Smitten With You

Smitten With You Episode 9-10

(Betrothed To A Playboy Idol)

By, Authoress Passion _ ©️®️

Chapter: 9&10 {Unedited}

“Sayge! Sweetheart please wait!” Belcalis called out to her daughter and only child but Sayge kept one running non-stop, and since she has always been good in athletics running downstairs is like riding a bike to the girl in her late teenage years.

Tears soak her face and wet the pajamas she still wears. ‘How could they do that to me? How..’


“Yes, Sayge. You will be marrying the son of the self-made billionaire Sungho Na-kyum and his wife Sae-Hee. Your brother in-law goes by the name Byul, he is their adopted son.” Clifford looked away, guilt crawling up his body.

He knew it was wrong to just hand over his beloved daughter to a billionaire but…it was set since the two were young. It’s only a pity she has amnesia and cannot remember most of her past.

“Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait a minute. Let’s slow down a bit, what the hell are you all talking about?” Sayge doesn’t even she is getting angry.

“Sweety. Calm down. When the time comes you will understand everything I can assure you. Erm, we will give you a few days to process this information. But by the time the week ends, you will be officially moving into our compound.” Sae-Hee smiled and made an attempted to hold Sayge’s hands but she moves away immediately.

“Listen lady, if you EVER touch me I will make you into banana porridge now BACK OFF! I don’t know what kind of game this is but it isn’t funny mom and dad.” the hostile teen glared at them all.

Clifford and Belcalis were stunned, they know Sayge is the soft type and normally doesn’t react this way to anything at all.

“Sayge, calm down. We will explain everything to you but for now we have to go. But if you insist, your father contacted me sometime ago. He lost his job basically and things weren’t going easy for you, I wanted to help out so…I gave him q huge sum in exchange for you to marry my son Lee Jung. I’ve known your father for a while now and I know your struggles. I just want to help and so—”

“And you think marrying me off to your licentious son will help?” she said to Na-kyum who remained quiet and looked away.

“Look Sayge, calm down first so we can talk.” Belcalis stepped towards her but Sayge busted into tears.

“I’M NOT A CHILD! This isn’t the medieval times, how can you marry me off like that? And to someone like Lee Jung, he’s not a good person he’s a bully. How could you do that to me?” Sayge stepped back even more.

“Sayge please listen j—”

Before he could finish Sayge began running out of there.



Sniffling she walked on the street, ignoring all the weird, annoyed and disgusted stares she gets from passerbys. She got horrid especially from the woman dressed so smartly and professionally. But this is a morning when Sayge is a pretty nasty move, one wrong word from somebody can tick her off.

“이런 그녀를 봐, 너무 한심해 (Gosh look at her, so pathetic.)” a woman spat on the floor while walking by carrying a brown briefcase while wearing glasses.

“느슨한 동물이 있습니다, 누군가 동물 통제를 호출합니다. (There’s an animal out on the loose, somebody call the animal control please.)” a man walking with his friends, disgusted, said.

“이것은 누구의 아이입니까? 젠장, 그녀는 너무 못생겼고 뚱뚱해. 좋은 주인.(Whose child is this? Gosh she’s so ugly and fat. Good lord.)” a woman chewing gum whipped her hair and cat walked pass Sayge with an eye roll.

Though she can’t fully understand Hangul, she knows these high-class rich disappointments for human beings are saying horrible things about her, at this point….her tree of care has grown legs and left.

She kicks random empty bottles as she walks, trying to distract herself from think of what the hell just took place. She can’t believe that her father, married her off, without her permission, to a man she has never met, better yet to his *son* whom she’s beat with a bat is she can.

Due her not paying attention to the road she bumped into a haughty and arrogant woman spilling the Banana Milk she just bought all over her work uniform. And she does not look pleased about that, nor to see her.

“You insolent little rat! Why can’t you watch where you’re going?” she yelled loud enough for people nearby to look at them.

“Oh uhm, erm. I’m so sorry miss I-I didn’t mean to b—”

“Shut up! Why does the government keep allowing koreaboos like you to come here, stop acting like on of us. You are not a Korean little brat! And don’t think I forgot my shirt in which I paid 10,000 wons for, you will buy it back you unsophisticated arrogant, distinctive child.” she grabbed her by the hair and began to pull her.

“STOP!” a somewhat deep voice yelled admits the crowd, causing the commotion to cease.

“Wait a minute, isn’t that—” a woman was saying when a man yelled.

“OH MY GOD IT’S CHAN DOOSHIK!!!” he yelled.

Seconds later everybody forgot about Sayge’s existence and rushed to go meet him. Chan Dooshik, the leader of the Jade Knights who is also a Music Producer and assistant Choreography Teacher is almost as Popular as Lee Jung. If not the same or, even more so.

👥Acid can I get an autograph!!
👥No he’s mine, mine alone!!
👥When is your next stage appearance I can’t miss it AAH!!
👥Is Zeus your father cause you’re such a GREEK GOD!!

People are quite obsessed with Dooshik, or Acid as some refer to him as. It’s his stage name. While everyone including the arrogant woman obsesses over a celebrity who wouldn’t miss them if they died, Sayge brushes her dress and resumes in walking. Feeling glum.

“Wait.” a hand held onto her wrist, she turned instantly a quite handsome guy. He has leather black hair with dark brown highlights, his eyes are a light shade of brown and are as bright as stars. His jawline is an acute one and oh yes is he tall.

“Who’re you?” Sayge’s left brow arched as she squinted her eyes.

“Oh I’m sorry, let me introduce myself. My name is Chan Dooshik, but erm, you can call me Acid. I uhh, saw at the concert last night when I performed alongside Lee Jung. I think you’re beautiful…not that I’m flirting with you but…yeah you’re really uhm, pretty.” the nervousness is evident in his voice.

“What…the hell…do you…want?” she moved her face closer to his and he smiled then chuckled.

“What’s flower like you doing out here wearing pajamas? Come on, I will take you to a restaurant to eat then I will you home. Erm, what is your name?”

“My name is S—”

“You know what nevermind, I will call you Flower from now on.”

Before she could saw anything else he began taking her away, the glares she got from the surrounding crowd made her shrink but at the same time yell.


“Where are we?” Sayge said the moment she exited the Maserati, he earlier made her go inside and drove them here.

“This is one of my restaurants here in a Korea. Do you like it?” he looked over at her, she saw softness in his eyes and that made her hostility settle down.

“Yeah…uhh. I don’t have any money on me, what am I gonna do?”

“Flower, this is all on me. Come.” he put out his hand, a black ring in on his thumb. His fingers and lengthy and slender, when she put her hand on his they felt so soft and smooth. Like silk. After that he led her inside the bustling restaurant, all eyes fell on them.

And the fact that the black jacket he was wearing the first time they met a while ago is now on her, she gulped and kept her head low. Looking at her and sensing her mood he put an arm around her and kept moving.

Whispers immediately swarmed the air like bees swarming a flower.

👥Is that Acid’s girlfriend?
👥What does he see in her, he’s a Korean he should marry a Korean instead of a foreigner.
👥Her hair looks as if racoons were playing spin the bottle with it.
👥Screw the hair, what the f–k is she even wearing?
👥Are those pink coloured crocs my pretty little eyes spot?
👥I just don’t like her brown hair.
👥It’s the one dent in her cheek for me guys.

The comments didn’t stop there and the more Sayge walked the more uncomfortable she felt.

“Ignore them. They’re always like that. They don’t know when to shut the f__k and watch their own business. I didn’t put the word ‘girlfriend’ on you and these people who clearly have nothing to do are claiming we’re together. They’re irrelevant okay.” Acid smiles down at her.

Sayge nodded and shortly after tool her to an isolated space in the restaurant. He then went and spoke to the chefs and they nodded, the females blushed.

She sat there wondering what even is her purpose of living. She had even forgotten she is now, technically engaged to Lee Jung.

‘I wonder if he knows, how does he feel about this?’ Sayge thought to herself, ‘He’s probably just as annoyed and angry as I am. We’re two different people, our relationship wouldn’t work.’

“Flower, are you alright?” Acid sitting down next to her caused her to jump out of deep thought.

“Oh, yeah I-I’m fine.”

“Are you sure? If you’re wondering how you will get home, don’t worry I will take you.”

“No really, I’m fine erm, Doo-shik?”

“Yes, Dooshik. Now tell me Flower, tell me about yourself and what brings you to Seoul? You’re obviously not from here.”

“Oh….uhh. My name is Say—” she was cut short by a news report in hangul(Korean). It spoke of a foreign girl who wore a mask, the new idol called “Black Cherry” who did the best performance last night out of all the female singers. The reporters went around asking people about the mysterious damsel in a red and black mask.

🙋🏻‍♀️She has the voice OF AN ANGEL and I bet she has the face of a goddess to match!!
🙋🏻‍♂️Her voice is like nothing I’ve heard before, she sings so smoothly without missing a single note!!
🙋🏻‍♀️It’s so pleasant-sounding I wouldn’t mind falling asleep while she sings softly to me!!
🙋🏻‍♂️I fired my music teacher this morning, I want BC to teach me how to be as good as she is!!
🙋🏻‍♀️Her taste in fashion is out of this world completely, she dressed so effortlessly yet she looks so god-damn amazing!!
🙋🏻‍♂️Oh whatever I STAN BLACK CHERRY!!🖤🍒

Sayge came to realize that over night she got a MASSIVE fandom, people even wear outfits to imitate the one she wore, her fans are now called BERRIES.

“Are you serious? This girl popped up out of nowhere, sang a song she does not even own and already has a LARGE fan base while I had to work my a_s for four years to get all of that.“ Dooshik shook his head, he is impressed and astonished yet jealous and sad at the same time. “I guess that’s what happens when you have just… Pure and raw, perfect talent.”

“Yeah… She’s good alright. But you’re an amazing dancer too.” she gulps and looks away, she didn’t even know all these things were going on while she drove around last with Cha Ming, Doyoon and damn Geon Woo.

“Thank you, Flower.” he smiled, “What is your real name?”

“Its Say—” the restaurant doors bust open making her stop. “Oh for f__k’s sake why am I always being interrupted just whyyy?”

“Hello everybody!” Byul climbed onto a table and made his presence known. Everyone went to the entrance to great him and his brother, and of course the other two members of the Jade Knights. They all walked in and began signing autographs.

“Okay okay okay no more n—” Lee Jung stopped talking when his eyes met a pair of chocolaty creamy brown ones. And hair that is no different, he also recognize the one dimple that is unmistakable. “What the hell?”

“LJ! You’re here, come and meet my friend. You can call her Flower, saw her last night at the concert. I met her this morning too, being the boys over.” Acid motioned him over and put an arm around Sayge who is still pretty much stunned speechless.

“Wait a… her… Her, him? What…” Lee Jung didn’t know what to say or do, much less how to react.

He’s not jealous, right?


Lol I’m a Berry too🤣


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