Smitten With You

Smitten With You Episode 3-4

[Betrothed To A Playboy Idol]

By, Authoress Passion _ ©️®️

Chapter: 3&4 {Unedited}

“You don’t look like you’re from around here Sayge. Even your name is weird, but I’m the type who finds weird; uncommon and extraordinary things beautiful.” Cha Ming threw her arm around Sayge’s shoulders and smiled.

“Can you like, stop being weird for at least a minute Cha Ming?” Doyoon asked and she chuckled.

“Ignore that girl she’s my sister.” Cha Ming sighed and smiled.

“She’s lying we aren’t related.”



They stop and glare at each other before they continue walking while talking. Sayge only follows them as confused as a cat watching a fan spin.

In no time they began taking her around the prestigious institution. Showing her which and which places then as seniors aren’t allowed to go. I.e any other grade than there’s, they aren’t allowed ln the 7th graders to 11th graders blocks.

‘Damn, and I thought the outside was huge. The interior designs of this place are heavenly god!’ Sayge mentally said as she slightly parts her lips. Cha Ming and Doyoon are showing her the music room for girls and boys.

Which are separate. Along with the choreography studio, painting Studio and so much cool things she wondered if she is actually still alive on earth.

And the Natarium aka the swimming area? It’s like the Olympic swimming place. There is even a place where girls are taught how to do make-up!

While she admired and was head over heels in love with everything, the glares she got from the Korean girls who looked no different from runway models did NOT go unnoticed.

She also observed her new, and only friends. Cha Ming and Doyoon. They seem like the bad girls of Blossom High. The rotten apples who nobody wants to mess with. Especially Cha Ming, students legit clear out of the way when they’re passing by.

“Hey you, what the hell are you looking at?” Cha Ming snapped at a girl who was watching her while standing with another girl.

Without replying the girl turned away and Cha Ming, still with her arm over Sayge keeps walking.

« Sometime Later »

After giving her a tour around the school. The Tragedy Sisters took their new friend and new addition to the eating area. They both seem to find the new foreigner girl quite interesting.

They also find her, different. She is sweet and kind, judging by the way she acts and speaks. A rare pure soul. They fear for her, cause of her pure heart. They both know how terrible of a private school this is despite it’s reputation as the BEST school.

They know that the students here, LOVE breaking pure souls.

“I want kimchi and noodles.” Doyoon said as she sat on the red plastic chair around the table in the massive canteen.

“Hmm, I’ll just have some poached eggs or somethin’. Sayge what do you want? I’ll go do the ordering.” Cha Ming takes a few ones getting ready to go order and get the meals to them.

“Ermm. I only have money for lunch and fare to go back home. I can’t spend it, I’m very sorry.” Sayge sadly took her eyes to the blue painted table.

Doyoon put her hand on her shoulder. “Hey cheer up, we’ll take care of you. Cha Ming get her some ice cream and gummy bears. Or do you want s—”

“Yes yes! I’d love that, but isn’t it too expensive. How many wons are for everything?”

“We’re rich hoes sweetheart money ain’t a problem. Just stay right there I’ll be back soon.” Cha Ming pats her head and leaves.

“So, Sayge. Have you ever had a boyfriend before?”

She flinched. The question startled her, a… boyfriend? A plain girl like her? Boys never noticed her, they often joined in bullying her alongside girls.

Sayge meekly looks down and was about answer when the sound of an iron object colliding with another hard object, a wall?

All eyes shoots to the entrance and give boys prowl in like a gang of leopards. All of them looking heavenly handsome. And Sayge’s heartbeat increased, she knew A LOT of good-looking works of art in Korea but those 5 are out of this entire planet.

The one in the middle who is wearing his ironed to perfection uniform seems to be the ringleader of the group. He has earrings on both ears which sway back and forth as he strides in like a demi greek god. Lips as red as strawberries, hair as black as a raven. Small eyes that shines just like when sunlight ricochets off water or glass. Probably a stunning 6 feet fall. Not too muscular, but he doesn’t have a slim body either.

His brushes his skin on his forehead, it reaches down to his neck. He has smile that makes a girl literally cough out her food.

This is probably, a bad boy. Just the way he dresses and looks, tells her he’s bad boy and now she must do everything to avoid him. She despises—loathes bad boys, they ALWAYS bully her.

And she’s damn sure this one and his 4 minions who are also ravishingly handsome but not as much as he is WILL bully her.

“Everybody look it’s Lee Jung!” a girl suddenly stood and yelled.

And just like that, almost everybody in the canteen bolted over to the boy. Swarming him and his gang like flies on meat.

“Who’re they?” Sayge inquisitively asked while looking.

“That’s Lee Jung. An idol which the girls here swoon over as if they’re dogs or something. He and his clique are a bunch of unprincipled a_sholes who can’t keep their d–ks in there pants.”

“Doyoon!” Sayge looks at her, “That’s not something very nice to say about somebody.”

“Sayge look into my eyes.” she leans over to her, their faces now a but too close for comfort.

“W-what are you doing?” Sayge nervously inquired. She stared into Doyoon’s dull grey eyes.

“Do I look like the type of person he gives a F-U-C-K about what I say, do or the effect it has on somebody?” she blinks slowly.


“Exactly. That’s because I don’t.” she goes back to her spot and out headphones with pictures of BTS embedded on the speakers.

“What so we have here?”

Sayge looks up instantly when she heard a male voice. She sees the 5 boys who were at the entrance a second ago. How did they even get over here so fast?

“A foreigner I see. Lemme guess, you’re a Koreaboo aren’t you?” another questioned.

“What? No I’m not. My name is Sayge Cameron and I just got a scholarship to come here.” she said and looked away. She doesn’t like too much attention on her and the glares she’s getting from the girls makes her body crawl and shiver.

As she looked down she heard some chuckled then soft, slender fingers held the tip of her chin and turned her face raising it up.

She comes face-to-face with the guy all girls were going gaga about a while ago. Up close he’s even more handsome. He has sharp yet delicate facial features. He’s just perfect, and god does he smell good. Like white musk and vanilla. That cologne of his is kicking like an infuriated kangaroo!

He cocks his head to the right and turns her face. Examining her then smiles, as if impressed.

“Quite nice. What’s your name pretty?” he smirks at her.

“S-sayge Cameron.” she stuttered unable to speak perfectly in front of whatever this work of art is.

“Hey, get the hell away from her Lee Jung.” Cha Ming appeared and pulled him back. Making him release her chin.

Doyoon who has been listening to music unaware of anything finally looks around and sees her new friend awestruck. Her eyes fluttering rapidly and she held her chest trying to process what on earth just happened to her.

Doyoon looked up and the moment she saw Cha Ming arguing with Lee Jung and his gang she knew what’s up. That bastard must’ve made Sayge his target.

‘Dammit!’ she hissed mentally.

“Listen to me LJ, I don’t care if you’re celebrity or not you’re gonna stay the hell away from her so you understand me?”

“Do you f–king think I’m intimidated by what you’re saying? I get anything I want. And frankly, your ‘friend’ doesn’t intrigue me. Yeah she looks like a nice snack but not my type.”

“Really? You’re a H-O-E Lee Jung you would shove your c–k into a cow if you got the chance to.”

“That’s it, watch your mouth Cha Ming I don’t like arguing with girls.” he steps up to her.

“I don’t like arguing with b–ches either, but here I am arguing with you.” she steps close to him

“LJ, come on bro it’s not worth it.” Sang-Woo held his shoulder, he glared with hatred and dislike at Cha Ming who returned it.

“Fine. But I’m not done with you.” before he walked off he took up the bottle of water Sayge had and poured it all over her head.

Students snicker as she stood up and stared open-mouthed at her uniform which is now wet.

“Hey bro what’s your deal?” Doyoon stood up and shoved LJ who shoved her back.

He then left while cackling with his group. Leaving Sayge there who begins to sob. It’s starting all over again; bullying. She thought things would be different once she’s in a different country but God seems to have other plans. She covers her face and cries while Doyoon and Cha Ming walk her out the canteen.


2 chapters as promised guys

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