be prepared.”

My eyes widened, as he threw a punch at my face.

I dodged it and went to kick him. However, I did not succeed because, he caught my leg then threw me on the ground.

He pinned me to the ground, and in my last resort I bit his forearm. He got up in surprise, and held his forearm.

“Did you just bite me?” he asked.

“Yep,” I smirked, then swiped his legs out from under him.

He fell to the ground, and I quickly pinned him to the floor.

“Go Natalie,” the girls cheered.

“Always expect the element of surprise,” I chuckled.

Cole rolled his eyes, and soon his upper body jolted up. I fell off of him, and he put me in a choke hold.

“Always expect the element of surprise,” he mocked.

I tried to wiggle out of his grasp but I couldn’t. “Tap out,” Cole breathed.

I tapped his arm, and he released me. I caught my breath, and laid down on the floor.

“Nap time,” I chimed.

“Not yet,” Carter’s voice rang from the door way. My head turned towards the door, then I looked away. D!ckhead.

“You’ve got more to learn,” he boomed,”Only the strongest can be in my gang.”

I stayed silent in hopes that he’d leave me alone, but that didn’t work out to well.

He walked over to me, and grabbed my chin, forcing me to look up at him.

“Are we really going to do the silent treatment?” He grumbled.

I stayed silent. He sighed,”Looks like we are. Everyone outside now!”

He dragged me outside, and we were followed by the others.

Cole, Kent, Kai, AJ, Madison, Lynn, Avery, and Sabrina all took out guns. Am I about to be killed?

Carter handed me a silver hand gun, and some bullets.

“Now,” Carter began,”I know you’re new to guns and stuff, but watch and learn. Pull!”

A disk went flying across the open grass area, and Carter shot it. The disk shattered in to pieces, and I smiled.

He thinks I can’t shoot, well I’m about to show him up. Thank you Keith for teaching me ahead of time.

“Can you do that?” He asked.

“Probably not,”Kent chuckled.

“Have a little faith,” Lynn sighed,”I think you can do it Natalie.”

“Thanks Lynn,” I smiled. I loaded the gun then got ready. “Pull!” I yelled.

The little disk went flying across the sky, and I found it quickly.

I pulled the trigger, causing the disk to shatter, and break into little pieces.

Everyone’s jaws dropped to the floor, as I smiled and looked at everyone else.

Cole’s jaw dropped for a split second before it went back to its normal frown.

“What?” Kent gaped.

“Eh she’s okay,” Cole mumble

,” Cole mumbled.

“Dang Keith taught you well,” AJ pointed out.

“Keith?” Carter asked.

“Yeah Keith took her shooting yesterday,” AJ explained,”I give him props, she’s a pretty good shot.”

Carter looked at me, then put his gun in the back of his pants.

“She still has a lot more training to do,” Carter sighed, and walked into the house.



****Carter….. Carter ?? don’t kill Nat ooo


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