Smitten With You

Smitten With You Episode 15

(Betrothed To A Playboy Idol)

By, Authoress Passion _ ©️®️

Chapter: 15 {Unedited}


“Where is she going? Her face is so red, god I think it’s a humanoid tomato!” Tae-Soo laughed and the others boys joined in while Sang-Woo and Lee Jung shot him death glares.

“Why don’t you shut up platterpuss!” Sang-Woo nudged his shoulder and he frowned.

Meanwhile, Sayge was still marching furiously towards Lee Jung who now feels as if something happened and…he feels as she’s coming to kill him.

Soon enough she was standing before him with a nasty expression, her arms crossed and her jaws clenched. She stared at him venomously and he gulped wondering what happened.

“Sayge, what are you doing here? Is something wrong?” He asked, then all of a sudden, he received a resounding slap that made Tae-Soo and all of his friends either flinch, gasp or gaze at them incredulously.

👥Did the newbie just slap Lee Jung?
👥 That’s a pretty hot slap look at his face!
👥This shouldn’t end well…!!

“Don’t act like nothing happened, did you think I wouldn’t find out to unprincipled nitwit!” She yelled at him, her eyes red with rage.

Now it all came clear, she remembers her past. But so fast? He didn’t have time to slowly make her trust him and then calmly break the news to her.


“MY NAME—is Han Su Jaewon, not motherf__king Sayge so don’t call me that shit. Now, that time when you were in the car, you also recognized that it was me didn’t you Sungho Lee Jung?”

He licked his lips and gulped, he looked away then back at her. “Uh y-yeah I did remember, but listen I just want to apologize. I was going to tell you but, with the fight with Dooshik, I didn’t get the chance to do Jaewon.”

“Please don’t say my name, it sounds so disgusting when you do. My parents have the utmost audacity to get you and I engaged, I’m not marrying you pretty boy I’d rather swallow razors.” She stepped towards him, he stepped back.

“After receiving the watch, did you feel proud of what you did to me Lee Jung? Was a gold watch really worth it?”

“What? No no, nothing is worth more than you. Jae I’m sorry, I’m sincerely sorry, I mean it from the bottom of my heart. How can I make it up to you I’m willing to do anything.” Lee Jung pleaded.

Sayge burst into tears and covered her face, she still can’t believe that her once best friend got her r@ped because of a watch. A-fucking-watch.

This made her anger reload and she slapped another time, he winced and held his cheek, he stared at her apologetically.

“Stay. Away. From. Me. LJ.” with that she wiped her tears and briskly walked away, everyone stepped out of her way. If she could bravely walk up to the bad boy of Blossom High and slap him twice on either sides of his face then what ELSE can she do?

Sky was still aggravated at the fact that a foreigner said she had crusty panties when it’s a lie!

“Lee Jung-ah, dude, she slapped you and you did NOTHING? Have you gone completely mental!” Tae-Soo shook his body but Lee Jung was just standing there, watching blankly as the love of his life walked away basically shoving down whatever poor soul stood in her way.

“I f&&ked up, badly. She hates me, she’ll never forgive me, what am I gonna do?” he whispered inaudibly under his breath, his friends didn’t hear but was still glancing at each other wondering what is wrong with LJ, the school’s infamous bad boy and promiscuous playboy.

( Lunch Break )

Cha Ming, Doyoon and Geon Woo sat waiting for Sayge, the canteen door soon opened and she walked in. Her brows furrowed, her expression and gaze cold enough to freeze the sun. Her temper hot enough to melt Neptune.

“Did you hear the news? She slapped Lee Jung and he did nothing about it. She’s a badass!” Doyoon stood up and ran to her.

Sayge arched a brow when she arrived, “What do you want?”

“Jeez, I didn’t mean to annoy you i just wanted to say hi. Aren’t you coming to eat with us Sayge?”

“Hm, no. Maybe tomorrow.” And she walked off just like that.

Doyoon looked at her with shock, she then looked over at Geon Woo and Cha Ming who were also utterly surprised by her behavior. But Cha Ming was a bit happy that she’s now like this, a bad girl. Just like her.

Sayge sat down on a uninhibited lunch table and took out her lunch box alongside juice, she wasn’t in the mood for Korean food so she brought her own.

Cha Ming soon settled next to her and began typing on her phone, she has a black and red lollipop in her mouth, the stick hanging out of it. Her nails are painted in black, it has design of red blood (which is nail polish) dropping down from the tips.

“What are you doing here?” Sayge asked with a raised brow.

“Are we not your friends anymore?” she asked.

“I’d like to know the same thing, just because you’re having a bad day doesn’t mean you’re supposed to ditch us!” Geon Woo sat with his tray as well.

“Yeah. We’re your friends, we’re tp help get you out of a bad mood but if you’re pushing us away how are we going to help you.” Doyoon frowned as she sat.

“(Sighs,) I’m so sorry guys. I’m having a REALLY horrible week, I didn’t mean to do that. Can you guys ever forgive me?”

“Of course, we still love and claim you.” Doyoon hugged her.

“I’m so glad you’re a badass like me now, I support violence.” Cha Ming hugged her as well.

“And I’m always the get away driver I love you ALL!” Geon Woo also hugged them.


Sayge looked up hearing someone call her name, her and her friends broke away from the embrace only to see Lee Jung with—

“Are those flowers?” Geon Woo looked at Doyoon then at Cha Ming.

“What the f–k is this f–k boy doing here?” Cha Ming was unhappy to see Lee Jung but, he didn’t reply her insult.

“Uhh, I got you flowers. I know you like flowers, you said you wanted to own a garden of them.” He pushed them towards Sayge who was now standing.

They’re roses, white in colour.

She looked him up and down with an unimpressed expression.

“White roses? Huh, I do love flowers you’re right but…I don’t want these. As long as you and I live on planet earth there will never be peace between us so take your flowers and go away!”

“Here,” he shoved them into her arms, “I have to go now but this isn’t over. I know I screwed up badly but I adamant on fixing this mess whatever way I can!”

He placed a quick kiss on her forehead then hurriedly left.

She stood there dumfounded, with the white ambrosial roses still in her arms, her mouth agape.

👥He gave her F L O W E R S?
👥Screw the stupid plants, did I just see this boy kiss her forehead?
👥Tell me predator has fallen for prey, just tell me that happened!
👥Is that Lee Jung? He does not act that way nor does he treat people with such tenderness!
👥I guess some wilds animals can be tamed after all…!

She felt angry at all the comments but remained calm somehow, the flowers do smell good however.

Before her friends could get up and start interrogating her somebody called her out.

“Flower!” Acid is here, he has been attending this school as well, just like the others but, since he has such a busy schedule he often isn’t present but shows up whenever he can.

“Dooshik? I didn’t know you go here, how are you?” she walked to him, he is taller than her so she has to look up at his face.

“I’m fine—who gave you those?” he noticed the roses in her hands.

“Lee Jung…”

“LJ, gave you flowers?”

“Yeah, he did. Now I have no choice but to keep ’em.” Sayge realized that Dooshik’s mood changed the moment she said LJ gave her the white roses, “Are you okay Dooshik-ah?”

“I’m…I’m fine. Just a bit surprised that someone like him would do something like this. But, anyway, can you meet me under the cherry tree this evening?”

“Um, (thinks,) Sure I’m free.”

His mood lifted immediately, “Great! I’ll see you after school then , Flower, take care.” he hugged her and she hugged him back with a smile. Then he left.

“Well little red riding hood sure has A LOT of explanation to do.” Cha Ming stood behind her with crossed arms.

“Two guys want the same girl? I wish people could fight over me but anyway, why is LJ giving you white roses and Acid calling you Flower while smiling foolishly?” Geon Woo sat on the table.

Doyoon gave her a suspicious look, “Don’t tell me you’re gonna be in a love triangle now!”

Sayge laughed it off, “No guys, we all are just friends!”



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