Smitten With You

Smitten With You Episode 6

(Betrothed To A Playboy Idol)

By, Authoress Passion _ ©️®️

Chapter: 6 {Unedited}

« 7:40 p.m »

“Hold this Sayge, you have to look as beautiful as you possibly can. It’s your first time actually going on with friends. I’m so unexplainably excited right now!” Belcalis laughed as she applied cherry flavored lip gloss to Sayge’s lips. They are currently staying in her bodoir.

Sayge wears a frilly red skirt and a turtle neck black shirt. Her hair is in two ponytails with a red bow in one and a black bow in the other one. She wears black high heeled shoes with red bottoms and a simple gold chain. Belcalis made sure to drown her in cologne as well.

“Mom, I’m fine. I look good. I hope I look good. Do you think I look pretty?” Sayge sat up and looked into the mirror.

“Darling, you look beautiful. You look absolutely stunning! And I’m positive your friends with think so too.” She smiled and placed both hands on her shoulders.

“(Sighs,) Alright Mom! I am ready, I’ll just wait until they text me when and where to meet them. They took my number and I took there’s. I’m so nervous.”

“You have their numbers? Oh gosh bae am so proud of you.” Belcalis pulled her into a hug.


A notification popped up, Sayge pulled away instantaneously and grabbed her phone which was laying carelessly on a table.

[C-Ming: Yolo, where do you live again? Yoon and I will be heading over to your place to take you to Se-Jun-ah’s Seafood restaurant. Text me soon :-*]

With shaking hands she texted her location to Cha Ming and waited impatiently for a reply.

[C-Ming: Okay Cat, I know where you live. Heck you live in a penthouse Suite? Damn. I feel poor compared to you. Btw, don’t tell your mom where exactly we’ll be going. Love ya friend (≧▽≦)]

“So? What did she say?” Belcalis asked from behind startling poor Sayge.

“H-her and her sister will be here so—” before she finished Clifford said two pretty girls were here to see Sayge.

“It’ll be okay. Don’t panic bae.” Belcalis cooed and gave her another hug. She led Sayge out to living room and as expected Doyoon and Cha Ming are quietly waiting on her to arrive there.

“Oh my god, you look awesome! Love your sense of fashion.” Cha Ming winked and pulled her into a tight hug that made her smile.

“Oh please, dear sister, you only like it because she’s wearing black and you love black. Black is as black as your non-existing soul. Cha Ming. Sayge you look absolutely beautiful in that.” Doyoon pushed away Cha Ming and hugged Sayge while sticking her tongue out and at her sister.

“Literally nothing you just said made any sense. Except for when you said Sayge looks amazing. By the way, pardon me, good evening Mr and Mrs Cameron.” Cha Ming bowed politely to the couple who are smiling while watching them.

“Night Sayge’s parents. How are you both doing?” Doyoon also bowed and smiled respectfully.

“We are doing fine children. Now run along, we wouldn’t want to keep you here. Take care of our daughter please bring her back in by the least 10:00 p.m.” Clifford bowed to the girls too.

Sayge’s mouth dropped, they’re allowing her to go out for so late?? What the….

“Thank you SOO much Mr and Mrs Cameron. Don’t worry we’ll slaughter whoever messes with your daughter. We’ll see you two beautiful people later bye bye!” Doyoon began to drag Sayge out while Sayge waved to her parents.

“When did she grow up so fast?” Belcalis shed a tear of joy.

“I have no idea.” Clifford hugged her.


“Where is Geon Woo?” Cha Ming asked getting impatient as all three stand by the closed building waiting for their friend.

“Maybe he is caught up in traffic?” Sayge stooped down and said spontaneously.

“Traffic? The Bubble we know is complete DARE DEVIL. That guy breaks rules more than we do and a mere traffic sign switching colours won’t stop him from getting wherever he needs to go.” Doyoon laughed with Cha Ming.

“Then… Why’s he late?” Sayge brows narrowed as she asked.

“Well. He’s either eating. Getting food for all of us. Or. Is at his boyfriend’s place and…forgot to pick us up, again!” Cha Ming facepalm herself and sighed.

“Geon Woo is such a h__ny goat when he is around his babe.” Doyoon threw her head back.

“Hey! You two stop gossiping about me that’s really unfair.” Geon Woo finally arrived on a golden Ferrari. Even the rims are gold.

‘Gosh he must be filthy, dirty rich!’ Sayge mentally said.

“You are a h__ny goat when you’re with Baek Hyeon and you can’t f__king deny that claim.” Doyoon showed him her index finger.

“I never said it was a lie did I? You two just shouldn’t talk about that now come on we gotta go!” he pressed a button and the left door went upwards.

“We riding toniiiiight!” Doyoon climbed in and went to the backseat while Sayge stared at the marvelous behind in awe.

“Sayge, get your beautiful self in the car girl.” Cha Ming urged her on, she nodded and also climbed inside. It’s the first time she’s ever been in such a lavish vehicle. It smells so good too.

“This car smells like you f__ked Hyeon in here.” Cha Ming said the moment she got in and put the seatbelt.

“Are you kidding? No way I would do that. Besides, how would you know what g@y s__x smells like?” Geon Woo pressed the button again and the car door came back down and closed.

“Welps, I don’t. But I know you a_shole, I KNOW YOU. You gave it to him hard didn’t you?”

“Can we talk about something else?” Sayge felt uncomfortable with the ‘s__x’ topic.

“Sh_t, I forgot she’s As_xual. Anyway let’s GOOOO! Woohoo!” Doyoon put her hands up.

Sayge was gonna ask what the heck does that mean but she decided against that idea. The vehicle soon began driving off and the song ‘Boy With Luv’ by another Popular band in Korea named BTS began to play loudly.

“Yeah you making me a boy with luv, oh my my my, oh my my my…” They all sang along to the song, even the Korean parts. She only nodded her head and sang the parts she does know.

« Blue Moon Entertainment »

“Okay ladies you know the drill, follow me.” Geon Woo put a mask on his face and handed other masks to the girls and then all of the alighted the same time.

A ginormous crown is present and through loud speakers you can hear the different artists singing their hit song. A long line is there and people are arguing.

The place is a whole mess.

Sayge wondered how the hell they’ll get in. However, Cha Ming, Geon Woo and Doyoon led her to the very back of the building which is made like a big bowl.

A door is there, Geon Woo knocks on it a few times and then a man opens it looking a gruff and mean.

“Remember the deal kids, I want three thousand won from each of you. And who’s this pretty one? A foreigner am I right?” he looks Sayge up and down with a creepily weird smile on his face.

“Listen In-hun! Take your eyes off my damn friend. Or I will get my parents to sue you and take your ass to jail!” Geon Woo said with a scowl on his handsome face.

“Sheesh. Was just complimentin’ the kid. Gimme the money and get in.” he put his hand out. Cha Ming paid for all of them since she came with a LOT of cash plus her own credit card with over 5 million won is left in Geon Woo’s car. They all soon got in.

“Okay ladies, I got you all here like I promised. Now I’ll separate, take care of yourselves and call me if ANYTHING happens.” Geon Woo gives each of them a hug then goes off to somewhere else.

“Yeah… I’d love to stay with you both but, I’m only here for the hot men so… I’ll see you later sister and Sayge my baby. We can chat later in the car or at school!” Doyoon hugged them both and also disappeared.

Leaving only Cha Ming and Sayge standing.

“Come on, I’ll get you to the VIP area.” she began dragging Sayge along with her.

Soon they reached a door and opened it. They see that everybody who came there, the whole crowd bouncing up and down with glow sticks as Astro performs one if their hit singles.

“Oh my god, it’s my first time being in a concert!” Sayge is so happy, this is so unbelievable.

“Let’s just say, it’s your first time doing anything fun at all.” Cha Ming chuckled and dragged Sayge into the crowd.

She soon was stopped by security guards, she handed over two fake IDs and some money to the guards. They escorted the two to the VIP section and Sayge was awestruck by everything.

Sayge busted into at the generosity of someone she only met today. She can’t believe people with pure heats like this still exist on planet earth.

“Thank you so much Cha Ming.” she hugged her while shedding tears.

“Hey, don’t cry. Queens don’t cry. Just enjoy the show Sayge, another one won’t be kept for sometime. But we can go to another one next week.” she smiles and brushes her hair.


“EXO! EXO! EXO!” the crowd including Sayge chanted as the band entered the stage to perform a killer performance.

While Cha Ming was just watching everything boredly somebody grabbed her and brought her down. The person began to drag her from the VIP section and to the backstage.

Sayge who is always alert, her intuition told her Cha Ming has gone missing. She turns to see her arguing with one of the handsome boys Lee Jung normally walks with. Seconds later he once again grabs her by the wrist and begins to drag her away.

Sayge, without thinking, immediately began to chase after them. But soon, she lost sight of the two and she is now officially…. Lost. In a concert full of over thousands of Koreans.

She begins walking around, the mask still on her face, she kept walking until she found a door, pushing it open she finds herself on the stage before LOTS of people with curious eyes.

“Who’s she? I’ve never seen that female Idol before and I know literally all of them.” a woman said to her friend.

“I love her choice of clothes, I think she’ll be an interesting singer or maybe even a badass rapper!” the friend told her.

The host of the concert walked Sayge’s way with a kind smile, she is so nervous she was basically sweating!

“Hi miss. You don’t have to be nervous. Just sing and do your best. Here’s mic.” he handed the mic he was using over to her and walked away.

“Okay ladies and gentlemen. It is clear we have a new idol with us, please be nice to her. Young miss, what is your idol name?” he asked over another mic.

Sayge said the first thing that came to her mind, “Black Cherry.”

“Wow, I love that name. Even her voice sounds pleasing. I want to hear her sing or rap.” a woman said and the crowd began cheering for Sayge or rather…

Black Cherry.

“Ladies and Gentlemen. We are now welcoming to the stage, BLACK CHERRY! Take it away…”

Sayge nervously laughed, they think her, a girl who recently turned 18 years old is an idol.

How sweet.

For a while she stood there awkwardly not knowing what to do, she knows Korean but isn’t the best in speaking up. So, she’ll sing an English song which she knows pretty well. Word to word.

“Goodnight Audience. I-I will be singing a song called, Pills n Potions by a foreign artist named Nicki Minaj. I am not from here I apologize if it offends you that I’m not singing my own song. I’m not an Idol I’m just here to sing because it’s my passion. I hope you will allow me to sing.” Sayge looked down nervously looked down.

Surprising the crowd cheered for her, encouraging her to sing.

“Wait a minute, isn’t that Sayge?” Geon Woo asked, he bumped into Doyoon on the way back into the huge stuffy crowd.

“That is Sayge, she’ll be singing?” Doyoon is shocked.

“Wait you guys know her?” a guy asked and they flinched.

“We’re her dancers. She said she’ll be going solo tonight hehe.” Cha Ming arrived and quickly lied for them all.

“Wow, nice!” he walked away.

The place soon quieted down and the lights dimmed. The song rhythm began to play and Sayge knew there’s no turning back now. When it was time, she began to sing the song. Even rapping the verses. Her voice is soft and pleasant-sounding, a soothing sound to the audience yet buzzy and has vibes; catchy.

“Still love, I still love
I still love, I still love
I still lo-o-ove, I still love
I still love, I still love
I still love, I still love…” she shut her eyes and sang, this song is pretty close to her heart.

She’s singing as if she owns it!

And soon, the lights came back on when the song ended. Sayge didn’t open her eyes, all throughout the performance they were quiet. She thinks they didn’t enjoy the singing. But suddenly an uproar came so loud she thought her ears were about to burst.

They’re cheering… For her.

BLACK CHERRY!” they chanted and screamed wildly for her.

Sayge looked to the left and saw her friends waving at her and Doyoon sitting on Geon Woo’s shoulders as she screams.

“T-thank you audience. My name is Black Cherry and I hope I can perform once again. Bye bye.” dropping the mic she blasted put of there and ran like a Hyena.

Not looking where she is going she bumped into somebody and went crashing to the floor.

“Are you kidding me! I really had to fall right before my performance?” Lee Jung asked and let out a groan.

Sayge froze hearing his voice, she totally forgot they said he’d also be performing here. What if he recognizes her voice, and her?


Welps, we got a new idol?

I bet y’all any money it was Sang-Woo who dragged Cha Ming away lol?

…..and I’m still single

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