Smitten With You

Smitten With You Episode 13-14

(Betrothed To A Playboy Idol)

By, Authoress Passion _ ©️®️

Chapter: 13 & 14 {Unedited}


Han Su Jaewon, she did have parents but they were alcoholics, they forgot her in an abandoned car after they’ve just had s_x.

A police officer heard the child’s troubled cries for help and saved her. Even though she had been trapped and forgotten there for two consecutive days. But she was a strong child and survived.

Jaewon always knew she wasn’t like everyone else, she always knew she was extraordinary child. And so, contrary to what you might think, she never once tried to fit in with the crowd.

At the age of five she ran away from the Orphanage where the cop had left her.

Since then she lived on the streets, she may not have had a warm bed to sleep in. Nor loving and caring parents, nor friends but at least…the hapless girl had freedom! She roamed the streets of Busan Korea for what seemed like an eternity until she found herself living in a slum.

And she met Lee Jung. They both LOVED music and wishes to be famous K-pop idols. To one day have money to buy all the food in the world.

Their relationship blossomed that way and they grew together, but not only did they grew together…their feelings for each other also changed.

They saw each other in different ways, more romantic ways. But Jaewon wasn’t the type to just tell somebody she cared about them.

Fast-forward to when she was a preteen girl. She was heartbroken to discover that the guy she had deeply rooted feelings for sold her out for a gold watch, he let her get r@ped.

He tried apologizing but she wasn’t having it. One rainy night she was running from some human traffickers, she crossed the road, a car swerved and she was rushed to the hospital with fractured ribs and a broken leg.

The human traffickers still found her and she was sent to America while being unconscious. When she woke up, the girl who hates nothing more than being tamed somehow ran away, unable to remember anything from her past. Again she was caught, this time by officers, she was ruled out as an illiterate since she barely understand anything and didn’t even know her name.

Belcalis and Clifford who is an infertile couple got intrigued by the beautiful little girl and decided to adopt her. Giving her their last name and gave her a first name, that’s how she was named…. Sayge Cameron.

It was history since then, Sayge forgot all about her past since she had amnesia and began living a new life as an American.

But the couple didn’t feel all that comfortable with a child that isn’t there’s, they did their digging and somehow found out about her tragic past but didn’t have the heart to tell her.


And now that Sayge knows the truth, she doesn’t know how to handle it.

She was r@ped in exchange for a gold watch — her real parents forgot her in a car — she lived on the streets for most of her life — she was sold — the people she calls mom and dad isn’t her biological parents _ the same guy who bullied her the first day at school is the one from her past who let her get get r@ped…

“My life… It’s a lie. A damn lie!” Sayge screamed as she ran, if she couldn’t do anything it was running. Apart from knowing how to sing, she can run fast.

“All the people I ever cared about betrayed me. I don’t wanna be alive anymore, I just wanna die!” She merely missed being hit by a car but didn’t stop running.

She kept running high speed even though her legs hurt like hell, but that can’t even be compared to what she feels in her heart.

Before she knew it she was at a frickin beach.

The penthouse wasn’t far from beaches but it is quite some miles away. She was so deep in thought while running that she didn’t even realize where she is.

Now tired and exhausted she walked on the bored walk and just sat there feeling hopeless.

“Where do lonely… Sad… Broken hearts go? When people die without meeting the one or experience true and sincere love, do they find still find love as a phantom? Or do they wander on earth, gazing at couples yearningly. Don’t they find love?” Sayge looked at the ocean, her salty tears mixing with it’s salty water. “F__k, I’m talking to water.”

She sat there doing nothing but gazing at the murky water, small waves crash against each other, the sound of the wind whistling and the coolness of it somehow managed to calm her. As if the water is trying to comfort her.

She lay down on the boardwalk and stared up at the sky. The light of the full moon illuminates all around her as if it was day, stares in their countless numbers twinkle one at a time.

A few clouds come but never stay for long. Just like the people in her life…

“They come but never stay. Nice.” Shutting her eyes she turns to the side, that’s when she realized she has the red and black mask.

That’s when she remembered she is technically an anonymous idol. She now has a fandom.

As a smile blossomed on her face she heard music playing in the far distance, looking over she saw lights around. She also see people walking that direction.

An idea struck her like lightning and she smirked. “Looks like you’ve got yourself another person Sayge. Or should I say Jaewon? No? K. Black Cherry it is then. Let’s go rock this b&ch!”

Sliding her mask on she began jogging, despite being angry and hurt. She remembers how she would daydream about performing on a stage while people scream her name. She can’t let something like this mess up her mood! If she can’t do it for Sayge, she’ll do it for…

Han Su Jaewon.


👥Get out of my way I want VIP space, no way I’m missing her performance!
👥Berry for life!
👥Please I want an autograph!
👥I’m your simp BC!
👥I’m your biggest fan Black Cherry!
👥Take me with you please!

As she ran by people recognized her by her mask, that created a commotion and even more people recognized her. And soon, as she ran, she had a crowd alongside paparazzi chasing her.

“My name is Chi Su Na and I’m reporting live from outside the Greenlight Stadium! We’ve just got sight of the anonymous overnight sensation, brand new, K-pop Idol who is rumored to not even be Korean. Many have accepted the damsel with a dulcet voice as Korean but some hasn’t. Either way, her fans are out here and they are DELIGHTED to see that she’s present. Look at Black Cherry go!” A news reported said, she signalled to the camera man and he caught sight of Sayge running like a lioness from a massive crowd that just keeps growing.

Sayge was becoming scared now, they’re so many people out here. It’s as if they’re here just for her, they’re sure not stopping.

“Black Cherry over here!” A Ferrari pulled up and Sayge wasted no time in hopping in the front seat. It’s Geon Woo, Cha Ming and Doyoon. Her friends.

“B__ch you better have a good explanation as to why you didn’t answer our messages!” Doyoon said as the fast driving car swerved around the area.

“Come on come OOON Doyoon, I’ll explain things later. As you can see I’ve got quite a big fandom. Get me to the back I want to go perform.” Sayge replied.

“Say no more madam.” Geon Woo drifted around a corner and soon was at the back of the building. Sayge took her mask off so they wouldn’t recognize her and somehow, they all managed to get inside the place.

Despite outside being SWARMED by people who are anticipating the perform or their favorite idols, including herself. When all four managed to get in, just like the last time they scattered. Well, after taking Sayge backstage.

She waited for a famous female Idol and model to end her performance before she made her entrance and fans went BALLISTIC. They were T-shirts made about her, posters, bottles and so many things. She didn’t even do any of this, what the…??

“Goooooodnight! What’s my name?” She said over a mic she not long ago got from the host.

BLACK CHERRY!” They chanted.

“Do I have any fans?” She smiled now adjusting her mask.

They screamed for her and soon, she already began performing some songs. That’s right, she performed three songs (Halo – Beyonce, B__ch Better Have My Money – Rihanna, Bet – Ciara) and then she met up with her squad and dipped out never to be seen again until the next concert or wherever an event is happening.


Despite all of that, due to being emotional and mentally damaged she didn’t go to school for five days. Her friends still kept in touch and hit her up whenever an event is going on but she didn’t go. Her mind was running wild with thoughts and she often cried.

Her parents didn’t bother her too much, but that didn’t change the fact that she’s still marrying Lee Jung. She has also been avoiding him, unable to face such a horrible human being.

But she can’t hide forever.

“Bye sweetheart!” Belcalis and Clifford chorused.

“Yeah bye.” Sayge is still acting cold towards them, she walked into Blossom High without looking back at her parents who sadly watched her walkaway.

Sky and her crew saw Sayge approaching and smirked.

“Well well well. One of you call the cops, we have an illegal immigrant in our humble school.” Sky blocked her way but today, Sayge WAS NOT having that shít.

“Do me a favor, go wash your crusty dusty panties and don’t start with me porcupine haired desperate for attention b__ch.” She kicked her legs away and walked off while her friends stared in shock.

As she moved she saw Lee Jung just arriving with his gang, their eyes locked and glared at him while he sheepishly smiled. Just the thought of what he did makes her blood boil hotter than a cup of coffee. Before she could even call herself, she was marching with fury radiating off her body in dangerous waves.


I support violence SO *sips tea*

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