Smitten With You

Smitten With You Episode 5

[Betrothed To A Playboy Idol]

By, Authoress Passion _ ©️®️

Chapter: 5 {Unedited}

“Hey, shh. Stop crying, that’s just how that asshole LJ is.” Doyoon cooed as she rubbed Sayge’s back who is still crying. All three are in the female’s bathroom.

“I despise that guy with every single bone inside my body. Stay here, I’ll go deal with him.” Cha Ming is now infuriated. She doesn’t like Lee Jung, she never got along with him since the seventh grade. Seeing him bullying her new friend, it angers every bone inside her body.

“No! No fighting. It’s okay. I’m used to being treated like this. Maybe he even threw water on me by accident. Don’t fight. I really don’t want any trouble.” Sayge wiped her tears and washed her hands, looking at Cha Ming with pleading eyes.

“God, you’re so naïve. It’s too late to beg her now Sayge. Cha Ming will confront Lee J…where’s my sister?” Doyoon suddenly realized that her sister was no longer present inside the room.

“Oh no…” Sayge covered her face with her hands. “Now Cha Ming will fight and het into trouble and it’ll be all because of me.”

Doyoon watched her, “You’re so innocent. Too pure for this highschool. Why did you even come here? Shh, don’t cry Sayge.”

She pulled her into a calm hug.


Cha Ming walked through the halls. Bumping into whoever doesn’t move out of the way, while Sky is the “Little Miss Popular” of Blossom High. Cha Ming is the badass diva here, the girl who wears solely black and has a pokerface on constantly.

She fights whoever she pleases, beating the sh-t out of ANY boy or girl. She is also on the female football team. People fear, yet admire Cha Ming. She is a bad girl, even now. She wears black lipstick, her hair is black and flows on her back.

Her eyeliner as sharp as a kitchen knife. Her brows are furrowed and her lips slightly purses together. On her right hand is a glove but the fingers are cut off. A black jacket is tied around her waist. Even a blind man could know she isn’t the type to trust people, nor is she a friendly female. But if she considers you as a friend, she is the type to do ANYTHING for you. She trusts and loves deeply.

So, she doesn’t trust or love easily.

As she walked a group of girls clear way for her. She didn’t even glance in their direction. Cha Ming turned a corner and felt a hand grab her and pull her away.

“Hey what the—” She was saying when the person pushed her against the wall and gazed at her. “Jeong Sang-Woo? What the f__k are you doing, what do you want with me. I told you to leave me alone I’m not interested.”

“Calm down Kitten. I’m not doing anything. Why can’t you trust me? I’ve been trying to date you since the eighth grade and you just won’t let me be your boyfriend. Stop being so stingy Kitten, just go out with me.” His hand is beside her head on the wall, he gazed down at her.

“I. Don’t. Want. You. Now back off.” She lands a kick in his stomach then makes him back away holding onto it. Groaning.

“I would never date a playboy like you Sang-Woo. Go tell your ‘friend’ Lee Jung to stay the hell away from Sayge Cameron. Or I will come, and beat the sh-t out of him and you KNOW very well that I mean what I say. A_shole.”

“Cha Ming wait!” He yelled after her as she begins walking off. “I just want to go out on a date with you, just one date please!”

Her eyes darken as she stared at him who is still holding his stomach, sternly she said, “No.”

He watched her walk away, bumping into some girls who fall down instantly. Sang-Woo leans on the wall and sighs angrily.

‘Why can’t she date me? I’m not a a player like LJ. What can I do to make her trust me? How can I… Melt her frigid and frozen heart?.’

« Lunch Break »

“Heard you have a concert tonight Lee Jung. I’ll be there to support you I swear!” Byul, his younger brother said while putting his hand on his shoulder.

“I know you’ll be there. You’re always my biggest supportive. You piss me the f–k off 24/7 but you’re my bro, I love you.” Lee Jung put his arm around his shoulders and they life while walking to the canteen to eat.

“You two should get a room.” Tae-Soo snickered while being on his phone, texting some girl.

“Oh whatever. Where is that Sang-Woo by the way?” Lee Jung frowned realizing his best friend isn’t even present at the moment.

“Lee Jung!” Sang-Woo yelled running from a hall and panting.

“Did you have s__x in a school hall? Are you damn serious?” Lee coyly remarked making his best friend from deeply.

“Stop being a smutty a__hole. I saw Cha Ming, she said you should leave her foreign friend alone.” He stood upright and fixed his tie. Then running a hand through his glossy brown hair.

“Tell Cha Ming to come bite me, as a matter-of-fact I’ll go set that witch looking brat straight.” He continued walking while Tae-Soo, Byul and Sang-Woo looked at each other and shrugged.

After all, Sungho Lee Jung, will always be Sungho Lee Jung.

Arriving at the canteen he kicked the door open and strides in with hands in his pockets. A deep frown on his face as he glanced around the room. His eyes land on Sayge, the foreign girl. He felt enraged instantaneously. As he was about stepping her way, she looked up with a smile and saw him gazing angrily at her.

He paused, realizing that she’s actually…. So…. Beautiful.

She has big orb eyes, the most stunning shade of brown he’s ever set his eyes on. Her hair has brown at the end, a mixture of coal black root and chocolate brown end. Her legs are crossed and she has a straw in her small mouth. Her lips are baby pink.

A dimple at the left side of her cheek as she still smiles. Her lashes are long, they touch her skin whenever she blinks. Her nails are unpainted, her fingers are small and slender. A bracelet is around her wrist, and for some reason. He recognizes it, but just can’t pinpoint…where he saw it.

“Sungho Lee Jung!” Tae-Soo yelled snapping him out of his thoughts. He look at his friend.

“What the f–k are you lookin’ at bro? Tell me you were checking out that witch over there.” Tae-Soo pointed and Lee Jung followed his gaze, he sees Cha Ming standing before Sayge. A nasty look on her face, her arms folded and the tattoos on her right hand as prominent as ever.

“Let’s bounce.” he replied and began going in that direction.


“What are you doing over here Lee Jung, you’re not a member of the Tragedy Sisters.” Cha Ming stood before him as he arrived.

“Why don’t you shut up and move.” He retorted.

“Why don’t you make me.” she folded her arms and looked at him fearlessly.

Lee Jung laughed, this little girl.

Ignoring her, he went around her and pulled out a seat. Now sitting next to Sayge who is pretending not to notice him. She sips milk from the box using the straw and gulped, she’s scared.

“Keep pretending not to notice me. Where’d you get that bracelet?” He went straight to the point, finally she looked at him.

Her eyes fluttered and he felt his heart warm up a bit. Confused he brushes it off as nothing.

“I don’t remember. I just know that I’ve had it for a long time. My mom always told me that it was given to me by my best friend. But….I don’t know who.” she put the box down sadly.

Hearing her words, he suddenly remembered somebody and he felt his heart sinking. He clenched his jaw and said nothing. But he knows he saw that bracelet somewhere, he just doesn’t remember where….

“Hey! Get out of here f__k boy!” Doyoon stood up and dragged Lee Jung away. He shoved her and she stumbled back but the table supported and she didn’t fall.

“What the h£ll is your problem wicked witch!” he yelled at her, surprising himself. He isn’t the type to tell out of anger. But that reminds him of somebody, and that somebody…is a person he shared a past with. A past he regrets and is so ashamed of.

“Yow, chill out LJ.” Tae-Soo put a hand on his shoulder in concern.

“I guess Shrimpy here got caught up in his feelings while seeing such a pretty little damsel.” A Male voice suddenly said.

LJ’s blood began boiling, hearing the voice of his archenemies.

Myeong Geon Woo stepped through the crowd, walking like a king towards them. A smirk on his face as he looked at LJ. “Be a good boy and leave the pretty ladies alone or…I’ll have to make a call to Mr and Mrs Sungho.”

“You. Wouldn’t. Dare.” Lee Jung turned to him with a scowl on.

“Yes, yes I would. Try me LJ.” He put his leg on a chair and slightly turned his head with a grin.

“Come on Lee Jung, this guy isn’t worth our time.” Byul glared at Geon Woo.

“Let’s go. You and these two black lobsters stay away from me.” he sternly warned and went to his side of the lunch room with his gang. Still raging in fury.

Myeong Geon Woo is a rich kid as well. A CLOSE friend of the Sungho family, so much so that Mr and Mrs Sungho appointed him to keep on eye on their very promiscuous sons. Anything they do, Geon Woo is to inform the happily married couple. And so, that is why, Byul and Lee Jung despise Geon Woo.

“Dang, thank you bubble.” Doyoon saluted him and sat down.

“Anytime ladies.” he grinned, showing he also has dimples.

“Bubble? Who is this guy…” Sayge looked at Cha Ming for answers.

“He’s my boy bestie. A cool guy. You can talk him about ANYTHING and you would never hear it back. He’s handsome too, isn’t he Sayge?” She winked.

“He’s very…handsome. I’m sorry if I cause any problems guys. It was unintentional I swear.”

“Calm down, why are you even apologizing? That unprincipled nitwit should be put his place.” Geon Woo sat down and crosses his legs while stealing one of Cha Ming’s fries.

“Sayge, stop staring at him like that. He’s taken by me darling.” Cha Ming jokingly said, her Doyoon and Geon Woo laughed.

“Oh I-I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to unintentionally flirt with your boyfriend.” Sayge moved some hair to put behind her small ear.

“My boyfriend?” Cha Ming looked confused. “Um, no. He’s my best friend. Was just playing, we always play like that yunno.”

“I am g@y, into only males.” Geon Woo winked at Sayge and stood up. “Welps, ladies. I’ll see you all this evening. Are you all going to the concert tonight?”

“Hell yeah we’ll be there!” Doyoon did a high-five with Cha Ming and they laughed. “We’re dragging this one with us too.”

“What concert?” Sayge is oblivious to the concert they are referring to. “I don’t understand.”

“It’s a concert at Blue Moon Entertainment. Many idols will be there, including Aespa Aaah!” she squealed joyously.

“Only those who are 20 and older are aloud. But us, we always get into concerts some way some how. And we’ll DEFINITELY be at this one tonight. Join us Sayge.” Geon Woo kindly smiled at her

“But, if we aren’t allowed why are we going? I don’t know….”

“Saaaaaaayge.” Doyoon and Cha Ming pouted pleadingly.

“Okay fine. I will go because you are my news friends hehe.”

“Sweet. I’ll pick you ladies up at Se-Jun-ah’s seafood restaurant.” He winked and walked away, a boy met him and they Interlocked fingers. Smiling at each with so much admiration.

“That’s his boyfriend Baek Hyeon. I’m really happy you’ll be joining us at the concert. Can’t wait, hopefully some hotties will her over there too.” Doyoon sips from her milkshake and smiles.

“Ignore that girl.” Cha Ming said.

Sayge however, looked behind her suddenly and saw that Lee Jung was watching her with so much intensity. She took her gaze from the gut immediately.


I’ll try to update more often I promise you guys♥️

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