Smitten With You

Smitten With You Synopsis

[Betrothed To A Playboy Idol]

By, Authoress Passion _ ©️®️

[It’s Unedited Guys]

Sayge Cameron is an A+ student in Unity Highschool. One of the few top-level students. But she was bullied for being so smart.

At a point, she wanted to jump off a cliff to commit suicide but decided against it. That same night she returned home with bruises on her arms as usual, that’s when the news broke to her.

Her father Clifton Cameron got a promotion. And had to leave Canada to… South Korea. To the capital actually, famous Seoul.

Nobody was as excited as she was to get a fresh start. But wait, another good damn piece of news came.

She got a scholarship to the most prestigious school in all of Korea. Blossom Highschool. A private school only and exclusively for the rich brats. But she didn’t care much about anything else. It’s frickin Korea!

Soon, Belcalis Stuart-Cameron, Clifford Cameron and their only daughter Sayge Cameron packed and boarded a plane to Korea.

But what Sayge didn’t know was that, a promotion isn’t exactly why they were moving to Korea…

Now at a new school she expected everything to be different, she was so excited on her first day. Only to realize that, A LOT of students in Blossom Highschool are snobs and brats.

But that’s the least, her world turned upside down. As if an infuriated man flipped over a glass table. Shattering it. To her utmost shock…she gets news that she’s bethrothed to the son of a well-known billionaire!


Sungho Lee Jung or LJ as they call him is the proud, pompous son of Sungho Na-kyum and Kim Sae-Hee.

A rich billionaire couple. The owners of Blossom Highschool…which means he can’t and won’t be expelled. No matter what crap he does.

He’s a playboy; asshole; bastard; womanizer; bad boy and a badass! But he’s also…an idol.

Which makes him more famous.

Along with his crew, he’s a pain-in-the-ass for all students; especially the nerdy—weak ones.

A promiscuous; spoiled; proud; rude and arrogant guy he is.

But that all changed when he received news that…he’ll be getting married. Married???

Sounds like the most horrible thing in the world, worse than death! The thought of being tied to one girl—woman is terrifying!


What happens when Sayge meets the infamous, Lee Jung?

How will these two react knowing they’re getting married?

Will Sayge accept to marry the same guy who bullied her since the first day she arrived?

What happens when their bitter relationship turns to something more, something unexpected?

Can feelings spark from this?


Genre;- HS Romance, Contract Marriage, Love Triangle

Tags;- Bullying, DRAMA, Comedy, suspense, Smutty? Yassssss.


Welps, y’all better join me on this f–ked up ride. This is my second highschool Romance.


Back with my crazy stories hehe.


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