Smitten With You

Smitten With You Episode 2

[Betrothed To A Playboy Idol]

By, Authoress Passion _ ©️®️

Chapter: 2 {Unedited}

“It’s so, beautiful!” Sayge squealed the moment they arrived at the penthouse suit her father’s boss is supposedly funding. The first thing she did was walk out to the balcony to admire the amazing view it has.

And it is, a good f–king view! She can see neighboring building, looking down people walk left and right crossing roads and such. She sees a bit crying because he dropped his ice cream. The sky is quite sunny and in other word… It’s so nice!

“Enjoying the view sweetheart.” Clifford appears almost startling Sayge. She turns around and grins childishly at him.

“I love it here dad. I really do.” she jumped into his arms, he caught her while stroking her hair. His daughter, his little girl.

“Cliff, Sayge…” Belcalis called and also appears. Her heart heats up when she sees her husband having fun with their daughter. How sweet…

She just hopes that Sayge won’t be too upset when she finds out why they’re actually here. When she finds out it wasn’t a promotion or anything work related. How will she react?

“Bel darling.” Clifford spots her watching and puts Sayge down whom he was twirling around.

“Just admiring my handsome husband and lovely daughter I was blessed with.” she smiled.

“Mom!” Sayge also jumps into her arms and she laughs. “I love you mom, and you too dad.”

“We love you too sweetheart.” Belcalis and Clifford chorus as they embrace their only child.

« Sungho Residence »

“LJ! Sup my hyung.” Sang-Woo arrives and gives him a bro hug.

“Nothing much, have a photoshoot later on. Don’t feel like going to that shut though.” Lee Jung shrugged and began walking back inside the mansion.

“You’re just lazy. You know that right? You could’ve gone to the photoshoot earlier and then return so you wouldn’t have anything to do!” Sang-Woo rolled his eyes with his hands in his pockets. Looking around the mansion with admiration.

Jeong Sang-Woo is Lee Jung’s all time best friend. He is also rich and an upcoming idol. He always dances alongside LJ if he needs back up dancers.

“So what if I’m lazy? Being an idol ain’t an easy Sang-Woo.”

“You find absolutely nothing easy to do Lee Jung.”

Both slump down onto the leathery couch. Lee Jung puts his feet up on the glass table.

“Dude did you break up with Mi-Rae?” Sang-Woo leaned back and put his hands under his head.

“Of course I broke up with her, I told you I didn’t want her didn’t I?” grabbing the remote he flicks the TV on and picks up a back of Cheeto puffs.

“Whyyy? I really liked that girl. She was a very good girl, why did you have to do that??”

“Why the f–k do you care, if you want her go get her.”

“Want her? I wouldn’t be caught dead with her! But seriously can’t you like tone down a bit…”

“Sorry Sang-Woo the TV is too loud I can’t hear you.” Lee Jung turns the volume up higher.

“You’re a bad influence.” he laughs and watches TV with Lee Jung.

Meanwhile. His parents watch them both a distance. Smirks on their faces. As if knowing something good will happen.

Na-kyum’s phone began ringing, “Clifford Cameron. Have you arrived safely? How is Seoul?”

Clifford coughed. “It’s nice. My daughter especially loves it here. We arrived safely even though we had some issues with a domineering taxi driver.”

“My old friend, I would’ve sent a limousine for you but you just wouldn’t let me send it. Anyway, how is my daughter-in-law to be? Is she impressed with the suit?”

“SHE LOVES IT!! Although, I think it’s too expensive. A cheaper place would’ve been more preferable Na-kyum.”

“Oh come on. It wasn’t for you but for my sweet Sayge. Now that she likes it, it’ll remain.”

“Alright if you say so. Take care of yourself and Sae-Hee.” he cut the call and Na-kyum smirked.

“All in a small amount of time, I hope he can finally be more respectful to others and know his place!” Sae-Hee said.

“Do not worry darling, do not worry one bit!” then both leave.

« A Few Days After That »

“Have lots of fun sweetheart!” Clifford and Belcalis wave Sayge goodbye as they live in a taxi.

Nervously Sayge waved back then turned to face what she only be described as castle. The building is ginormous. Painted in blue and red. Seven floors tall.

On the front of the building, a huge sign is there which reads (Welcome To BLOSSOM HIGH!). It’s decorated nicely, cherry blossom arts here and there. And according to what the other words say, students painted it!

They designed and she’s shocked.

“Watch it bimbo.” somebody said.

She received a hard shove and she stumbled but remained balanced. She looks over to see who pushes her, she sees a beautiful black haired girl with sky blue eyes. The stands there with two other girls at her side.

All chewing gum with their bags being carried by other girls.

“Stop looking at me like that I’m lesbian. You’re so ugly and you’re obviously not Korean? Are you thief or something? What are you doing in my school!” she steps to Sayge who stepped back. This girl seems scary.

“Hey! Back off Jay Sky.”

All eyes turn to see two girls walking in that direction. And they do not look pleased.

“This ugly idiot again.” one of Sky’s friends roll her eyes.

“Better back or I’ll tell the principal and i also have proof!” she girl waves her phone in her face.

“God I hate this brat. I don’t have time for this. And you, you better get the hell out of my school.” Sky flashed her hair and walked off. Making sure her shoulder collided with the other girl’s.

“Ignore them. That’s Jay Sky, little miss popular. Her friends are Eun Ha-Joon, Seo Yu-Jun. They are the little sluts of the school. Don’t pay attention to them.” the girl from earlier said.

“Yeah Kim Doyoon. And you?” her friend said.

“I’m Sayge. Nice to meet you.”

“Love tha name, my name is Hyuk Cha Ming. We’ll be your friends. You’ll need some.” both began conversing with Sayge who is utterly shocked and happy that she now has friends.

But she also has, enemies.


It’s late am sorry. What y’all think about Sky and Cha Ming?

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