Smitten With You

Smitten With You Episode 7-8

(Betrothed To A Playboy Idol)

By, Authoress Passion _ ©️®️

Chapter: 7&8 {Unedited}

“S-sorry. I-I’m so sorry. I-I didn’t m-mean to fall on you Mister.” Sayge said the moment she regained the her, he blinked at her slowly as if… Taking in her appearance, Sayge or Black Cherry is pretty sure she looks like a wet dalmatian in that outfit plus the velvet mask she wears.

“너도 아이돌이야? 다른 곳에서는 당신을 본 적이 없었습니다. 당신이 누군지 분명히 알아차렸을 것입니다. (Are you an idol too? I haven’t seen you around here else, I would have definitely recognized who you are.)” he spoke in Hangul, and Sayge didn’t quite understand what he said.

Though she does know some Korean, she doesn’t know enough. But from what she can understand, he’s probably asking if she’s a singer or something.

“Err, I’m Black Cherry. A-and I’m new here, I-I just performed.” she stuttered, the fact she’s on top of him with her legs spread makes her rather skittish.

“Oh, no English?” LJ hoisted a brow and looked her up and down, his striking eyes scanning her body like xerox machine.

“I-I, uhh, yeah…” she gulped.

“Oh, good. Now get the f–k off of me.” he scowled at her.

His behavior took her by surprise, he was just being a nice guy now he’s so…arrogant. She stared at him quizzical but when his glare became harder she came back to her senses and rolled off him. Standing up then brushing her clothing off.

Lee Jung scoffed as he stood up, also brushing his clothes of which…he looks good in. A black pants, red velvet shirt made of what she assumes is pure silk, a gold chain with matching earrings. Both on his left ear.

Black shoes and he has something she thinks is a kerchief around his head, this gives him that “Rich Bad Boy” look, but she knows THAT’S exactly what Sungho Lee Jung is. Well, that what she’s heard at least.

Sayge isn’t the judging type.

“I’m very very sorry Mister I didn’t mean to get—”

“Oh keep quiet, I don’t want to hear your irrelevant b_llshit. Just do me a favor and get out of here.” he said dismissively and kept checking his outfit to see if he still looks good to perform.

“Sheesh. So arrogant. Okay. Bye.” she walked passed him.

“Oh and by the way. What kind of idol are? Idols don’t dress like clowns this isn’t a circus. What you’re wearing makes you look like a fat turkey.” Lee Jung said and burst into unbridled laughter.

Stopping Sayge dead in her tracks, did this Korean, rich boy, just call her… A Fat Turkey???

‘I took a lot of criticism and disrespect in my home country, but I won’t tolerate such here.’ with the whip of her hair she turned and Lee Jung is still backing her with his phone out.

She sees that he is tall, obviously he would be towering over her but her rage is taking possession of her body. And so, she walked up to Lee Jung and tapped him by the shoulder.

He obviously sneered and turned around wondering who the is bothering him now when he felt the sharpest pain EVER on his his face, cheek to be specific. He didn’t even know what the hell happened until he saw the girl he ridiculed moments ago and then, his cheek became fire hot!

Touching it he came to realize that she slapped him pretty hard, that had him so stunned he couldn’t utter a word but stare wide-eyed at the girl, Black Cherry. And then suddenly he received another one on the other side of his cheek, this one is just as hot and painful as the first.

“That, is not how you treat a woman you unsophisticated spoiled bastard. Watch your mouth around me, they DON’T call me The Black Cherry for nothing.” whipping her hair she walked away, cat-walk away as if she’d been a model since the day she was born on earth.

Has phone has since fallen from his hands and shattered, he didn’t even care. Nobody, not even his parents has ever dared to lay a finger on him. And this mysterious girl, Black Cherry, gave him not one…but TWO resounding slaps that he hasn’t even gotten over. He stood there, frozen, his eyes still bulged.

His brain trying to process what the heck just took place but can’t. But soon enough, inevitably, it seemed in that…

He was just slapped. Twice. By a diva, who doesn’t speak Korean.

“Lee Jung ah, where the heck are you my hyung?” Byul’s voice made him snap out of his trance, now touching both cheeks that are burning, red and very sore.

He looked down and saw his shattered out phone, he can but a new one that’s no problem but…as much as he feels infuriated by the fact that a human being lay not even a finger but a hand on him, he can’t help but feel….intrigued. He finds this extremely weird, but still—

‘Who is that girl? This mysterious, Black Cherry. Who is the girl hiding behind that mask.’

“LEE JUNG GODDAMMIT!” Byul yelled spotting his brother who flinched out of fright immediately. He turned and looked at his younger bro who is trotting to him with anger.

“What the hell are you doing? It’s almost our turn to per—what the heck happened to your face?” he noticed his brother’s cheeks a bit too red, well they’re crimson red.

He also spots fingerprints on his cheeks, both of them too. He wants to believe someone slapped his brother but, knowing his hyung, nobody could possibly slap him an get away with that.

Nobody would ever dare to do it!

“Did somebody…by any chance slap you? Or did somebody make you blush because you’re—” Byul was cut off by Lee Jung.

“Nobody slapped me and I’m not blushing. It’s just a allergic reaction to the make-up they put on me. I’ll go back to the artiste and sort this out. You and the others just prepare for our performance.” he said gruffly and turned to walk away.

“O…kay.” Byul shrugged, not wanting to bother his brother anymore and walked off.


“Christ! Sayge I didn’t know you could sing, god you’re dope!” Geon Woo commended Sayge for a performance well-done, she smiled. Still unable to believe she literally just walked onto a stage and performed and all people loved her beautiful voice.

“Black Cherry. I have been teaching you well, I am such a proud mother right now.” Cha Ming pulled her into a hug so tight she thought she’d suffocate. “Moi lil Meow meow.”

“Excuse you? Suga is the Meow Meow! Stop confusing a cute animal for a delicious but dangerous fruit here C-Ming.” Doyoon pouted in utter irritation.

However, the fact she LITERAL summoned up the courage to slap somebody’s son. Well actually the son of a damn multi billionaire surprises and impresses her. She’d never had the courage to fight back, but she just did and she’s so….proud.

“…Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome to the stage, LJ and the Jade Knights!” the host suddenly announced. Not long after there was an uproar from the crowd, and soon after that Lee Jung and his squad marches onto the stage like soldiers ready for a fatal war.

“They look good.” Doyoon said.

“Except for Sang-Woo.” Cha Ming huffed and leaned on the wall.

“Aren’t you gonna give the guy a chance? He’s had a crush on you since the frickin either grade.” Geon Woo looked over at her.

“Sir, I standards and play boys don’t god-damn reach ’em.” Cha Ming popped a gum in her mouth and began chewing on it.

Sayge’s eyes were glued to Lee Jung and the boy group his brother is a part of. He may not be a member of the Jade Knights but he is friends of them. They are a group of dancers, tonight they’re dancing alongside him.

And LORD! They have the crowd wrapped around there finger tips, performing a song called “Mister Handsome’s Girl”. It sounds good to her, but the crowd is taking it to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL!

👥Oh my god LJ be mine!!
👥No he’s mine I want him for myself, I want him and the JADE KNIGHTS PLEEEEASE!!!!
👥I’ll do anything please notice me, I’ll leave my husband for you Sungho Lee Jung be MIIINE!!
👥You guys can have LJ I want Chan Dooshik aka CD!!
👥No they’re all MINE MINE MINE and ONLY MINE!!!!

“Are you….kidding me?” Sayge couldn’t believe anything. The women in the crowd were climbing anything they saw trying to get onto the stage. And all “they” did was taunt the crowd. LJ ripped his shirt open and licked the edge of his teeth slowly and 7 women fainted and had to be rushed out INSTANTLY.

Sang-Woo took off his jacket and threw it to them, the crowd tore it to shreds in minutes. All people wants a piece of them.

“Errm, guys. It’s already passed god-damn eleven p.m and, I think the security knows we aren’t over twenty years old….” Geon Woo pointed to the left and they all turned to see over five guards rushing through the crowd and coming their way.

“AAAH!” screaming they all scattered in the same direction.

« Next Morning _ 6:30 a.m. »

Even Sayge came home extra late, Belcalis and Clifford didn’t complain nor argue. They know she’s always had issues making friends, so now that she’s finally found a group of them they’re quite happy and hope they’re real and true friend

Last night after the 4 merely escaped the security guards, they went on a high-speed chase with police on a frickin highway and Sayge almost screamed her lungs out. Hers friends are wild, and f–king crazy. And she likes it. Her friends are the BEST!

When she eventually got home it was nearly 4 a.m in the morning and technically, Cha Ming and Geon Woo dropped her off inside cause Doyoon was drunk and passed out in his car after regurgitating through the window.

“Mom dad, good morning—” she stopped talking as she noticed her parents weren’t sitting alone.

There’s a pounding in her head and she can’t focus all that good but she does know that there’s a rich man and woman sitting on the couch with the biggest grins she’s ever seen. It’s as if they’ve just won the lottery looking at her.

“My darling, you’re so beautiful.” Sae-Hee stood up and looked at Sayge who frowned and took a step back. She is pretty shy and nervous towards people she doesn’t recognize.

“Its okay my sweetheart, I know you’re still shy around people you are unfamiliar with. I know.”

Sayge was stunned, how does this woman who she’s never met before knows that???

“Look at her, as beautiful as an orchid with eyes that shines as bright as the full moon. You will make a splendid bride for my son. Young Madam Sungho.”

“The Young what?” Sayge blinked repetitively.

“Dear, you’ll be marry the son of this wealthy couple. This is Mr. and Mrs. Sungho.” Clifford got up and walked to her with hands buried in his pockets.

“What the frickin dog!!!” Sayge’s mouth fell and her skipped across a beat. Did they just say…



Who is Chan Dooshik 🤔


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