So Red A Poem

So Red a poem

Silken figure beauty define, clothed in naked beauty,
she walks out of the sky diamond droplets in careless pride, her hair drips shinny droplet of diamond water,
Even my nose leaps in curiosity to envisage the secrecy
that binds the eyes to lust.

What fragrance is that, your cologne or your body wash?
waft through the very gentle breeze I live on , ties my imagination to the garden of red roses and purple lilies.
My want screams as the excessiveness of your beauty are content full to brim.
I am cracked but before I find my pride in mud,
I bid thee to dim your beam for it’s blinding me,
Your oval face take shapes like the pomegranate of the garden in Venice.
your Fluxive eyes are precious pearls but spells not to look upon,
Woe unto me for I have tried to wit held myself but my shield of Self control is a twist of jelly parcel, and I have let my eyes stuck all over you.
Cost more I will pay, for my want is a web I can’t cut off but wear,
permit me to plant this kiss I hold out in a wavering crave on your forehead which lay bare like the garden of Eden in all it’s beauty,
If your grounds will be moist in cheer I will tend this kiss, will it grow to be a rose?
Even your skin brags, reasons so strong, a skin as tender as Jelly.
My hands is losing control of noble attitude, he wants a stroll through the thick forest of your curly hairs, to catch passion in the fair share of your grace.
But if your consent is against my desire,
In distance shall I then abide but dwell in the euphoria and imagination of holding you in clasp of tender hugs.
To Shew thee that my wit though cracked by you, lost not it’s ends
I am keen to assay a poem
“Your the very reason roses are red cause you make my heart red”

© Smile Austin

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